Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.0.4

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.0.4 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.0.2 (note that this also includes changes made in SeaMonkey 1.0.3) this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

346167 Unregress plugins that use custom protocols
Various version number changes (1 2 3)

Changes made in 1.0.3:
246236 Accessible name not reported for mailnews message list tree view items
259140 Update default plugin
299170 Invalid <model> "functions=" attribute not caught
299173 More than one schema per namespace allowed within <xf:model>
300248 select needs to generate xforms-in-range and xforms-out-of-range events
300591 Make recalculate, revalidate, refresh work as deferred update
301994 CRASH trying to set value on a node that is part of the value
303353 Support appearance attribute for select1
303625 nsXFormsSubmissionElement::LoadReplaceAll uses wrong document
306247 XBLize xforms:repeat
306846 Missing xforms-link-exception when form loaded from file:///
309935 SeaMonkey ignores Acrobat plug-in directives, brings up handling dialog box instead
310125 failing to generate xforms-submit-error
313118 Disabled controls should match more than :disabled
313315 MozType not dynamically updated
315407 Add proper support for xforms-load permission
315712 Events thrown in the model need to be deferred.
316159 crash when XMLHttpRequest target uses xlink:href="" without binding namespace [@ JS_GetScriptPrincipals]
317518 Support repeat appearance="compact"
318779 index() update problem in repeat on nodeset change
321366 Crash [@PR_Close].[@nsDiskCacheStreamIO::Flush()]
321876 Handle empty instances (they are invalid)
322450 TARGET_XPCOM_ABI not set in solaris builds
322578 Support ppc<->x86 cross builds for Mac OS X
323412 Proxy object lock and service manager lock are intertwined
324483 Ah Crap! takes too long
325814 Instance document loads don't do security or content policy checks
326530 Validation chokes on empty xsd:date instance data
327584 Expose abstract interface for input[type="date"]
328148 switch/case for xul
328149 split base binding on two bindings
329106 help @src only works with absolute URLs
329617 Hint does not work for select1
329633 We should not dispatch events on form load
329849 repeat refreshing impacting tabbing
329935 refresh inefficiencies with selects, items
330526 CRASH reloading XForms with xml event listeners
330641 calendar widget for xul
331208 Bump extension version to 0.6
331346 @accesskey appended after label cannot be hidden with CSS
331452 Optimize repeat refreshing
331897 support for validating xsd:double schema type
332009 submission action="mailto.." not working
332197 support @selection="open" for xf:select1[appearance='minimal'] for xul
332211 Problem updating UI with external instances
332221 undefined @step should be "1" for xsd:integer
332242 select1 event sequence backwards: sel/desel then value change
332571 can't encrypt e-mail message with valid certificate
332604 xforms-link-exceptions in model should trigger fatal error dialog
332803 elements with xsi:type are not validated on form load
332872 get rid of unnecessary switch debug console warning
332874 Error: has no properties when switching tabs
332945 expose base interface binding for xhtml/xul calendars
333029 XBLize xf:message
333045 select1 initialized by instance data on form load has wrong size
333356 cellmap dead code & 0 deref
333619 select generating too many messages
334015 repeat index() doesn't reset to 0 when last repeat item is deleted
334018 index() with no repeat should return NaN
334612 Crash when using select1
334821 CDATA handling is wrong
335021 incorrect smime_encryptionkeypref_template leads to QuickDER decoding failure
335524 Controls using index() in @ref does not work on form load
335525 UI dependencies not working for index() changes
336596 Anything getting focus inside a repeat row should change index
336726 XUL: Non-relevant controls should not be shown
337052 Reactivate WarpCenter biff functionality in nsMessengerOS2Integration
337095 [FIX]Sort out XPCNativeWrapper behavior for calls from C++ to JS
337139 select1, hooking up a send to ev:xforms-select only works the first time
337196 build fix for cvs head 2006-05-08
337407 On tight memory js_NewGCThing can fail to initialize GC thing flags.
337960 select that dont have a bind doesn't fire 'xforms-select'/'xforms-deselect' events
337983 model > * > submission makes submit crash
338069 Potential deadlock in nsObserverList::RemoveObserver
338263 instance() function should return empty nodeset on invalid instances
338314 non-relevant nodes not removed for some types of submission
338451 Cannot submit with replace=instance more than one time
338517 label failing cross-domain check should trigger xforms-link-error
338788 fetching blocked by cross-domain checks should trigger xforms-link-error
338823 Validate instance documents on xforms-rebuild
338896 isXPCOMJavaProxy throws NullPointerException
338933 external instance not restored (on xforms-reset) after replace=instance
338988 Two issues with XHTML datepicker
339003 Remove nsXFormsXMLVisualStub and nsXFormsControlStub
339079 Fix strict JS errors with select and select1
339091 More JS strict warnings
339104 Any event listener inside a repeat crashes 1_8_0
339200 select1 .xf-value targets dropdown arrow
339284 New permission manager broke
340119 [FIX]Changing print preview settings makes <noscript> tags appear
340537 7% Tdhtml regression on June 5
340796 [FIX]Crash [@ nsXULDocument::ResumeWalk] during restart (due to last build being different)
340956 PR_Write in append mode fails for big files (4GB+/32bit border)
342205 Sidebar component throws exceptions and leaks install directory
342352 Bug 338897 may have caused other crash
342541 JavaXPCOM jars not copied into XUL.framework
342997 Java applet fails to load
343065 [FIX]DOMSerializer does security checks against URIs, not principals
343157 unit test dirs are included in final packages
343481 bump SeaMonkey version to 1.0.3 on 1.8.0 branch