Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.0.2

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.0.2 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.0.1, this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

121176 walking through thread pane with preview collapsed should set title to folder name
133439 Copy to clipboard fails OLE call with CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN
143866 Ctrl+T opens new tabs in tab-bar-less (popup, no toolbar) windows
179056 "Check for new message every" stops after hibernate
183729 Segmentation fault in XftLockFace (.ttf files need to be world-readable)
211348 midas - crash refreshing page containing iframe containing editable document
267487 addSearchEngine should install search plugins from https sites as well as http
271669 crash [@ nsXULDocument::AttributeChanged]
278449 Implement XML Schema Validation for Complex Types
289897 huge memory leak when klipper is running
299677 Almost every element can steal focus from another tab with focus or blur method
309574 [FIX]Invalid read in nsJSEventListener::HandleEvent
310137 Crash when using typedown in GTK2 File Picker [@ + 0x1f3ae3]
311172 [FIX]Firefox crash when Flash disabled via userContent.css [@ nsObjectFrame::PluginNotAvailable ]
312009 IMAP capability flags remembered across capability responses
314637 Search Messages can't find some words in ISO-2022-JP messages
315210 Using munder:hover {display:-moz-box;} crashes [@ nsBox::SyncLayout] Mozilla
315427 bad nullcheck in nsXULPrototypeElement::ReleaseSubtree
317366 Cross frame scripting to nested iframe from same domain fails. Was working in earlier versions
320349 Crash on authentication to the proxy server (possibly MS ISA server)
320927 crash when checking pop3 mail [@ msvcrt.dll + 0x378c0 ][@ msvcrt!strlen + 0x20 - nsPop3Protocol::CapaResponse ]
321514 Fail to load gssapi library
322890 Input type="file" has opaque/white background
323088 RGB values slightly off in canvas after drawWindow()
323441 Memory leak if a site sets location and then document.writes (e.g. when visiting
326007 Xulrunner fails to build using VS.NET 2003 (VC7.1), chokes at linking xul.dll due to conflicting LIBC and MSVCRT libs
327708 fun_xdrObject should root fun across call to js_XDRScript
327716 XPC_NW_NewResolve should root its cloned function object
328007 [FIX]root new function objects before JS_DefineUCProperty
328457 scriptable plugins can cause crash and heap corruption [with ambigous members]
328684 Crash displaying multipart JPEG
328897 JS_ReportPendingException doesn't
328932 Evaluating Components.classes in JS Console throws an exception "Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property UnnamedClass.classes"
329205 64-bit Firefox 1.5 crashes when it fails to load plugin
329796 Can't debug XForms on Mac OS X
329970 nsSchemaLoader does not copy over attributes for DERIVATION_RESTRICTION_COMPLEX
330169 ParseNodeToXML() leaves local root stack under certain circumstances
330462 New version of JEP (0.9.5+d), please land on trunk and branch
331099 Add .cat to IDN TLD whitelist
331620 [FIX]document.write on already open document clears it in some cases
331667 XPCConvert::NativeArray2JS should root current across call to JS_SetElement
331678 jsxml.c needs to root better during QName creation
331820 Endianness problem on mipsel in fdlibm
332091 Possibility to add "special" part to package names
332848 document.write sorta but not really supported in XHTML
333025 Three relatively frequent mozilla/accessible crashes in talkback
333134 Accessibility still leaking when AT used
333767 nsNSSCertificateDB::AddCertFromBase64 mishandles trust settings
334341 [FIX]Using image tags with a non image file, and selected view image, file will still load up, allowing access to system resources
334523 [branch only] deadlock in nsObserverList::RemoveObserver
334944 [FIX]Firefox printing content of <noscript> tag
334990 Patch to netwerk/base/public/nsNetUtil.h needed to be able to compile with Sun Forte 6 Update 2
336772 bump SeaMonkey version to 1.0.2 on 1.8.0 branch