Donating and Sponsoring

Donating is the fastest way how you can efficiently support SeaMonkey. Your donations will only be used for expenses related to the project (e.g., infrastructure).

If your company is willing to sponsor SeaMonkey, you can get in touch with SeaMonkey e.V. or SeaMonkey Council to discuss details.

We offer several ways how you can donate money:

Donate via PayPal

You can donate to the SeaMonkey Association by using PayPal.

Note that donations will be charged in Euro (€) regardless of the country the contribution is made from.

Donate via Wire Transfer

You can also donate to the SeaMonkey Association via wire transfer:

SeaMonkey e.V.
Volksbank Sprockhövel
Account-Nr. 210 285 200
BLZ 45261547

IBAN:  DE57 4526 1547 0210 2852 00

It is recommended to use this method for donations in Euro from SEPA countries to minimize any associated costs for both you and us.

Tax Status

The SeaMonkey Association (SeaMonkey e.V.) is a non-profit association registered in the country of Germany in Europe. To the extent of our knowledge, it is not equivalent to a 501(c) organization and as such donations cannot be deducted from U.S. income taxes. Donors in Germany can reduce their own tax burden by donating to the SeaMonkey Association. For your individual situation, please contact your tax advisor to see if your donations are tax deductable and what paperwork needs to be completed.