SeaMonkey Legal Resources

The SeaMonkey Project is an independent, open source project hosted by and under the legal protection of the SeaMonkey Association (SeaMonkey e.V.).


As a project that believes in open source and software freedom, our licenses are very important to us as they ensure open collaboration with and wthin our project. As a project based on the Mozilla framework, we generally follow the Mozilla Licensing Policies

Our source code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL), allowing our code to be easily reused in different environments.

Our release packages and other binaries are released under the SeaMonkey End-User License Agreement.

Content on the SeaMonkey website is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license.


The SeaMonkey logo and word are registered trademarks in the USA, Europe and Japan, and their use is governed by the SeaMonkey trademark policy.

The transfer procedure for Japan was kindly supported by Open Source Group Japan.


The SeaMonkey Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use information about our users.