Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.1 Alpha

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.1 Alpha development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.0.x this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

21344 UI: Location toolbar (menu of mail folders and newsgroups)
136049 Daylight savings change invalidates summary files
181860 Mozilla interprets mailto: and other malformed URLs in IMG SRC tag
230580 ldap_2 "user_directory"/"_nonascii_" preferences proliferating unnecessarily
287392 "paste" in Bookmark Manager is very slow (O(n^2))
312547 [BeOS]BBitmaps to be reused
312867 Implement textbox.reset(), expose input's editor
316191 Focus stays in tab with focused SVG element after switching tabs
323806 Fix for bug 175893 breaks tab switching if content is not HTML
327037 [gcc4 + -O2 + i386] Newsgroup names over-abbreviated on UB Mac
331431 toolkit.jar is a dumping ground for everything.
339346 Proper CJK input in Flash impossible (NS_KEY_DOWN events sent during IME input)
341047 After "Close other tabs" tab's context menu contains scrollbars/arrows.
341728 Local reference leak in nsCLiveconnect::Call when Java call javascript
342560 Need preference panel for new tag feature
344305 Crash when opening and closing bookmark properties a lot [@ nsDocShell::SetupNewViewer]
348781 Add 7-Zip SFX source to the tree
182627 Message body is not displayed for some messages if view attachments inline is false
204350 (message/rfc822) Attached email message window glitches (forward, reply, view source disabled)
262893 In <searchBar.js>, "Warning: redeclaration of var i" and others
282180 sync xpfe button.xml with toolkit button.xml
282186 sync xpfe text.xml with toolkit text.xml
294307 seamonkey mailnews doing too-permissive content policy checks
312285 Wallet forces NSS initialization on profile-before-change
313331 autocomplete file names in xul filepicker
313414 There is no way to do "sandboxed" http connections that don't modify the cookie list
314985 Named template stops recursing, output incomplete
322172 bump copyright year to 2006
322568 PalmSyncInstall has not been built since October [SM suite]
338070 Revert the nsISidebar changes made in bug 334471
342766 crash on xslt testcase
343059 In <phishingDetector.js>, "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable linkTextURL"
346237 This regexp makes Firefox attempt to allocate 2097156096 bytes, then crash [@ JS_sprintf_append] [@ js_ExecuteRegExp][@ PushBackTrackState]
347879 XML PI href parsing changed incompatibly on the 1.8 branch
349929 APOP information is reset after stepping up a TLS connection
40934 "From" misrepresented as "Sender"
203570 [message/rfc822] opening a fwd local message has original messages's attachments
236933 Disable SSL2 and other weak ciphers
298960 -remote can no longer handle commas or quotes
305196 output with a value attribute sets wrong context for its children
320488 crash [@ nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers]
26269 Mac: need to generate events for modifier key events
27382 ownerDocument of orphan text and attr nodes is null
33684 add "Up" navigation command
35837 should be possible to move/copy address cards to different address books
46177 Bookmarks menu in menubar does not have icons
50504 Context menu (right-click) for bookmarks (in main menu and Personal Toolbar)
50590 [Mac] Using a key shortcut should 'flash' the menu title
65480 prefs advanced description wording
68804 Sound output cracks
76111 Auto detect online/offline status on Windows
76253 Page source of an attached image can not be viewed
79767 IMAP SEARCH commands include HEADER unnecessarily
80352 Changing Bidi options never triggers reflow
83396 Alert "message contains bare newlines" displays and lost messages when copying msgs from Local(or other IMAP account)folder to an IMAP account folder
85296 Reply and Reply-all on messages sent "From: myself" should use the original To: field
90434 [FIX] printing selected text leaves dark background
101996 temp file with guessable name used during p12 import.
106189 Only one From/Reply-To address shown, even if msg has multiple addresses
106695 Rewrite activate/update events for CarbonEvents
107433 Make it possible to turn off click-and-hold contextual menu access
109176 Japanese hiragino text slided up within big button/drop-menu/...
111384 Support OCSP requests through a proxy
111428 If a folder name ends '\' or '/' in IE Favorites, the folder cannot be imported
111432 [FIRST] Mouse wheel scrolling doesn't work in print preview on page margin or on frame page
114656 allow arbitrary number of labels
114850 scrollbars permanently hidden; window.scrollbars.visible = false;
114997 Leading and trailing carriage returns being removed from INPUT TYPE="hidden" elements
116168 TLS server name indication extension support in NSS
118629 Shift-LeftArrow-Copy picks up newline (caret renders in wrong place)
120527 When another button has focus, default button is still marked as default
121176 walking through thread pane with preview collapsed should set title to folder name
122698 Detect currently running instance of Mozilla when app is launched a second time
126601 "Web" should be "web" in Master Password pref panel
129411 [BEOS]Need implementation of ArgvReceived and RefsReceived
130462 "null" or "" is displayed in drop-down search text in URL bar
133117 'Web Search for...' results should open in new tab rather than new window
133439 Copy to clipboard fails OLE call with CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN
133883 No error msg  when user  tries to do replication when offline
133917 New mail check ("biff") creates system tray icon even when "Show an alert" pref is cleared
137506 Only internal token's keys can be exported
139242 News: Thread with new messages spontaneously expands
142502 wizard is broken for remote XUL
143866 Ctrl+T opens new tabs in tab-bar-less (popup, no toolbar) windows
144000 caret browsing - bad initial position
149834 Enhance PSM speed by using new NSS API CERT_VerifyCertificateNow
152426 delegation of HTTP download for OCSP
153232 Can't load certificate, error code -8182
154332 Forwarding a ".EML" attachment adds additional ".EML" to file name.
156605 Solaris: Disable stack execution in the Mozilla client executable
161179 background image (no-repeat, repeat-x and repeat-y) size reduced when printing page (print preview is ok, scaling only happens in the repeat direction)
162361 Unicode file i/o in XPCOM/IO (cannot open files whose names contain characters outside the current locale: e.g. Japanese/Chinese on French Windows)
163656 [spellchecker] should (optionally?) consider punctuation as a word break
168629 Mozilla incorrectly prompts about submitting to an insecure location from a secure one with base href="https://..."
170477 XMLHttpRequest()s have no referer
172186 Don't spell check URLs and email addresses in email
176507 Certificates added without warning or confirmation
177887 Biff state doesn't update in recycled compose window
179050 Clean up timed textbox binding and use it in mailnews and addressbook
179056 "Check for new message every" stops after hibernate
180057 CSV export should output field names as first record in the output
180849 Mail loss in import of NC4 mail when 0x5C(\) is used as 2nd byte of muti-byte character in folder name.
183419 Message Filter dialog and Search dialogs (Message, Address) need close facilities (was buttons)
183729 Segmentation fault in XftLockFace (.ttf files need to be world-readable)
184304 When memory cache is disabled, no-store pages are not displayed at all
184811 addressingwidget appears as sunken, not as button
187772 mouse wheel scrolling does not dismiss form auto complete history, results in floating autocomplete dropdown
188108 Inline-Forward of message with unnamed RFC822 attachment unnecessarily adds name to the headers: (null).eml
189039 Allow type ahead find to position the cursor in text boxes
189570 Aborting a page load causes untransferred content that already exists to be doomed from the disk cache
190353 Property "pageIndex" of "wizard" tag is not working.
192666 extension-list is appearing twice in ldif/tab/txt import file picker
193923 [win32] use system beep on Windows for notification
194308 add option to disable fastload
194387 support parameter-passing in PI transformations
195219 Implement atomic routines in IA-64 assembly language for HP-UX/ia64
197087 xml-rpc should use XMLHttpRequest (and other updates)
197263 Unchecking "enable automatic image resizing" also disables click-to-resize
197305 setting designMode on data: URLs throws security exception
198936 [patch] "Do you wish to compact..." dialog has no "don't ask me again" checkbox
200119 crash when I shutdown (StopCRLUpdateTimer) [@ nsHashtable::Reset ]
202157 caret mode: spacebar doesn't scroll page
202992 "h" or "htt" cut off in address bar autocomplete (adds :// to domain names starting with "p" or "t")
205735 Browser freeze/crash on this page after few clicks, xbl implementation issue - M17x FF10 [@  nsXBLPrototypeHandler::GetEventName] [@ nsXBLInsertionPoint::GetDefaultContent]
205778 document('') load of stylesheet conflicts with http cache
205845 Mac fails to scroll with pageDown or pageUp in caret mode (browser)
206018 ldap connections not close properly, LDAP/SSL triggers internal failure error message.
206520 XMLHttpRequest leaks memory if send() not called and event listeners set
208871 Does not surf to history list item I clicked
209355 Bookmark Manager: remove "Sort Folder By Name" (Ctrl-N) shortcut, or add a warning dialog
211348 midas - crash refreshing page containing iframe containing editable document
213005 ASSERTION: OnDataAvailable implementation consumed no data
213207 Security Certificate Mismatch Defaults To "OK"
213702 Mozilla says symbol font is missing, although it is installed
216245 subscribe/account wizard for newsgroups forgets account name
216382 need to put the spell checker dictionary files (should not be in components dir)
216426 Implement something to switch off and on the always on top behaviour of help window
218411 Duplicate contact is added even though address being sent to is in the Additional Email field (collection)
220815 Non localisable strings in nsCertPicker.cpp and nsNSSIOLayer.cpp
221783 <wizard>'s buttons have no access keys
222394 IMAP: MYRIGHTS command used on names marked \Noselect
222488 dialogs with default style flag do not have a title bar and are positioned oddly
226943 incorrect error message for a non-existing host (socks)
227290 be generous to overlong (invalid) B-encoded words in 2047 encoded header?
229603 nsViewBeOS inheritance
230275 [FIXr]XML RDF parser stops parsing at valid unicode char
232623 Should support nodeID feature of recent RDF specs
232795 In <bookmarksMenu.js>, "Error: aDragSession.sourceNode has no properties"
233082 default value of browser.display.screen_resolution is wrong
233229 Location Bar uses http when auto-completing https URLs
234936 Don't inline spell check URLs
235773 TLS ECC cipher suites: PSM backend, SeaMonkey UI
236541 "do this automatically for files like this" doesn't work when Content-Disposition:attachment is used
237085 Text disappears with a large string of unbroken characters, e.g., in text input/field
237344 Contractions not recognized by spelling checker when real apostrophe character used
238083 Mozilla silently dies on 'Switch Profile...', due to 'general.startup.*' prefs setting
240095 Location Bar doesn't stay open (collapses) when clicking on arrow the first time
240201 remove [noscript] from nsICookieManager2::add
240320 selection highlight color changed in 0.5+ to no longer use system selection color
240357 Spellcheck doesn't recognise ordinals (e.g. 17th)
240372 Cannot Dnd from Mozilla Address book to other App
241518 calling addEventListener with a closure holding a content node leaks the document
241733 crash if I attempt to move an email while another email is being sent [@ nsMenuFrame::Notify ]
242315 Patch to enable inline input in Japanese on BeOS
243277 Offline: PAC: fails to load at startup when offline, then never tries again
245597 Keyword search should be activated for anything that isn't parseable as a URI (odd behaviour of search from address bar)
246085 nsCategoryManager should notify observers when items are added/removed from categories
246236 Accessible name not reported for mailnews message list tree view items
246712 Right click "This Frame", but then quickly "View Page Source" causes crash [@ 0x00000ad7 - destroyTimerEvent ] [@ nsCachedChromeChannel::HandleStartLoadEvent ]
247849 <xul:dialog> should be able to initially disable the accept button
247896 PR_ParseTimeString use PR_Assert and it calls abort on invalid date
249240 Password dialog for POP/IMAP server does not reprompt when password is changed externally.
249508 Wrong GET PATH when saving Website
250867 icons only and other toolbar modes are not created in a global place
251123 HTTPS lock icon does not explain mixed secure/non-encrypted icon when hovering
252201 In <pageInfoOverlay.js>, "Warning: reference to undefined property elts[i][aAttrName]"
252436 non-ascii characters not recognized by master password dialog
252802 Google search pops up sidebar
255124 favicon distorted in url field
255408 Need to be able to build mozilla --with-system-nss
256851 Mozilla creates/verifies invalid S/MIME signatures on 8bit mails because of RFC Violation (need to convert to Quoted Printable first)
257978 Firefox does not display minus sign inside mathml 'mo' tag but Netscape 7.1 does.
259031 Patch: Add support for displaying certificate extensions
260362 Roaming window has a placeholder title
260977 SeaMonkey / mozilla asks for another profile if already ran and is in the libdir
262389 scroll bar should look inactive when in background
263213 Don't use I'm Feeling Lucky search when protocol (such as http:// or https://) specified
264162 css error reporting should be pref-controlled
264164 Radio and check indicator w/ Classic theme remains hover state look
264675 Make sure we respect locked prefs throughout UI
264830 If keyword.URL doesn't lead to a redirect, resulting page has bogus "keyword:" URL
265740 browser crashes some times when loading gmail and loading another tab [@ js_Interpret]
265991 Can't import a pfx file encrypted with an empty password
266371 [FIX]Possible to close user-opened windows by setting
267487 addSearchEngine should install search plugins from https sites as well as http
269280 BeOS needs moz-icon implementation
269390 Files with mixed CR and LF attached as plain text results in file corruption
270170 XPInstall Permission Manager UI
271044 Implement xforms:range element
271442 Flash element behaves weird if inside a floated element with overflow:auto
271669 crash [@ nsXULDocument::AttributeChanged]
271745 Software installation and check for updates has no effect
272662 configure check fails if JAVA_HOME has a space in it
273050 Review storage module
273984, "_content") clobbers foreground tabs
274218 nsIStreamListener documentation unclear about offset parameter
277750 Menu exposes 2-level accessible.
277971 [FIX]Random tabs can target a load to the currently-open tab
278161 make file URLs always be in (escaped) UTF-8 regardless of the file system encoding (opening an link to a local non-ASCII file)
278449 Implement XML Schema Validation for Complex Types
279063 Implement copy element
279521 Add a way to generate UUIDs
279839 optimize js component loading
280936 In right-to-left languages, char zwnj (U+200C) is not handled
281551 [gtk2] Drop down lists do not open immediatly with certain CSS configuration
281862 AutoComplete MDBResult's GetCommentAt method returns NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED but it is!
282105 [FIX]BoxObject's InvalidatePresentationStuff needs ability to tell document to remove it from its boxobject table
282173 Remove BuildFloatList
282182 sync xpfe general.xml with toolkit general.xml
282189 sync xpfe toolbarbutton.xml with toolkit toolbarbutton.xml
282579 Implement <svg:textPath>
282828 Modify repeat-index on insert and delete
283225 [BEOS] - semitransparent in-page "popups" rendering is broken
283278 Input should not alter invalid/out-of-range data
283344 XForms Input control, when bound to a date value, should render as a datetimepicker
284450 Only use SSL V2 compatible hello, if SSL V2 is enabled
284550 Firefox scroll bar positioning goes against Fitts' Law (Windows XP/Luna)
284555 Menu text color remains -moz-menuhovertext when popup a dialog
285727 remove crash prone form hack from frame construction
286628 NNTP intermittently forgets/deletes passwords (Thunderbird & SeaMonkey)
286949 JS Exception in pageInfo.js on pages with XLink links
287677 3 problems with Protocol Not Known Error (console error when dragged, tab overwrite, history/back functionality breaks.)
287945 Rebrand bootstrap's BeOS bits
288647 NSS doesn't build --with-system-nspr
289444 Give prefs panels titles a unique name
289689 Memory leak: nsDebugImpl::Assertion, Create Process
289897 huge memory leak when klipper is running
290090 Meta refresh should pass VALIDATE_ALWAYS instead of LOAD_BYPASS_CACHE
291119 create default styling for form controls
292496 preferences window grows to double of its normal height in special circumstances
292668 Reorganise mailnews pref panes for an encoding one
293571 output not refreshed due to xpath dependency problem?
293835 Spellchecker inconsistently checks pasted email addresses
294476 Text boxes ignore keyboard on opening URL from an external app
294584 Spotlight/Norton Antivirus contention with bookmarks.html causing multiple backups (boomarks-n.html created)
294836 When printing, bgcolor of one tag incorrectly applied to a whole page
295088 Filter/Search term evaluator is extremely sub-optimal
295178 Misleading l10n note in customizeCharset.dtd
295991 Keyword search doesn't encode characters correctly
296080 showAutoscrollMarker code is wrong in special situations
296138 Use lxLite to compress binaries
296538 limit the memory cache to a reasonable value
296907 fill/stroke shouldn't destroy path
297503 Useless autoscroll code?
298375 drawWindow() reverses red and blue channels in 16 bit color desktop
298665 color picker is broken (popup doesn't close after selecting a color)
298690 Caret skips blank line using down-arrow key in preformatted text (e.g. View Source)
298950 need copy in context menu
299170 Invalid <model> "functions=" attribute not caught
299173 More than one schema per namespace allowed within <xf:model>
299273 xforms-select and xforms-deselect events not firing for selects
299343 Can't copy and paste into the beginning of a line
299417 Left/right arrow keys in textarea/text input behave incorrectly when text is selected.
299677 Almost every element can steal focus from another tab with focus or blur method
299766 Implement accesskey support
300248 select needs to generate xforms-in-range and xforms-out-of-range events
300255 hint, help, alert and message need to generate xforms-link-error
300591 Make recalculate, revalidate, refresh work as deferred update
300868 target attribute not supported for SVG:a element
300875 textbox with elements inside can only receive focus if its type is set to autocomplete
300968 Replicating (downloading) from a LDAP directory server while adding fails
301084 Option to file replies in folder of original message
301105 [Mac] Classic: Use native-styled menus/menupopups
301298 nsFilePicker ignores display directory setting on OS X
301308 [@ nsMsgGroupView::~nsMsgGroupView]
301571 Submissions with "mailto:" action not working
301678 [FIX]xml object parsed from string from flash throws permission denied error when accessed
301994 CRASH trying to set value on a node that is part of the value
302054 Report broken website's privacy link is often invisible
302099 How do embedders embed libxul?
302212 Mac OS X x86 builds can't target SDKs
302479 Some pref panels still with missing/incorrect accesskeys
302737 [FIX]Plugins leak ns4xPluginStreamListeners and whatever they entrain
303023 SVG content in an EMBED element doesn't print
303353 Support appearance attribute for select1
303571 Can not move subfolders to IMAP "root" folder (maildir)
303625 nsXFormsSubmissionElement::LoadReplaceAll uses wrong document
303713 textbox.dispatchEvent(keyEvent) no longer adds character to textbox in Firefox 1.0.6
303730 <textarea>s in other tabs mess up focus in current 'tab'
303926 duplicate bound nodesets do not throw xforms-binding-exception
304531 has no properties (Port fix from bug 225854)
304847 [FIX]nsSecurityBrowserUIImpl shouldn't GetName when it doesn't need to
304982 CPP_THROW_NEW should be defined to throw() even if exceptions are enabled
305060 Changes to context node of parent do not refresh children
305096 Schema Validation does not handle inheritance of simple types
305160 Strange bubbling behaviour for DOM scroll events
305184 Make nsIXFormsModelElement::getInstanceDocument raise DOMException
305208 mem leak in nsPersistentProperties::Enumerate
305479 Cmd+, needs to be pressed twice to access Preferences (on Mac)
305767 Allow a different marker character for preprocessing CSS files
305798 Bidi:After deleting last character of reverse-direction text, arrow keys move caret incorrectly
305815 Build failure when building libXUL + Javaconnect
305827 Mac OS X gcc 4 builds with --disable-optimize/-O0 crash, often at startup [@ SetGWorld]
305987 NS_WARN_IF_FALSE asserts
306247 XBLize xforms:repeat
306272 a short chunk of text in UTF-8 misdetected as EUC-KR by universal autodetector
306349 Adding horizontal padding to the anonymous div inside a textarea breaks RTL textareas
306538 Autocomplete doesn't work without a mousemove event
306764 Revise the custom control interface for XForms
306810 Location bar has wrong URL after 302 redirect for link opened in a new tab
306846 Missing xforms-link-exception when form loaded from file:///
306862 session history should flush content viewers on memory-pressure notification
307093 enumerating of model instances
307142 strict JS error in phishingDetector.js
307184 activating tabs (fast mouse movement) produces accidently dragging of tabs (drag and drop)
307255 DOM Inspector "blink selected element" wrong on startup if "show whitespace nodes" is false
307311 Allow to build xulrunner + multiple apps in one sweep
307317 JS engine assert when running with WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC
307421 Make binds static
307560 WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC JS eng assert under SetNewDocument
307615 Significantly reduce memory allocations for IMAP mail download by improving |nsIMAPGenericParser::AdvanceToNextLine()|
307783 [FIX]Javascript window.find fails to find text unless an alert is executed before the find
307867 [FIX]Setting capability.policy.default.*.focus to noAccess no longer works
307895 Date.toLocalFormat("%x") with format yyyy/MM/dd produces yyyy/MM/yyyy
308017 Bidi: up/down-arrow sometimes behave incorrectly after switching keyboard layout
308023 Bidi: Caret positioned incorrectly after deleting last character of reverse-direction text and then typing
308106 controls not bound to external instance data in xul
308182 [FIX]Iframes are not drawn after being shown
308371 Add additional instrumentation to Http protocol
308500 need to write hexBinary schema validation code
308536 Support monochrome cursors when GTK version is less than 2.4
308591 Button.dlgType sets an attribute with the wrong case
308988 support delegated use of imap shared folders
309044 Flashplayer 8 "Bad NPObject as private data!"
309052 remove broken Help button from CRL manager in Firefox
309068 URL presence check should be disabled by default.
309075 Right-clicking a partially off-screen link shouldn't scroll the page
309210 only looks for *.so when stripping
309232 [FIX]nsWebBrowser::AddWebBrowserListener always returns NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG if called before window is created
309246 "XForms Error" dialog should have link to open JavaScript Console
309289 When moving an extension up/down in the richlistbox widget, it is scrolled to the top of the window.
309344 Scrollwheel doesn't work when an java applet is displayed
309459 Crash when using cacheService.visitEntries [@ nsMemoryCacheDevice::Visit]
309546 Fix file submission issues
309550 clear inside fieldset doesn't work
309574 [FIX]Invalid read in nsJSEventListener::HandleEvent
309599 crash in nsIHTMLEditor::insertHTML
309935 SeaMonkey ignores Acrobat plug-in directives, brings up handling dialog box instead
310109 XForms model-destruct event doesn't work with fastback
310122 XForms package should have skin directory
310124 Double border is incorrectly compressed when rendered; regression.
310125 failing to generate xforms-submit-error
310138 Setting a type on instance data makes rebuild() throw exception
310241 InvisionBoard AJAX/JS facility for quoting text no longer works
310276 output isn't refreshed in some cases
310299 Big5 Unicode Mapping Table Update
310446 Add a user feedback message when certs for import are being ignored
310508 Calling method on another window crashes when the function uses XMLHttpRequest and alert() [@ js_FreeStack]
310636 Make mozStorage a little more developer friendly
310845 [BeOS]Cleanup StringWidth methods in nsRenderingContextBeOS
310900 Avoid 1-pixel gap caused by sizeToContent() in alerts service code
311036 String offset problem in the XForms XPath engine
311098 Port changes made in bug 251625  to xpfe/ (remove .part files when cancelling downloads)
311240 XPCOMJavaProxy "equals()" method doesn't check actual XPCOM object
311475 select/select1 not updated on inserts when using itemset
311737 make .autocomplete-history-popup max-height em instead of px, and longer
312009 IMAP capability flags remembered across capability responses
312013 Sort out the Talkback Client issue on Intel Macs
312154 Start script does not take care of running instance
312199 HP-UX IPF (IA64, Itanium) porting changes
312241 nsIconURI::Clone and ::Resolve are unimplemented
312361 Determine if the visibility("default") attribute is supported by using GCC version only
312415 Selected images (from a selection of the document to print) are black
312489 URLs concatenated when opening a home page tab group from desktop icon
312550 Incorrect wrapping in RTL textarea with horizontal scrollbar
312586 Multiple sheets (JS alert boxes) on one window don't work
312620 Bidi: Caret doesn't move correctly when arrowing where line wraps, if the wrapped line starts with a single reverse-direction character
312636 [BeOS]Refactoring two getters in widget for faster mouse processing
312638 [BeOS]Fixing warnings at nsWindows.cpp compilation
312660 [BeOS]cannot navigate drop-down lists using keyboard when mouse cursor is over it
312687 XBLize action module elements
312704 crash [@ nsNodeInfoManager::GetTextNodeInfo] on ebay page with JavaScript off
312775 deadlock between the ui thread and the imap code is causing a hang
312778 Undo after a spell check correction doesn't work, undoes previous action
312848 XPath expressions using namespaces inside repeats generate error messages
312921 Image having an alpha channel is rendered incorrectly in a translucent window
312980 Use classes instead of pseudo elements
313101 HTTP auth dialog is titled "Prompt"
313118 Disabled controls should match more than :disabled
313315 MozType not dynamically updated
313326 please fix nsSound::Play on BeOS
313337 Fastclick popup gets around popup blocking by abusing the onchange event
313347 Flash plugin crashes browser on Intel Mac OS X
313365 Bidi: RTL textareas with a vertical scrollbar always have a horizontal scrollbar as well
313398 Unoptimized Intel Mac debug build crashes with a misaligned stack
313443 Caret move events from keyboard input not reported for XUL textboxes
313662 SeaMonkey build that builds XForms won't load an XForm
313933 select1 initial size wrong
313962 Simple bug in GConf nsSystemPrefs
313988 [10.3] Positioned select drop-down doesn't work
314018 Error in configure(.in): Sun CXX (CC) compiler defiens __SUNPRO_CC and not __SUNPRO_C
314027 Search messages only searches the first message
314110 [BeOS] Corner-resize cursors are wrong
314158 select(1) fails to bind item labels correctly
314231 If link target URL has non-ASCII char that is not encoded by UTF-8, the default file name is always escaped at "Save Link Target As..."
314350 implement nsIScrollable::GetScrolledSize()
314415 'Report Broken Web Site' button text too long.
314432 Get rid of TVector glue in Default Plugin on Mac/Intel
314549 Various bugs involving containers not actually fixed for subframes
314687 [BeOS] Stop unhandled native message flood.
314707 SVG Font Size Printing Error
314792 [BeOS] Horizontal wheel scrolling support
314821 Stop building dist/gre
314831 deleting local msg while local folder being compacted fails and you can't load msgs afterwards
314961 Won't build when using spaces in --enable-optimize and having dash as sh
314990 Not using unique message id when msg doesn't have message id
315150 upload still uses dispatchDOMActivate
315163 x86 Mac JEP crashes, no Java
315195 Select wrong default font if I close the preferences window with Command + W shortcut
315207 Show tab preview in tab tooltips
315208 [BeOS] widget code cleanup
315286 Crash [ @ nsGlobalWindow::RunTimeout ]
315346 nsISidebar should be moved to dom/
315370 text Copy/Paste from Firefox to Outlook will be created as attachment
315407 Add proper support for xforms-load permission
315427 bad nullcheck in nsXULPrototypeElement::ReleaseSubtree
315434 Security error with remote <xul:tabbox>: can't switch tabs if chrome has focus
315438 Want nsTAString const char_type* BeginReading() const; signature
315483 crash on getComputedStyle getting certain properties on an element that's display:none [@ nsHTMLReflowState::GetContainingBlockFor]
315542 [BeOS]Improper native drawing in Scroll()
315570 Add a reusable autocomplete result type that doesn't depend on Mork
315598 Allow more than one global redirect observer
315712 Events thrown in the model need to be deferred.
315726 [BeOS]Avoid mistargeted (focus) messages
315767 Submission of large files using multipart-post doesn't work
315786 Make the functions defined in nsEscape.h more useful
315826 Scriptable XPCOM wrapper for SAX content handler
315837 [Mac] Keys which should produce multiple characters only produce one
315906 [BeOS]Slow update of asynchronous painting at scroll
315925 Fix some TestUtf8 nits
316023 FTP uploads don't work
316087 a11y: message/alert/help need to be dismissable with ESC key
316090 GREImpl.loadDependentLibraries hardcodes the list, instead of finding it dynamically
316098 Need XPCOMGlue function for loading function pointers from libs
316150 Splash screen fade is too slow over remote desktop
316159 crash when XMLHttpRequest target uses xlink:href="" without binding namespace [@ JS_GetScriptPrincipals]
316305 [BeOS]Reduce communication with app_server at painting.
316616 a11y: pressing first key of item in select should select item
316624 a11y: range needs to support more keyboard shortcuts
316674 compare-locales should support reasonable numbers of ordered search
316775 leak when selecting
316782 Provide templatized array class, nsTArray [down with nsVoidArray!]
316837 crash in [@ strchr - nsNSSCertificateDB::getCertNames] on cert without nickname
316869 Add convenience version of nsEscape for CString
316895 copy element needs to cause rebuilds
316931 Allow chrome:// xforms to submit anywhere
317012 Crash in Release() in nsJavaXPTCStub::FinalizeJavaParams()
317167 Reply and Reply-all on messages sent "From: myself" should consider all account identities when setting To field
317327 Eliminate method |nsImapServerResponseParser::end_of_line()|
317334 hang when long wrappable string is passed to prompt() [e.g. as used in the exploit for IE's <body onload=window()> bug]
317345 nsLocalFile(OSX)::IsHidden is broken garbage
317366 Cross frame scripting to nested iframe from same domain fails. Was working in earlier versions
317420 Firefox 1.5RC3 crashes when trying to print a page [@ lexpsnt3.dll - CompositeBitsInMemory ][@ IIAAE1DD.dll - CompositeBitsInMemory ]
317448 XMLHttpRequest ClassInfo causes Component does not have requested interface arg 0 [nsIHttpChannel.notificationCallbacks]
317478 leaks due to global scope polluter being removed from not enough (?) prototype chains
317518 Support repeat appearance="compact"
317566 Using global LDAP server prefs for autocomplete lookup does not always work correctly
317620 Land NSS 3.11 on the Mozilla trunk and on 1_8 branch
317674 rename folder fails for Unicode folder names
317720 Some emails use <area href> to get round phishing detection
317811 Allow single-window-instance XULRunner applications
317843 Better redirect tracking for global history
317865 JavaScript GC memory limit - let it be optional
318036 adding to Array.prototype breaks a tree column picker
318208 textbox.readonly isn't properly implemented
318283 [10.2] Hangs on data entry when autofill popup menu should shrink
318407 onchange event of preference elements gets called twice
318419 window.setTimeout() goes crazy periodically - functions are immediately called repeatedly
318473 [FIX]Page with <script type="[whitespace]"> in it never finishes loading
318489 Unable to create new XMLHttpRequests from an XPCNativeWrapped window
318618 Unchecked malloc in CertReader
318624 xforms and schemaval need to be static for Minimo
318678 [FIX]events registered via divElem.onmouseover and divElem.onclick do not trigger
318680 "Organisation" should be spelled "Organization" in the alert for empty fields in Address Book.
318767 js_ReportOutOfMemory needs to support enhanced error reporting
318779 index() update problem in repeat on nodeset change
318889 No search results displayed when doing multisearch in sidebar search panel or main internetsearchresults.xul main page
318918 [BEOS]sqlite does not build when MOZ_OBJDIR is different than source directory.
319072 Tab drag and drop does not work correctly on OS/2
319078 Handle smooth mousewheel (and two-finger touchpad) scrolling
319107 One SVG file crashes firefox 1.5 [@ nsSVGGradientFrame::GetNextGradient]
319172 "function eval must be called directly, and not by way of a function of another name" in loaded sub-scripts.
319264 Double-free reporting errors
319293 Crash [@ nsDOMClassInfo::MarkReachablePreservedWrappers]
319380 canvas quadraticCurveTo implementation is incorrect/bogus
319410 textbox element loses content upon resize with direction:rtl and flex
319421 [FIX]getElementsByAttribute doesn't find any more ns-qualified attributes
319434 Context menu appears at the wrong position when Flash content is loaded in other tab
319453 GetBlob should not crash if there is no data
319463 display:none iframe pointing to a xul document stops main document from finishing to load.
319532 [gnome]There is no feedback when use keyboard to navigate disabled menuitem in Mozilla menu
319636 Provide convenience function for consuming an entire nsIInputStream
319642 ASSERTION: unexpected null pointer: 'aParticipant', file nsDOMClassInfo.cpp, line 4960
319659 XPFE code assumes document.firstChild is the root element
319858 javascript execution when forwarding or replying (CVE-2006-0884)
319914 Pasting the character 173 (0xAD, &shy;) into textbox causes crash [@ nsFontMetricsWin::ResolveForwards]
320081 dynamical instance isn't handled
320169 Hangs while sending mail to "list in list" in address book
320192 better way for users/testers to detect and isolate leaks of large object graphs
320349 Crash on authentication to the proxy server (possibly MS ISA server)
320370 Search Engines not added - window.sidebar.addSearchEngine is not a function
320375 CVE-2006-0298 Buffer overrun in nsExpatDriver::ParseBuffer [@ nsExpatDriver::ParseBuffer]
320377 Cannot run regxpcom anymore on Sparc/Solaris (dynamic linking not supported)
320429 Switching tabs in a tabbox can result in illogical assignment of focus
320433 Talkback option should be removed from build, until we can build TB again.
320441 JavaXPCOM is not 64-bit safe
320449 Make properties of GRE_GetGREPathWithProperties useful
320489 Crash [@ nsDocShell::RestoreFromHistory]
320498 Fix NewChannel impls to handle null in argument
320574 In Mozilla.getGREPathWithProperties, look for new "javaxpcom" property
320621 Crash [@ nsFrameLoader::CheckForRecursiveLoad ] on loading of moz-icon:// URI in an iframe.
320650 'Send' does not work after Ctrl+E
320693 In <tabbrowser.xml>, "Error: this.mCurrentBrowser has no properties"
320736 Bad accesskey (button "Submit Report")
320851 http authentication (401) prompt no longer displays scheme
320901 Remove reloading code, key and context menu item from help viewer
320938 autocompletion of a text-field pops up above firefox
321013 Line breaks in document.title cause entire title to disappear
321054 fix GC hazards for loading images created by bug 241518
321128 Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End don't move to start/end of web page
321132 Japanese font grouping is not correct on font pref dialog
321153 Fix various printpreview issues when scaling / changing orientation
321195 Light/dark motifs randomly work and change in Firefox 1.5
321239 IMAP parser error in FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE response
321366 Crash [@PR_Close].[@nsDiskCacheStreamIO::Flush()]
321379 Crash using a closed stream [@ nsConverterOutputStream::Close][@ nsConverterOutputStream::Write]
321490 Make SeaMonkey compatible again with moveTabTo implementation of the Firefox
321494 ASSERTION: Unexpected JSContext popped!, ASSERTION: ThreadJSContextStack underflow due to missing early return
321514 Fail to load gssapi library
321526 Duplicated content in using_priv_help.xhtml
321558 document.write not Honoring TITLE
321578 Files dragged onto tabbar from explorer don't open in new tabs anymore
321601 [Mac] Support Command+Option+Arrows for tab switching (like Camino)
321729 CVS Remove update.js and remove its reference from
321732 is dead, the other printjoboptions.* files should be packaged on non-Mac Unix only
321831 Bad arguments to addEventListener cause: Error: uncaught exception: null
321833 Clearing the cache prevents disk cache from working
321865 NSS coreconf file is needed for SunOS5.11 on x86 and Sparc
321876 Handle empty instances (they are invalid)
321981 (nsContextMenu.js) Components.classes[';1'].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIPrefService).getBoolPref is not a function
321999 HTTP waits for response to determine keep-alive state
322106 Subframe and redirected URLs stay "hidden" permanently in history
322135 calling push method on array with maximum length (2^32-1 = 4294967295) causes Spidermonkey to run out of memory
322155 if the only focusable elements in a dialog are the buttons, focus the default button on load
322215 CVE-2006-0297 integer overflow in nsSVGCairoSurface::Init and nsCanvasRenderingContext2D
322287 Implement NSPR atomic routines in x86 assembly code for Intel Macs
322319 WMF Files opened with Windows Media Player Plugin
322351 mozISpellCheckingEngine.check crashes if word is misspelled [@ mozMySpell::Check]
322354 libxul always links against X11
322381 [Mac] Document new tab switch shortcuts
322424 Default disabled select border no longer matches enabled border
322427 remove -ansi when compiling NSPR with gcc on Linux, because it's not needed and causes failures
322450 TARGET_XPCOM_ABI not set in solaris builds
322459 Small tweaks to cs_nav_prefs_navigator
322461 [FIX]FF 1.5 doesn't apply CSS stylesheets in document after XSLT transformation
322513 Can't getRowCount() in listbox in prefwindow
322578 Support ppc<->x86 cross builds for Mac OS X
322600 Bump up version to 1.1b on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH
322622 FAYT style folder navigation for new folder picker widget
322636 [FIX]ctrl-y/redo shortcut crashes firefox in find bar/fayt [@ nsContentUtils::ContentIsDescendantOf]
322678 [FIX]Crash [@ nsIFrame::GetParent] with evil testcase position:relative/absolute/display:table-column, etc
322683 [FIX] Yahoo Beta Mail related crash [@ nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckSameOriginPrincipalInternal()]
322824 Merge tier_94, tier_97 and tier_98 into tier_99
322842 [SeaMonkey 1.1a] Installer fails with -229 SCRIPT_ERROR
322863 Properly implement parsing of IMAP |atom| and |astring|
322890 Input type="file" has opaque/white background
322894 unify necko and content unit tests
322898 Add events for watching the addition and removal of tabs
322923 Need better OSX integration for Mailnews
322928 code error in nsFontMetricsPango.cpp
322956 The PR_GetSystemInfo/ needs hook to return untruncated hostname
322975 labels with inline output controls inside repeat has trouble
322985 Remove aScriptOnly parameter from the nsIEventListenerManager::RemoveAllListeners
322996 Enable IDN for .is domain
323006 submit control doesnt work in xul
323010 nsSecretDecoderRing::SetWindow should be NS_IMETHODIMP, not nsresult
323028 [FIX]Using background-image CSS style for treechildren::-moz-tree-row causes excessive CPU load
323040 RTL <select>s have incorrect horizontal padding
323048 "Copy Folder Location" does not work anymore
323088 RGB values slightly off in canvas after drawWindow()
323131 crash after saving all attachments [@ nsMessenger::SaveAllAttachments]
323195 XPCAutoUnlock messes with detection of potential deadlocks
323267 bug in js_GC due to js_SweepScriptFilenames before finalizer
323292 readonly bind not working for textarea
323296 Create rule to check out l10n-files only
323318 [RFC 2231] when the attachment file name is separated, should append semi-colon(';')
323328 TARGET_XPCOM_ABI changes needed for Mac universal binaries
323337 Use fastcall on Mac OS X x86: __attribute__(regparm(3))
323377 Lots of leaks in nsInternetSearchService
323378 Accessing data:;base64, produces a crash for some architectures
323412 Proxy object lock and service manager lock are intertwined
323534 createTreeWalker can cause leaks due to cycles created by closures
323539 JS warning opening MailNews / selecting folders
323608 ldap schema's use of displayName has changed since Thunderbird 1.0x
323634 Unprivileged access to window.controllers is possible
323657 User-Agent string should identify Mac universal binaries
323683 Date picker doesn't handle refresh correctly
323691 update branch to trunk level
323708 Recalculation of ComputeFreshnessLife wrong after performing If-Modified-Since / If-None-Match request
323765 Thread unsafe VarPrefix from jsopcode.c
323807 event listener wrapper preservation can leave dangling nsIDOMGCParticipant in preserved wrapper table [@ ClassifyWrapper]
323810 [FIXr]Move forcing into tabs and current windows out of Gecko
323829 datepicker input field not readonly, focus issue
323833 JS Error: Uncaught Exception using "for (key in array)" statements
323845 Expose base widgets for xforms widgets (xforms.xml)
323849 Expose base bindings for xforms select widgets
323850 XForms widgets (xforms.xml) for xul
323851 xforms select widgets for xul
323852 redirect after a prefetch does not include X-moz: prefetch header
323853 JB_BP not exported by newer glibc (2.4)
323903 Patch: further improvements on displaying certificate extensions
323956 Missing xpinstall prefs for XULRunner
323964 DPI preference has different meaning on OS/2 than other platforms
323970 aOpener = got lost from navigator.js
323980 subfolders of default account are not checked for new mail at startup
324072 Paper size and printer selection in printdialog are reflected incorrectly in preferences
324079 Insert/Delete doesn't work with non-default models
324096 nsXFormsNodeState should work with NS_EVENT constants
324109 Re-Add ocsp info string in cert manager, that was accidentially removed
324141 Cannot change paper orientation in page setup dialogue
324159 The accesskey label is doubled if the label ends (X)
324250 using_priv_help.xhtml file errors
324311 Profile startup fails if non-ascii characters in profile path
324370 #define MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH on the 1.8 branch
324439 Land ChatZilla 0.9.70 on branch
324443 Middle clicking a tab loads the clipboard URL into the active tab (not the one clicked on)
324467 TBird 1.5 fails to automatically filter on message body, if Anti-Virus quarentining is ON(mailnews.downloadToTempFile=true). POP3 not IMAP.
324474 Revoked S/MIME certificate difficult to detect in received messages
324483 Ah Crap! takes too long
324591 Allow me to drop URLs in the tab strip and get a new tab at the drop site (instead of replacing an existing tab)
324592 Add JS_LeaveLocalRootScopeWithResult API
324654 Dead link to Grayrest's DOMi guide in Help
324701 Replace the Download More link in Languages/Content preferences
324746 XPathResult object can crash brower when calling iterateNext() or snapshotItem()
324821 Support: DecisionOne link is 404
324855 Need a script to produce universal binary .app from cpu-specific bits
324865 Move XMLHttpRequest to gklayout
324913 tabbrowser.xml depends on nsIWebNavigation
324918 This testcase triggers "index out of range" through nsHTMLSelectElement::RemoveOptionsFromListRecurse
324981 nsTArray crash in RemoveElement
324985 First-Chance at Content Sniffing
324988 Crash if stop loading while favicons are coming in
324992 Add pref UI for mail remote content's new prefs
324994 Storage GetString/GetUTF8String should set IsVoid
325005 Documents parsed as data load subframes and objects
325084 Java crashes under Rosetta
325100 Move DOM inspector C++ components into gklayout
325147 New version of JEP (0.9.5+c), please land on trunk and branch
325177 Make the unknowndecoder implement nsIContentSniffer
325253 Don't warn if there is no form history file to import
325260 XPCOMGlueLoadXULFunctions should search library's symbol table
325279 Firefox 1.6a1 crash [@ ClassifyWrapper] on exit (extension related)
325297 [FIX]Various window properties are allAccess and should not be
325331 Make nsTArray a bit more useful
325366 Certificates: Large Microsoft CA version causes decoding failure
325379 STARTTLS negotiation skipped when account set to "TLS, if available"
325386 [FIX] Crash when trying to create an htmleditor instance [@ nsEditor::GetDOMEventReceiver]
325410 Mac builds not packaging .chk files
325416 Move typeaheadfind out of TB ifdefs
325450 nsGREGlue check of GRE_HOME needs to add "/"
325471 Broken search for path to binary on linux in xulrunner-stub
325479 Failure to free a JSScript in obj_eval
325504 document that uri content listeners must implement weak references
325521 JS_YieldRequest() allows the garbage collector to race
325526 XML: Shared AnyName prototype object causes threads to block
325540 Javascript library jsMath causes Firefox to crash [@ ClaimScope][@ WillDeadLock]
325616 Add recently developed ATK roles
325680 'width: auto' incorrectly shrink wraps on blocks inside a shrink-wrapped 'overflow'-non-'visible' div
325730 Crash changing document during DOMNodeRemoved [@ nsAttrAndChildArray::InsertChildAt]
325765 Cache causes crash crossing architecture [@ nsDiskCacheRecord::HashNumber].[@ nsDiskCacheMap::FindRecord]
325814 Instance document loads don't do security or content policy checks
325838 Don't show image thumbnail on tab icon if is false
325902 xpt_link does not expand wildcards on OS/2
325947 [FIX]Site can cause user's file to be uploaded by changing input type
325958 Misc Address Book tidying up
325964 MathML missing fonts dialogue contatins extra space character (Camino-only)
325972 Accesskeys conflicts/missing in Mail context menu
325991 [FIX]js exploit via "print preview"
326006 [FIX]nsIWindowProvider should indicate whether an existing window is being reused
326007 Xulrunner fails to build using VS.NET 2003 (VC7.1), chokes at linking xul.dll due to conflicting LIBC and MSVCRT libs
326062 not all controls support readonly bind
326082 Get phishing detection to cope with tags within link text
326090 <hr> not being exposed as ROLE_SEPARATOR
326107 Send referrer to GlobalHistory even when it isn't being sent over the network
326110 PR_SetSysfdTableSize and PR_GetSysfdTableMax are not exported
326168 Add a UTF-16 API to load a library
326248 [FIX]uncaught exception: Permission denied to create wrapper for object of class UnnamedClass
326249 Add null-check for PermManager in nsXFormsUtils
326250 [FIX]Input button layout doesn't use GetValue()
326329 remove user interface for DPI preference
326334 Implement mozStorage as a multithreaded server
326345 Remove "Find" prefix from "Find Next"/"Find Previous" labels on find toolbar
326358 checking for null mStringBundle is not needed...
326452 Required bind only works with post method
326477 Add more to nsIExpatSink/nsExpatDriver in order to support SAX
326501 Content can implement tree views and trigger memory corruption
326530 Validation chokes on empty xsd:date instance data
326687 [BeOS] Misplaced ) in MakeFocus() method
326706 Refactor docshell load type constants
326714 GNOME/GTK icon code is extremely slow
326737 Shift key ignored when opening link in new tab from context menu
326766 excess refresh due widget loading
326772 compatibility.ini should include TARGET_OS_ABI
326784 add a notification that a newly-opened window has been initialized
326814 Port TB's dynamic 3-pane generation to mailnews
326838 [BeOS]  Build broken due to fix for 313398
326875 ASSERTION: no document: 'doc' (nsXULElement::GetControllers)
326909 document the -safe-mode command-line option in -help
326910 [FIX]Defining a property with an empty <setter> leads to segfault
326931 Content should not be able to call SetBoxObjectFor
326961 JS_BeginRequest should JS_ASSERT(cx->thread == js_GetCurrentThreadId())
327014 Clicking <html:a> link in XUL document makes a browser window invisible
327040 Bump extension version to 0.4
327041 Bump extension version to 0.5
327053 Make caching persistent between transactions
327063 nsXFormsUtils::CheckSameOrigin should use the principal's URI, not the document's
327066 document.createEvent('TextEvent') crashes
327073 [FIX]Fix some obvious issues in SameOrSubdomainOfTarget
327078 [FIX]Shouldn't set owner to chrome JS principal for subframe loads
327131 Size/position in bind handling
327156 [FIX]|window instanceof X| throws a lot (e.g. if window is not an instance of X)
327161 nsUUIDGenerator subject to reseeding woes
327197 [BeOS] download manager icons corrupted
327234 Expose abstract interface for input[type="gMonth"] and input[type="gDay"]
327238 Allow links in sidebar to update the Status Bar
327305 Include Gecko version and build ID in extension description
327317 Create a mozStorageConnection.indexExists function
327349 Add JavaScript NS_ASSERT function to globalOverlay.js
327406 rename browser.display.screen_resolution pref (DPI pref)
327448 Redundant implicit calls in NSPR
327469 "argument list too long" when compiling javaxpcom
327507 Unitialized variables causing textPath text to move around
327511 Implement remaining schema types XForms requires.
327530 gobject assertion failures when running yelp with a11y enabled
327557 Storage service keeps reference to main thread
327567 Storage connections should not outlive service
327584 Expose abstract interface for input[type="date"]
327613 pref mail.biff.show_alert works only on Windows
327654 nsIXMLHTTPRequest class not included in MozillaInterfaces.jar
327708 fun_xdrObject should root fun across call to js_XDRScript
327712 nsXBLProtoImplProperty::InstallMember doesn't root correctly
327716 XPC_NW_NewResolve should root its cloned function object
327740 wrong casts used in mozStorageAsyncIO
327744 [Intel OS X] SVG implementation/support isn't fully functional.
327785 Need a universal JEP
327823 Support configurable preflight/postflight actions in
327843 nsDOMCSSValueList doesn't QI to nsISupports
327846 Implements some of JavaIDL spec
327848 Drive the Mac universal build process entirely in-tree
327855 Crash on entering https sites when security.OCSP.enabled=1
327863 seamonkey-config should not be shipped
327873 Return-to-parent tab doesn't work for tabs opened by target="_blank" links
327907 Ending process firefox.exe can lead to database corruption
327941 CVE-2006-1723 JSXMLQName structure elements cause crash during gc
327985 refresh issue for delegate controls
327998 move accesskey label into xforms-xhtml.xml
328007 [FIX]root new function objects before JS_DefineUCProperty
328037 JS_CallFunctionName should return the same as JS_CallFunctionValue
328044 browser asserts on startup in JS_EndRequest with garbage cx->requestDepth
328068 gather memory usage data for load events
328081 Support unification of bdate for multi-project builds
328092 SchemaValidation/Durations have problems with pre-1900 dates due to NSPR
328125 Add support for client-side throttling
328134 margin fields in page setup accept '^' and '|' characters
328140 Integrate 0-filling patch into storage system
328148 switch/case for xul
328149 split base binding on two bindings
328150 move upload into xforms.xhtml
328160 The name lookup for "bzero" did not find a declaration on AIX
328198 An <li> instead of <span> with a role gets spoken as "custom control"
328212 Update AsyncIO with bugfixed in sqlite tree
328213 Upgrade to sqlite 3.3.4
328218 don't allow creating multiple io services
328298 Crash when passing null argument in loadAndRegisterSheet
328302 Cert Viewer: Prefix "raw bytes" display with size information
328303 Fix configure help for --with-branding, which suggests --enable-branding
328331 nsHTMLEditor::GetCSSBackgroundColorState shouldn't walk to document node
328344 action module elements leak
328391 .mar generation should package universal build when the build is universal
328393 xf:copy of element node then text node results in wrong instance data
328403 Update (.mar) packaging should fail if the stuff to package is missing
328454 mailbox protocol in email message causes crash
328457 scriptable plugins can cause crash and heap corruption [with ambigous members]
328469 "print preview" continues to cause trouble, allowing chrome privilege
328505 --install-app fails on Linux for packages without a vendor
328509 GIF2.cpp: do_lzw() tries to access memory out of bounds [@ do_lzw]
328566 Can steal (upload) files by changing input type to file during DOMNodeInserted mutation event
328585 Handle the size of the modeless and modal <message>s in a better way
328589 VC8 doesn't like copyright sign in jscompat.h
328592 TARGET_XPCOM_API undefined for OS X PPC
328596 Difficult to "Open using Rosetta" due to self-relaunching
328606 Crash after entering <smiley><space><space>
328684 Crash displaying multipart JPEG
328692 Fix for Bug 319846 doesn't prevent overlong attribute names
328771 pkcs11.addmodule needs to protect against bug 162020-style attacks
328790 main thread never joins with async-io thread
328855 Support x86-64 in nsStackFrameUnix
328873 help/hint/alert should be shown after the control for datepicker
328886 Talkback Not Being Updated Properly
328890 text box widget regression, unable to open urls in Thunderbird
328897 JS_ReportPendingException doesn't
328917 Mail Multiple Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
328928 Revert nsIGlobalHistory2 to rev 1.3, and move flags to nsIGlobalHistory3
328932 Evaluating Components.classes in JS Console throws an exception "Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property UnnamedClass.classes"
329004 Local (in-app-bundle) XULRunner framework finding broken
329039 make nsIOService's ctor and dtor private
329106 help @src only works with absolute URLs
329136 XForms needs to validate instance documents against their schemas
329144 [Mac] Classic: Selected items should use darker system highlight color
329159 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Mozilla.getGREPathFromRegistryFile
329165 nsHttpChannel.cpp:127: warning: array subscript has type ?char?
329204 pick out calendar widget
329205 64-bit Firefox 1.5 crashes when it fails to load plugin
329349 SeaMonkey Help/About mentions wrong licenses
329358 xterm title setting should use ESC]0 rather than ESC]2
329379 CRASH reloading/closing range page
329410 <select style="-moz-binding: url(#t)"> hangs the browser (iExploder test 10030070)
329468 Show Only This Frame XSS (FF, TB, Suite)
329479 default namespace serialization issue per submission
329510 Instance backup happens too late
329520 Hook up schemaLoadError to the fatal error dialog box?
329521 View Image xss
329522 Use JNI's RegisterNatives in javaxpcomglue
329617 Hint does not work for select1
329633 We should not dispatch events on form load
329746 Content injection spoofing with a space before colon in HTTP header
329749 Did JS_SealObject mean to call JS_UNLOCK_OBJ instead of JS_UNLOCK_SCOPE ?
329796 Can't debug XForms on Mac OS X
329806 nsStorageFormHistory needs to recognize endianness marker when importing old mork db
329849 repeat refreshing impacting tabbing
329885 Fix .xf-repeat-item on load and refresh
329901 Use MDC for some external links
329935 refresh inefficiencies with selects, items
329959 Dialog Origin Spoofing not fixed on Mac for SeaMonkey
329970 nsSchemaLoader does not copy over attributes for DERIVATION_RESTRICTION_COMPLEX
329982 Crash [@ nsXULElement::RemoveChildAt] involving DOMNodeRemoved mutation event
329989 Remove hard tab chars from S/Mime code in mailnews/mime/src/
329990 Unwind S/Mime signature verification from UI thread
330030 crash (@ nsConverterOutputStream::Flush) if init() did not succeed
330168 Phishing State should take precedence over Junk State in the message bar
330169 ParseNodeToXML() leaves local root stack under certain circumstances
330171 Remove documentation of DPI prefs
330214 Content injection spoofing with a combination of headers defined by HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 (e.g. Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding: chunked)
330252 Expose a .getInstanceDoc() on instance element
330340 [BeOS]  Build broken in sqlite
330462 New version of JEP (0.9.5+d), please land on trunk and branch
330469 [FIX]Submit button with empty value now has "Submit Query" text
330526 CRASH reloading XForms with xml event listeners
330579 Invalid bind/xpath doesn't cause xforms-compute-error
330641 calendar widget for xul
330671 Multiple message dialogs (modal) don't always show
330682 [FIX] Radial gradients are broken when fx,fy is on or outside the circumference defined by cx, cy and r
330710 Replace obsolete preventBubble/preventCapture with stopPropagation
330727 [BeOS] can't enter file paths in urlbar directly
330760 crash in [@nsMsgSearchDBView::~nsMsgSearchDBView]
330780 [ATK only] global nsAppRootAccessible is not released on shutdown
330818 memory corruption involving boxObject.
330825 select1 doesn't suppress value changed event sequence when incremental != true
330855 SOAPParameters with element set cause SOAPCall::encode to throw
330890 unify does not preserve the execute bit
330897 crypto.signText writing off end-of-array, leading to SEGV, with patch
330900 nsCrypto::GenerateCRMFRequest reads past end of array when given 2 args
330903 [FIX]Crash with evil testcase, using html, xforms elements in xul document
330925 [FIX]Crash [@ nsContentIterator::NextNode] involving reparenting XBL anonymous children
330999 Mac doesn't call nsIRollupListener::ShouldRollupOnMouseWheelEvent
331081 Nested repeats are not working on trunk
331099 Add .cat to IDN TLD whitelist
331117 Layout module should not shut down until all documents have been released
331163 Synchronize nsStreamUtils between trunk and 1.8 branch
331208 Bump extension version to 0.6
331225 prefwindow/prefpane does not work in xulrunner.
331290 xul <key> handling doesn't fire a command event
331328 Schema-changes is only reflected on restart
331346 @accesskey appended after label cannot be hidden with CSS
331363 Need focusable chromeless titlebarless windows on Mac
331368 Spellchecker errors on in content iterator
331436 __builtin_frame_address(0) doesn't work anymore
331452 Optimize repeat refreshing
331469 Changed nodes in MDG is 2 even though only one of two nodes is being used
331482 Wrong line number reported in js console, with textarea in page
331522 Suppress keyword search (e.g. Google "I feel lucky") on middleclick URL paste
331614 unnecessarily escapes all URLs (can't handle IDN/extended domain-names)
331620 [FIX]document.write on already open document clears it in some cases
331667 XPCConvert::NativeArray2JS should root current across call to JS_SetElement
331674 Replace QI call in nsBrowserStatusHandler with instanceof
331678 jsxml.c needs to root better during QName creation
331684 applet does not shrink with page when in table and width set to 100% by code.
331686 Fixing errors in Readme.txt files for SeaMonkey
331749 chrome://pippki/content/newserver.js is not UTF-8
331782 js_GetAnyName needs to root qn across call to js_NewObject
331803 Missing modifiers in menuitems
331820 Endianness problem on mipsel in fdlibm
331880 [FIX]nsStackLayout::Layout(..) 's redraw logic is not entirely correct.
331897 support for validating xsd:double schema type
331911 SetIntrinsicState initialized too early
331961 Partial submission "required check" is wrong
331977 No error dialog is presented if an SSL rehandshake fails
332009 submission action="mailto.." not working
332053 Fail to build latest firefox and seamonkey trunk on solaris
332072 Fixup submission cosmetics
332091 Possibility to add "special" part to package names
332119 IMAP folders: if sum of characters in foldernames to long TB crashes or loops when you access the last folder in chain. [@ nsMsgDatabase::GetTableCreateIfMissing]
332125 Better logging of MDG loop errors
332127 Expose switch-state to script
332129 @selected is not working
332132 OOM crash in nsBaseCommandController methods
332170 gtk2 Xft static builds may fail, unresolved symbols from libXft
332192 The DOM Inspector's maximized state is not remembered
332197 support @selection="open" for xf:select1[appearance='minimal'] for xul
332209 Fix VC6 compilation
332211 Problem updating UI with external instances
332215 undefined "instanceLoadOrigin error" used in nsXFormsInstanceElement
332218 Stop processing on instance load error
332221 undefined @step should be "1" for xsd:integer
332242 select1 event sequence backwards: sel/desel then value change
332262 "smime3.dll not found" error dialog w/ XULRunner embedded in Eclipse
332415 Double free lurking in js_NewRegExpObject
332559 calendar widget rewrite
332571 can't encrypt e-mail message with valid certificate
332579 Improve Mac event handling for 1.8.1
332604 xforms-link-exceptions in model should trigger fatal error dialog
332704 divide by zero crash on intel mac with universal build when viewing SVG app
332803 elements with xsi:type are not validated on form load
332848 document.write sorta but not really supported in XHTML
332853 Sync. xforms 1.8.0 + 1.8 branch code with current trunk
332872 get rid of unnecessary switch debug console warning
332874 Error: has no properties when switching tabs
332908 nsUUIDGenerator should use CFUUIDCreate on OS X
332945 expose base interface binding for xhtml/xul calendars
332960 Too many schema-validation warnings
332971 crash with iframe removing itself [@ nsAttrAndChildArray::Clear] [@ nsAttrAndChildArray::~nsAttrAndChildArray]
333006 Schema validation doesn't handle default attribute types
333025 Three relatively frequent mozilla/accessible crashes in talkback
333029 XBLize xf:message
333045 select1 initialized by instance data on form load has wrong size
333113 Crash using schema and "0.5 RC" xpi on branch
333134 Accessibility still leaking when AT used
333212 SetLastModifiedTime does not work correctly on windows
333244 Use hardcoded binary and app name in startup script
333293 UMR in nsAccessibleText::GetCurrectOffset prevChar if aOffset <= 0
333294 UMR in nsAccessible::GetXULName prevChar if !content->HasAttr && mDOMNode QIs to nothing
333295 [@ nsDocAccessible::GetBoundsRect] if !vm
333306 Crash with pragma statements that return values
333312 [@ JS_GetGlobalObject - nsHTTPIndex::OnFTPControlLog]
333356 cellmap dead code & 0 deref
333398 Heisencode in js_GetAnyName
333526 handle arguments to mail/compose in startup script
333579 Firefox crash with Window-Eyes and DHTML/AJAX
333613 update canvas on branch
333619 select generating too many messages
333640 Use -z defs when linking on linux
333653 [FIX]Add pref to control which filepicker is used
333681 Switching profiles opens chatzilla
333692 [@ PK11_DestroyContext - md5sum]
333703 Non-ascii directory name is garbled in directory index
333767 nsNSSCertificateDB::AddCertFromBase64 mishandles trust settings
333806 Remove reporter about page
333835 Fix temp file problem in SQLITE on OS/2
333839 nsTArray::SetLength doesn't increase array's length
333922 Setting designMode doesn't work with enhanced privileges on a frame with a different domain
333941 fix mingw cross-compile & static builds
334007 Schema Validation uses getter_AddRefs wrong, can cause crash
334015 repeat index() doesn't reset to 0 when last repeat item is deleted
334018 index() with no repeat should return NaN
334034 Unlabeled Close button with browser.preferences.instantApply
334044 build as standalone extension
334080 crashes due to null mBodyContent in nsImageDocument::CheckOverflowing [@ nsStyleContext::GetStyleData]
334104 WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC crash opening Firefox bookmarks menu, doing GC inside XPC_WN_Shared_ToString
334105 [FIX]ASSERTION: Bogus: '!mHead' (nsLineBox.cpp#916 - nsFloatCacheFreeList::Append)
334142 Firefox doesn't work with some online banking systems
334161 Upgrade ChatZilla to 0.9.74 on Gecko 1.8 branch
334174 Corrupted database files are not handled correctly
334179 XSLT document() function doesn't follow HTTP 301 / 302 responses
334180 pldhash/jsdhash should assert that ops don't mutate the table
334186 AsyncOpenExclusive returns freed value
334207 RDFContentSinkImpl::GetIdAboutAttribute can return an unintialized value
334245 [FIX]window.addEventListener.arity is 0 (should be 3)
334293 nextUpdate used uninitialized in nsCRLInfo::nsCRLInfo if crl->nextUpdate.len == 0
334341 [FIX]Using image tags with a non image file, and selected view image, file will still load up, allowing access to system resources
334439 nsHttpConnectionMgr::MAX_CONNECTIONS set to mMaxRequestDelay; should be mMaxConnections
334442 Incorrect use of realloc oom Crash in secmod_ReadPermDB
334513 probably 'off by a few' in sqlite3 utf.c
334516 HTTP assert while starting up: "If we have a txn pump, request must be it"
334523 [branch only] deadlock in nsObserverList::RemoveObserver
334556 crash on startup when GTK accessibility pref enabled
334602 [FIX]ASSERTION: Reparenting something that has no usable parent? Shouldn't happen!: 'Not Reached'
334605 balsa orange due to atom table shutdown code
334612 Crash when using select1
334675 Notify user on async IO errors
334718 Ineffective allocation check in NS_NewSVGCairoPathBuilder (nsSVGCairoPathBuilder.cpp)
334821 CDATA handling is wrong
334832 Maximum value of "int" is handled wrong?
334870 nsIPluginHost.h fails to compile without MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API defined
334903 Seamonkey update page appears in window with no navigation or tabs
334944 [FIX]Firefox printing content of <noscript> tag
334947 freeze if drop vCard with base64 encoded photo
334977 [FIX]File Upload Box Still can have arbitrary file specified by changing type attribute several times with javascript
334983 [FIX]ASSERTION: nsUUIDGenerator not thread-safe: '_mOwningThread.GetThread()
334990 Patch to netwerk/base/public/nsNetUtil.h needed to be able to compile with Sun Forte 6 Update 2
335018 valgrind warnings due to ordering dependency of thread local storage destructors [@ ntdll.dll] [@ js_SearchScope]
335058 script timeout too small in firefox
335076 [BeOS] Wrong rendering of point-sized font tags
335089 [OS X] Default button in sheets should not be focused
335166 ASSERTION: Can't load cursor, is the resource file installed correctly?
335193 [FIX]URI fixup should not assume all NS_NewURI failures mean malformed URIs
335298 javascript: URL results aren't Unicode safe
335309 File handle leak in XPCOMGlueLoadDependentLibs (nsXPCOMGlue.cpp)
335319 pre-process out debug.js' license header
335343 Typo Error in nsFontMetricsPango.cpp
335366 Add support for <xsd:include>
335367 Add support for <xsd:import>
335457 [FIX]Make URI vs originalURI code consistent in document and docshell
335524 Controls using index() in @ref does not work on form load
335525 UI dependencies not working for index() changes
335535 potential int overflow in jsstr.c tagify().
335540 Implement webapps session and persistent storage
335549 [FIX]UUID generator is nonrandom on x86-64
335558 Make storage form history use Mork if available
335683 Use kThemeMenuItemFont for -moz-pull-down-menu
335723 rewrite Mac icon decoder
335734 threadsafety problems in fix for bug 334605
335785 wrapper reparenting leak on gmail
335836 Add warnings on usage to storage service.
335840 nsIMimeInfo doesn't indicate when Mac type/creator are invalid
335846 Need a Junk Preferences Panel in Seamonkey
335849 [FIX]Yahoo Mail Beta crashes 1.8.1 branch/linux with a null principal [@ nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckSameOriginPrincipalInternal]
335859 "<site> has received an incorrect or unexpected message. Error Code: -12229" when visiting site with SSL2 disabled
335872 <menupopup> within <toolbarbutton> ignores position
335909 Sporadic success viewing Amazon / Wikipedia site
336133 Missing out-of-memory check at db/sqlite3/src/tclsqlite.c:1442
336134 Missing out-of-memory check at db/sqlite3/src/shell.c:1485
336225 support unicode file name on drag and drop(D&D) on 1.8 branch
336230 doubtful ASYNC_SYNC case
336241 canDrop isn't called when just the drag and drop action changes
336314 Make storage threadsafe
336427 crash [@ nsHTMLReflowState::ComputePadding] on print or print preview for pages with multiple wide tables when changing to landscape
336439 Infobar not tall enough
336479 oomish crash [@ cryptojs_GetScriptPrincipal] because of a missing *
336501 crash if update post containing file to upload [@ nsBufferedInputStream::Read]
336527 Expose toolkitName and version to AT-SPI
336596 Anything getting focus inside a repeat row should change index
336679 the text/lines disappears, related to inline spellchecking.
336696 add a way to get the source of a command event
336726 XUL: Non-relevant controls should not be shown
336785 Sunbird crashes when using context menu key after inline editing [@ nsEventListenerManager::PrepareToUseCaretPosition]
336791 land leak fixes making wrapped JS closures work with nsIDOMGCParticipant on 1.8 branch
336894 Get rid of window title hacks in toolkit's about:config
336944 100% CPU and delays with https/ssl activity
336946 Coverity 260-278 problems in sqlite
336957 Crash when calling messageServiceFromURI("file://...").streamMessage [@ nsMailboxService::FetchMessage]
336961 DOM Inspector leaks (dom.js)
336997 Correct Toolkit theme mistakes on OS/2
337052 Reactivate WarpCenter biff functionality in nsMessengerOS2Integration
337095 [FIX]Sort out XPCNativeWrapper behavior for calls from C++ to JS
337139 select1, hooking up a send to ev:xforms-select only works the first time
337155 SeaMonkey missing spellcheck language selector in mail compose window also backporting enhancements to Thunderbird
337196 build fix for cvs head 2006-05-08
337199 Key event/text input regressions on Mac (RETURN key events double-processed, ...)
337205 Move docshell changes for session storage into a new interface
337208 build breaks if storage is not enabled because of DOM dependency
337259 crash when left-clicking links with target=_blank
337277 Typed characters appear twice/double after visiting site with Java applet
337304 Right clicking followed by middle clicking results in misplaced autoscroll cursor.
337311 Incorrect security checks in Storage impl
337334 Can't hide browser after or during Download Manager activity
337338 Typing special characters (accents) and symbols with Option fails
337339 [FIX]Keyword search pages containing relative urls appear broken
337345 Leak in nsCrypto::GenerateCRMFRequest (security/manager/ssl/src/nsCrypto.cpp)
337370 [1.8branch] Japanese cannot be input by IME
337407 On tight memory js_NewGCThing can fail to initialize GC thing flags.
337475 'Remove All' button in password dangerous!
337607 [@ nsEventStateManager::HandleAccessKey]
337675 improper automatic nsISupportsWeakReference handling for java-based xpcom objects
337700 js changes to MathML are not drawn
337733 implement an rc4 xpcom interface
337755 IsCallerSecure() implementation incorrect
337770 Upgrade to NSS 3.11.2 pre-release
337841 rv checked uninitialized in XULSortServiceImpl::InsertContainerNode
337896 nsStyleChangeList::AppendChange uses memcpy with overlapping regions
337960 select that dont have a bind doesn't fire 'xforms-select'/'xforms-deselect' events
337962 nsBookmarksService implements nsICharsetResolver, but forgets to tell anyone that it does (xpfe bookmarks don't provide a charset to layout code)
337983 model > * > submission makes submit crash
338028 Installing extensions accesses observer service from off-thread
338048 Richlistbox in Add-ons window not accessible to screenreaders
338058 Upgrade to NSS 3.11.2 second pre-release
338062 canvas' drawwindow is broken on Intel Mac
338069 Potential deadlock in nsObserverList::RemoveObserver
338103 regression: document.dir is "" unless it's set manually
338110 Remove operation on JavaXPTCStub map is called with bad parameters
338155 Upgrade to sqlite 3.3.5
338166 clean up carbon menu events on trunk and 1.8 branch
338173 Update (remove) help on Edit ciphers
338180 Make tabbrowser's ".browsers" property faster
338263 instance() function should return empty nodeset on invalid instances
338314 non-relevant nodes not removed for some types of submission
338337 Update DHTML Accessibility roles
338345 Remove dead files from gfx/src/mac on 1.8 branch
338374 Mac doesn't support non-solid line drawing
338407 move image encoder support to 1.8
338421 Can no longer create SSL session to Cisco VPN concentrator by host name
338451 Cannot submit with replace=instance more than one time
338454 [BeOS]To implement correct restart in AppRunner for BeOS-platforms
338517 label failing cross-domain check should trigger xforms-link-error
338545 Canvas doesn't reset on resize
338552 Add StartCom CA certificate to NSS
338611 xpinstall manager happily tries to install 404 pages
338716 Add a drop-shadow to the seamonkey icon
338718 open/close a popup-window using javascript does not work properly
338741 "Select Element by Click" doesn't work for elements in content documents of inspected chrome
338759 Remove dead key event/text input code from widget/src/mac following bug 337199
338786 Canvas reflections not drawn on 1.8 branch & trunk on 10.3.x
338788 fetching blocked by cross-domain checks should trigger xforms-link-error
338823 Validate instance documents on xforms-rebuild
338870 Warning: imgIDecoderObserver is scriptable but inherits from the non-scriptable interface imgIContainerObserver
338871 Warning: nsIWindowCreator2 is scriptable but inherits from the non-scriptable interface nsIWindowCreator
338876 Scriptable nsISocketProviderService returns noscript nsISocketProvider
338879 Method from scriptable nsIWSPInterfaceInfoService returns non-scriptable nsIInterfaceInfo
338896 isXPCOMJavaProxy throws NullPointerException
338933 external instance not restored (on xforms-reset) after replace=instance
338988 Two issues with XHTML datepicker
339003 Remove nsXFormsXMLVisualStub and nsXFormsControlStub
339022 Assertion failure: !JS_IsExceptionPending(cx) on Startup for SeaMonkey XUL App Linux builds
339066 Spell checker marks word as partially wrong
339079 Fix strict JS errors with select and select1
339087 Sync trunk code with 1.8.0 and 1.8 branches
339091 More JS strict warnings
339104 Any event listener inside a repeat crashes 1_8_0
339124 IntelMac: nsISound::Play() does not work
339127 Provide a way for a web page to enable/disable spell checking on a given field
339192 Readonly textboxes shouldn't look active
339200 select1 .xf-value targets dropdown arrow
339213 Software update fails because XULRunner doesn't ship updater.ini
339220 Tracking bug for SVG on the 1.8 branch
339232 ContentAppended can append multiple elements
339237 MSAA: closing a popup menu does not trigger a popup menu end event
339238 Java doesn't work when MRJPlugin.plugin is a symbolic link
339284 New permission manager broke
339313 listbox FAYT doesn't work when the Shift key is pressed
339370 Scrollbars in popup windows appear inactive (Carbon)
339412 nsIDOMGCParticipant implementation in nsDOMAttribute looks wrong
339478 Spell checker marks half-typed word as wrong if you correct another misspelled word
339482 Window loses focus, no keyboard input accepted
339488 Coverity complains that the wrong variable is null checked
339518 Switching IMAP folders while "mark-as-spam" is running causes a crash [@ nsMsgDBView::DeleteMessages]
339599 nsISAXXMLReader expects a nsIChannel passed to onStartRequest, but interface takes an nsIRequest
339640 Activate/deactivate events being processed twice
339695 New version of JEP (0.9.5+e), please land on trunk and branch(es)
339697 Search bar opens new tab if enter is pressed before search suggest is finished getting terms
339705 Using the scroll wheel over autocomplete popup closes it
339717 add 8-bit alpha support to Carbon icon decoder
339853 [1.8branch] nsIJMVManager method returns non-scriptable nsIPrincipal
339863 Scriptable SVG interfaces inherit from non-scriptable interfaces
339866 unnecessary code in Carbon sheets impl
339867 nsIDOMSVGViewSpec interface doesn't exist
339868 isdigit() is slow/non-inlined in msvc
339871 Scriptable nsIXPCFunctionThisTranslator uses non-scriptable nsIInterfaceInfo
339947 Java XPCOM proxies can get used (resurrected) after having been garbage collected causing VM crash
339987 clean up Mac OS X debug break impl (make XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK=trap work)
340002 nsILDAPSyncQuery uses un-built nsILDAPURL
340019 [FIX]js assertion "!JS_IsExceptionPending(cx)" when checking feeds
340022 Virtual machine deadlock can happen on finalization of Java XPCOM proxies
340027 Phantom Scrollbars appear after clicking on another program in the dock
340050 Crash in spellchecker checking absurdly long word
340144 crash if sessionStorage.removeItem() is called with non-existent key [@ 0x75009506] [@ js_GetSlotThreadSafe]
340179 Implement Web Applications 1.0 "registerContentHandler"
340183 Add the Netlock Class QA root certificate
340233 -inspector doesn't work
340275 Make nsTArray available to XULRunner apps
340314 Sound is played to random file descriptors, corrupting mailboxes, address books, cert DBs
340537 7% Tdhtml regression on June 5
340560 Integrate the replication progress dialog into the LDAP directory properties window
340572 Autocomplete textbox maxrows gets reset to 6 after first popup
340592 Make the mouse focus model more Mac-like for 1.8
340595 Bug in nsTArray::SetLength
340715 Replace deprecated preventBubble() on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH
340716 dead link in help-index1.rdf and help-toc.rdf
340724 Upgrade NSS on Mozilla 1.8 branch for 1.8.1 final
340796 [FIX]Crash [@ nsXULDocument::ResumeWalk] during restart (due to last build being different)
340800 [FIX]Line breaks lost in text document's body.innerHTML
340841 Infinite loop with some plugins when screen reader is running -- empty tabs keep opening
340852 ActiveX plugin has a bad default content policy
340882 Invalid pointer in RemoveWindowListeners
340902 Split ui.key.generalAccessKey into prefs for content and chrome
340956 PR_Write in append mode fails for big files (4GB+/32bit border)
340972 Accessibility events delayed until after native dialog is closed
341008 incorrect PR_sscanf error checking in nsPermissionManager.cpp
341142 Search Addresses dialog provides incorrect "Match all messages" option
341161 nsXPInstallManager doesnt shutdown correctly.
341276 (1.8 branch) assertion from javascript alerts
341280 crash if i use negative arguments for getImageData
341301 1.8 branch firefox leaks like a sieve
341317 [regression] All form controls styled with the border property get focus outlines when one is focused
341334 Fail to start seamonkey on solaris.
341359 Crash [@ SinkContext::FlushTags] with malformed html, with javascript disabled, using noscript, table, frameset, meta
341420 Speed up inline spellchecker
341524 Make webapps session storage follow the cookie prefs
341730 Shortcuts (like Ctrl+T) do not work anymore while page is loading
341764 Should be able to debug from the slow script dialog if a debugger is present
341949 Cut off ui in Appearances prefs pane
342064 carbon icon decoder still built for cocoa widget builds
342066 memory leak in cocoa icon decoder
342074 JSD crashes on exit (in debug, somewhere else in opt) when there's two clients [@ JSD_ASSERT_VALID_CONTEXT]
342163 parseFromStream error in nsISAXXMLReader on trunk
342172 nsLocalFile - Enable Reveal and Launch for WINCE
342205 Sidebar component throws exceptions and leaks install directory
342229 fire the onDragOver event repeatedly when doing a drag (and the mouse is not moving)
342321 nsIncrementalDownload doesn't create 0-sized file when downloading a 0-sized file
342330 nsStringStream::SetEOF not implemented yet called from nsStringStream::Read!
342361 Drop indicator remains visible after a tab is dragged into the content area
342439 printing certain urls (google groups and maps) from print preview shows the style/meta tags on paper
342455 [Mac] Darker highlight color for selected rows in history/autocomplete
342515 [Pinstripe] Use better font and spacing in menus/menuitems
342541 JavaXPCOM jars not copied into XUL.framework
342577 nsZipArchive::SeekToItem can fail due to thread race
342581 Crash on installing extension [@nsXPInstallManager::OnDataAvailable]
342642 Error: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsISHistory.PurgeHistory]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame ::
342644 Upgrade SVG/Canvas on OS/2
342646 Trunk crashes while opening HTTPS links with Ad Muncher running [@ PL_DHashTableOperate]
342695 Improve SeaMonkey theme appearance on OS/2
342748 Crash [@ nsTextInputListener::EditAction] when spell checking a word in a text control that got removed
342841 Scrolling arrow should look disabled when you can't scroll in its direction
342852 In <commands.js>, "Error: ary has no properties"
342854 Missed call to JS_SetThreadStackLimit
342862 Security mismatch dialog shouldn't hardcode focusing on OS X
342950 crash when trying to print
342961 Get a CSS error on displaying any SVG
342979 Role attribute should be recognized in XHTML 1.x namespace
343036 Crashes with references to JS-defined object attached to XPCOM component
343065 [FIX]DOMSerializer does security checks against URIs, not principals
343097 Cleaner arrowscrollbox-clicktoscroll binding
343107 STATE_START send after STATE_STOP if download finished early.
343127 SeaMonkey installer doesn't install some icons
343129 Big5-HKSCS 2004 <==> Unicode Table Update
343146 pull and build l10n dictionaries
343157 unit test dirs are included in final packages
343180 New version of JEP (0.9.5+f), please land on trunk and branches
343182 Password Manager asks multiple times to save a password
343217 The preview page doesn't always fit in borders
343230 When retrying on TLS intolerance sites, use SSL v2 compatible hellos
343283 SeaMonkey segfaults on FreeBSD when using PrefBar since version 3.3 (wrong handling of malloc?)
343290 Missing root in JS_NewPropertyIterator
343318 unknown cert issuer dialog is broken
343359 ImageDocument should always fit in tab preview
343365 BeOS suffered bustage by fix to bug 333613, same as OS/2
343417 chatzilla leaks its chrome
343511 JSD asserts when opening mail, jsdthreadstate->stackDepth > 0
343532 Spellchecker crashes when deleting content in gmail message body [@ FindNextNode]
343596 setTimeout doesn't work after setting script node's text to a script that causes an error
343602 profile-startup-category notifications don't happen if profile is specified
343611 Firefox crash when print the "Server not found" error page [@ nsNativeThemeGTK::DrawWidgetBackground]
343690 arrow keys traverse preference panes in wrong direction in RTL mode.
343800 SetBoolPref can store ints in memory
343921 blank window left after download closes too late
343931 Set app name in InfoPlist.strings during build based on --enable-official-branding
343998 JS1.7 landing broke windows ce.
344006 Keyboard unresponsive, focus issues, after clicking on Java applet and switching windows
344088 Update link to document inside ssl_help.xhtml
344090 Loading an Atom Feed crashes Bon Echo a3 [@ nsSAXXMLReader::HandleStartNamespaceDecl]
344153 Key-down/up events stop after loading JEP in a window (NS_KEY_DOWN, NS_KEY_UP, kEventRawKeyDown, kEventRawKeyUp)
344184 Crash [@ FindNextNode] with this testcase in designMode
344214 Multiple crashes since landing of JS 1.7 on 1.8 branch
344249 Menu key commands processed twice after loading Java
344257 [FIX]Hidden pref to open ALL windows open in tabs no longer works in this case
344264 In <button.xml>, multiple Strict "Warning: function onxblkeypress does not always return a value"
344337 crash [@ nsTypeAheadFind::GetSearchContainers]
344378 Implement nsSVGPathElement::GetPointAtLength
344439 SetInterval stops firing callback on x86_64 platform
344570 Make contextual menus look more native
344607 ClassifyCharacter needs to not use libc is* functions
344684 URL bar with classic profile: not yellow on https
344694 Conflict of linkage-specification for "MimeExternalObjectClass mimeExternalObjectClass"
344701 Leaking nsMacWindow objects for top-level windows
344808 Canceling a [download whose link tries to open a new window] causes current tab to close, when is 1
344830 [FIX]referencing embed element with document.embeds['embedName'] or document.getElementById('embedId') in HTML document yields "invalid pointer" exception
344873 Failure of  PostCreate is not handled well
344895 Spellchecker hangs Firefox when dealing with a largish textarea
344898 Crash removing text from textPath [@ nsSVGTextFrame::GetCanvasTM] [@ nsSVGTextFrame::UpdateGlyphPositioning] [@ GetSingleValue]
344914 crash caused by GetImageData; buggy JSObject allocation
345024 Not all numbers transliterated
345047 Universal Build fixup for XULRunner
345048 Scrolling with spellchecked words visible is slower
345050 Turning off spellchecking is very slow when there are many misspellings.
345054 Don't flush pending notifications on the spellchecker
345057 Improve Mac launch behavior through xpcom fork/exec restart and autoupdate restart
345059 Adding a word to the dictionary is slow
345072 pop-up window closes if using ssl ( should not be reachable from other domain)
345099 Sort ranges in the selection for faster comparison
345101 Fix RemoveAllRanges to be faster
345112 Make the inline spellchecker work incrementally
345118 JS_Assert DebugBreak|abort windows foo
345156 Support Unicode 5.0.0
345157 RLk:-2147482512.00000B on balsa mozilla1.8 leak test
345178 Tab Preview is cut off (when resized) when using Classic theme.
345249 ASSERTION: inserting after sibling frame with different parent
345350 crash in js_FreeRuntimeScriptState - jsscript.c
345371 Check before using weak pointer in nsCaret (Crash [@ nsCaret::DrawCaret])
345397 Support pathnames in nsLocalFileOSX::SetPersistentDescriptor
345587 Hang with spell-checked word in this testcase
345588 Crash on reload with iExploder test 153 [@ FindSafeLength]
345612 [seamonkey] Installed spellcheck dictionaries are not displayed and cannot be selected
345687 Frames appear empty or blank after returning to them, back or fwd
345709 A better fix for bug 291702 (crash when flex is summing up to zero) is needed
345751 Use the new sorted range feature in the selection
345761 jsfile.c: incorrect parameter passing to js_InflateString()
345772 GC hazard in cloning block chains
345787 uses $(USERNAME)
345883 virtual folders with local folder body search keep mailbox files open
345928 In <menulist.xml>, Strict "Warning: function _selectInputFieldValueInList does not always return a value"
345935 crash in recent Bon Echo nightly [@ MSVCRT.DLL + 0xd77a] [@ nsXULElement::CloneNode]
345991 [FIX]JS components do not get protected by XPCNativeWrapper
346005 revert bug 296763 (implied moveTo(0,0) in beginPath)
346019 Unable to XDR let statements
346029 try-finally where try throws runs finally with exception pending
346156 New version of JEP (0.9.5+g), please land on trunk and branches
346185 fixing one of two misspelled words in a line makes spellcheck underline disappear on both
346200 Spell checker doesn't like curly quotes and other non-ASCII punctuation
346288 croczilla sample makes latest firefox security release ( unresponsive
346320 crash [@ nsSVGUtils::UserSpace] when visiting page containing SVG element
346373 Changing spellcheck attribute on parent element doesn't resync children
346421 drawImage causes incorrect clipping/invalidation in CSS-resized canvas
346450 Removing JSExtendedClass.close
346529 Pressing accesskey for checkbox should toggle it
346586 Non-PRBool values passed as PRBool in bug 241972
346721 Parent of bullet accessible incorrect, causing hang in ZoomText docreader
346726 Browse button on RTL <input type="file"> incorrectly positioned
346729 Table cell selection is broken (copying & pasting gives two copies)
346760 shouldn't require type=unichar for non-ASCII prefs
346793 "You need to be an operator" error after joining channel
346796 Change descriptions for DOM Inspector and Talkback to match new NSIS descriptions
346851 LOAD_FLAGS_NEW_WINDOW naming doesn't make much sense
346878 Mac 1.8.1: leaking menu items and toplevel windows due to problems in nsMenuX and nsMacWindow
346880 nsIAbDirectory.URI problem
346933 crashes [@ morkRowObject::CloseRowObject] during shutdown
346936 crashes [@ nsAccessibilityService::CreateRootAccessible]
346943 Canvas fills when it should stroke
347080 Open cross-folder saved search folder doesn't show new messages that arrive in folders that didn't have matching hits when view opened
347144 Bookmark context menus have never worked properly
347160 SeaMonkey crashes, when submitting request in
347200 Spellchecking defaults do not affect designmode
347303 [FIX]Parse errors when parsing mathml.css
347317 crash when marking message as junk [@ nsMsgDBView::PerformActionsOnJunkMsgs]
347321 Add .biz to IDN TLD whitelist
347330 localrootscope in jsxml.c
347426 [fastback] pageshow events fired for documents with null containers
347645 Removal of global arena cache list
347687 notifications for autocomplete actions
347819 Change some spellchecker assertions to just return failure
347839 Current SeaMonkey installer builds do not ship with storage components (mozIStorageService)
347858 Sanitize (both SM and TB)
347954 Running the NSIS installer as normal user (restricted group) or without enough free space available makes it silently fail
348171 Delete (backspace) is extremely slow in textareas in recent nightlies
348272 [FIX]Diverting windows into tabs can cause DOM bustage
348371 XUL menus do not collapse when you open them and then open a Mac menu
348375 Buggy break in EmitNonLocalJumpFixup
348398 [mac] Double-clicking deselected tree item in background window opens previously selected item
348455 [FIX]Review comments in bug 285727 never got addressed
348497 crashes enabling designMode [@ nsQueryInterfaceWithError::operator()]
348696 block_xdrObject does not null outermost block's parent slot
348712 RTL Caret for GTK2 on 1.8 Branch
348732 getGREPathWithProperties() fails if temp path has spaces
348762 uploading message with mixed line endings in headers can corrupt headers
348786 Use JSCLASS_GLOBAL_FLAGS, and init Block class harder
348804 in-param for nsMsgKeyArray.h breaks obj-c build for embedded applications.
348884 XULRunner Universal build fails trying to build JavaXPCOM
348889 xsd:Name atom is defined with wrong case (xsd:name)
349007 Trunk XULRunner doesn' t package with modern PackageMaker
349012 closing a generator fails to report error if GeneratorExit ignored
349035 xsd:Name atom is defined with wrong case (xsd:name), part 2
349074 Mac/Intel: GenerateJavaInterfaces doesn't write constants for ifaces with no parent
349488 num_toLocaleString does not convert from locale encoding to Unicode
349569 crash closing stand-alone msg window opened from cross-folder saved search
349619 Assertion [@ BindNameToSlot] with let block, object literal getter/setter
349633 Decompilation of -- or ++ on let-bound variable is wacky
349663 Function with const and *= changes during uneval-eval round trip
349737 XULRunner Software Update restarts app in a disabled state on OS X
349815 Decompilation of parameterized E4X xml-list literal in includes extra parens
349912 shouldn't need to define XPCOM_GLUE to 1, instead of just defining it on branch
349925 SeaMonkey debug build fails on 1.8 branch
349951 incorrect LOG statement for no pollable event
349956 Decompiler can't make up its mind for <x/>.@*
350253 "(g()) = 3" causes "Assertion failure: pn->pn_op == JSOP_CALL || pn->pn_op == JSOP_EVAL" [@ AssignExpr]
64305 Adding a New card in the Address book w/o giving any info will add it successfully
66771 No method for filtering all email from account to specific mailbox
87513 about:<randomness> doesn't display an error if the about: topic doesn't exist.
105885 Reorder / Rearrange / Move tabs in the Suite's tabbed browser
128996 Sending a saved draft does not update the 'Read/Replied' status
130728 messageBody.css should use namespaces correctly
136773 Investigate enabling ldap:5 logging on optimized builds.
175074 URN:ISBN link converted to URN://ISBN
201854 Can't drag/move bookmark from/to/within overflow/dropdown/chevron list of personal toolbar
209748 Marking e-mail as Junk moves selection to next e-mail, even if marked <> selected (privacy)
210724 Plugins disabled in preferences but still visible from JavaScript navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes arrays
212540 Toolbar Customization dialog will not stay where I place it
220646 Forward as attachment: Attachment name is subject, without ".eml" extension
236219 Unreliable highlighting in compose window when tabbing thru
241212 Message window for .EML file needs envelope panel
251681 Can't copy field from LDAP Address Book
255611 Help item "For Internet Explorer Users" should be hidden on OS/2 and Linux
259140 Update default plugin
270380 Local image files in HTML signature file on top don't get attached in replies
271498 Context menu appears top left of page when using keyboard
281139 crash doing onfocus="alert()" and Reloading [@ nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent]
282669 First ("To:") address field not focused in new mail when last mail sent with first address field in focus
288357 Evil columns testcase causes crash (-moz-column-count:2;position:absolute) [@ DoDeletingFrameSubtree] [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::ReinsertContent]
289517 Crash in [@ BasicTableLayoutStrategy::AssignNonPctColumnWidths] with evil testcase, using display:inherit
291902 Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::WipeContainingBlock] with path:hover {display:block}
294534 Search result columns do not show sort order arrow indicators
294793 Using a template changes mail composer's default background color
297919 Wrong buttons reported in mouseup and mousemove events
298502 [10.2] empty pulldown menu and Firefox hangs (regression after bug 282940)
299622 BiDi: Pressing End in a blank line moves the caret back, to the end of the previous line
300338 debug build too chatty with ldap disabled (JS errors in MsgComposeCommands.js)
302536 crash [@ nsEventStateManager::UpdateCursor ] when visiting and/or printing a page on
303818 [@ nsCopySupport::HTMLCopy]
304720 Ctrl-Shift-Home + typing with mozInlineSpellChecker causes NULL nsCOMPtr assertion in [@ nsTextServicesDocument::DeleteNode]
305970 Certain UI operations (opening dialogs, drag and drop) cause refresh, prolonged hang (CPU at 100%)
306026 Manual marking a message as junk marks the message as read as well.
306067 null pointer dereference crash [@ nsAutoCompleteController::HandleKeyNavigation]
306426 Certain submenus blink (flash, flicker) rapidly and do not expand when highlighted (hovered over)
307052 Spellchecker doesn't display suggestion list for misspelled words if Russian Spell dictionary is installed
307056 Read-only address book cards should have just a ok button that doesn't try to update the card
307168 Need to clone NSPR X86-64 GCC configure fix to main configure (hidden visibility)
307605 Eliminate method nsIMAPGenericParser::at_end_of_line()
308068 JavaScript strict warning in richlistbox.xml
308120 Infinite recursion crash in frame construction involving XBL
309024 Mails with vCard are marked as scam
310137 Crash when using typedown in GTK2 File Picker [@ + 0x1f3ae3]
310668 Evil xul tree testcase and overflow:scroll crashes Mozilla [@ nsTreeBodyFrame::GetRowAt]
311028 Print Preview window is partly overlayed by background and is missing scrollbars
312572 Simplify syntax error handling/logging in IMAP parsing
312599 Move parsing from nsIMAPBodyShell to nsImapServerResponseParser, eliminate 200 lines
312601 Properly handle quoted strings and string literals in |nsIMAPGenericParser::skip_to_close_paren()|
313357 SeaMonkey crashes on quit (MailNews-related) [@ nsMsgSearchBoolExpression::~nsMsgSearchBoolExpression()]
313807 Mac: Unicode keyboard layouts stop working after visiting a page with <applet> tag
314009 Draft messages not deleted when Send Later used
314995 Can't save new card if no email entered
315001 F8 works when it should not: account page displayed
315381 accents incorrectly encoded - decoded
315637 New version of JEP (0.9.5+b), please land on trunk and branch
315783 Crash on some E4X in GC_MARK_DEBUG builds
317009 Thunderbird incorrectly decodes =00 in quoted-printable attachments as 0x20, not NULL (regression by bug 243199)
317145 SeaMonkey crash when using shift+F10 in MailNews compose-window [@ nsEventListenerManager::PrepareToUseCaretPosition]
317265 [FIX]Crash when following the steps in this evil testcase, using float:right [@ nsINodeInfo::GetDocument]
317275 Evil float:right testcase causes assertions and can crash [@ nsFrame::GetFirstLeaf]
317554 Crash with evil display: table-footer-group testcase [@ nsCellMap::GetCellInfoAt]
317568 Stub executable opens console window
317855 [FIX]Crash on reload with evil xul testcase, using -moz-box, -moz-grid-group, float: left [@ nsIFrame::GetNextSibling]
319004 CVE-2005-4134 overlong document.title setting can corrupt history data, causing non-responsive temporary hang (crash?) on subsequent startups
319732 [@ nsTextEditorKeyListener::KeyPress] crash typing string to search for in page (find as you type) right after page is loaded; or in MailNews/emailCompose
319846 overlong data in localstore.rdf causes DoS on startup (persistent)
320334 Make never-overridden methods of nsIMAPGenericParser non-virtual and concatenate error flags.
320742 crash [@ nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] because session history listener shouldn't get called in middle of nsSHistory::AddEntry()
320883 Extra newline when textfile has CRLF at offset 1024+1025
320927 crash when checking pop3 mail [@ msvcrt.dll + 0x378c0 ][@ msvcrt!strlen + 0x20 - nsPop3Protocol::CapaResponse ]
320982 Crash when browse this Site over top menu [@ nsGlobalWindow::RunTimeout]
321447 Allow slower minimum speed for autoscroll
321487 Crash when moving caret backwards over text frame consisting of a single CR [nsTextFrame::PeekOffset]
321598 Double memory free in nsIX509::getRawDER when called from JavaScript
321914 Crash if a download completes while its properties window is still open
323441 Memory leak if a site sets location and then document.writes (e.g. when visiting
323454 [FIX]Don't leak the channel and XMLHttpRequest object if AsyncOpen fails
323504 Crash due to too much recursion in RuleProcessorData::~RuleProcessorData (too many direct adjacent combinators)
323526 Fix xpcom build break on OS/2 on 1.8 branches
323723 Outgoing Server (SMTP) not selectable when adding new identity
323997 TARGET_XPCOM_ABI not set in AIX builds
325400 fast-update broken under Cygwin
325984 DOMWindow leak with <col onload>
326645 Crash when changing enumerated properties of iframe [@ nsHTMLDocument::MatchLinks]
326646 "ASSERTION: no owner document" involving createDocumentType
326778 [FIX]document.getBoxObjectFor({}) crashes
326998 [FIX]Crash [@ nsBoxFrame::AttributeChanged] when changing ordinal value of a xul element in html
327754 PARSER:Internal Syntax Error: %s:: no atom characters found
327776 [FIX]boxobj.setPropertyAsSupports(undefined, undefined) crashes [@ nsBoxObject::SetPropertyAsSupports]
328027 Unable to save or view attachment for empty files
328395 Crash in [@ nsIPresShell::GetPresContext()] closing Print Preview window after automatic selection testcase.
328541 iframe drawn to canvas doesn't show immediately preceding DOM changes
328697 [FIX]null deref crash when using a javascript: URI with a chrome XMLHTTPRequest [@ nsJSThunk::EvaluateScript]
329364 Crash with iExploder testcase 10158270
329640 Use yes/no instead of OK/Cancel for "advance to next newsgroup?"
329692 Crash using canvas style display:table-footer-group and font display:table and more
329768 Crash [@ nsTableOuterFrame::IsAutoWidth] setting display:table on html and using position:absolute, display:block in object
329889 Crash in [@ imgContainerGIF::GetFrameAt] when dragging a corrupted gif file
330084 Crash in [@ nsGenericElement::doReplaceOrInsertBefore]
330624 accessibility code (when accessibility enabled) holds on to DOM nodes until shutdown
330689 Crash after heavy reloading, using insert with xbl [@ ClassifyWrapper]
331024 In <pref-composer.js>, 5 warnings like "Warning: defaultTextColor is read-only"
331787 FunctionDef should root fun->obj across call to js_LookupHiddenProperty
331846 Can't indent/outdent RTL blocks in Composer and Design Mode
331894 Edit As New: <BODY> attributes not copied if tag is uppercase
332108 can attach but cannot send a file with non-ASCII name even in the file system encoding
333420 Can't build with gcj
333493 Hang with sub - display: table-cell and div - display: table-column
333631 Using uninitialized variables xx, yy in nsSVGPathData::Length
333697 Gmail (https-only) won't properly load
334384 Double free in nsVCard.cpp
334515 crash initialising iframe as html edit where html loaded contains a second iframe [@ nsQueryInterface::operator()]
335021 incorrect smime_encryptionkeypref_template leads to QuickDER decoding failure
335113 More obvious secure site indication for SeaMonkey - yellow URL bar
335333 [FIX]Relative, remote images which have a Content-Base fail to display.
335877 imap subscribe ui broken for servers with non '/' hierarchy delimiter
336587 Crash when window gets destroyed during DOMMouseScroll event
336710 repetitive crash when starting TB with "allow anti-virus clients to quarante individual incoming messages" turned on + nstmp folders [@ morkTable::CutRow]
336831 Biff doesn't clear from system tray.
336875 With Adblock Plus 0.7 installed, images disappear upon reloading any page
337219 onfocus="window.close()" in body of popup causes crash [@ nsXULElement::`vftable']
337436 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::Blur] when window gets destroyed during blur event
338310 Message Filter "Run Now" not Working on (folded) Received: Header
338446 alternate 2.8+ gtk2 cairo-gtk2 static patches (no pangocairo)
338803 Personal Toolbar overflow chevron not properly updated on resize
338859 [RFC 2231] even if the attachment file name has 0x2f, it's not escaped
338897 Popup window crashes browser on close via javascript [@ nsLayoutUtils::HasPseudoStyle]
339123 Words that should or need to be added to the dictionary
339399 In <mailCommands.js>, "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable id"
339985 MailView on custom header not working after 338310's patch
340028 Rendering problem in <svg:image> on intel macs
340084 [regression] document.getBoxObjectFor on node not in document throws NS_ERROR_DOM_WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR
340119 [FIX]Changing print preview settings makes <noscript> tags appear
340489 Regression in search addresses dialog because of Bug 66771 checkin
340581 Text not rendering correctly in SVG on Intel Mac
340890 Drag and drop of URLs in and out of Rosetta needs to be byte-swapped
341595 Crash opening mail [@ nsXULPrototypeElement::Deserialize][@ nsXULPrototypeAttribute::Finalize]
342236 Crash compacting folders crash [@ FileImpl::Write]
342677 select.options.add(null) crashes [@ JS_GetClass]
342997 Java applet fails to load
343741 Crash with strange text in textarea in xul window
344117 crash on shutdown when updating to most-recent Bon Echo nightly [@ SearchTable] [@ PL_DHashTableOperate] [@ nsGenericDOMDataNode::~nsGenericDOMDataNode]
344172 Spellchecker doesn't display suggestion list for misspelled words and doesn't underline them if Russian, Ukrainian or Bulgarian Spell dictionary is installed
344265 jsautokw.h isn't regenerated when jskeyword.tbl changes
345062 No painting while key-scrolling with spellchecker on
345083 hang during session restore, kill ff, crash on next start [@ DocumentViewerImpl::Destroy]
345538 Can no longer drag extensions or themes into Add-ons manager to install them
345600 Crash [@ nsTextInputListener::UpdateTextInputCommands] using onselect and removing textarea
346801 Regression: "forever repeated" slow/unresponsive script warnings
347242 Strict warnings in notification.xml
347561 crash [@ mozInlineSpellChecker::DoSpellCheck]
347778 moveTo no longer creates directories when needed for Mac OS X - (fallout from Bug 294584)
348730 SVG crash [@ nsSVGGradientFrame::GetGradientTransform()]
349602 E4X literal in "let" expression is considered a syntax error
349822 Incorrect decompilation for "x.@[2]"