Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.0.1

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.0.1 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.0, this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

83396 Alert "message contains bare newlines" displays and lost messages when copying msgs from Local(or other IMAP account)folder to an IMAP account folder
111428 If a folder name ends '\' or '/' in IE Favorites, the folder cannot be imported
137155 POST request sent as two small packets (IIS 5 sometimes chokes)
180849 Mail loss in import of NC4 mail when 0x5C(\) is used as 2nd byte of muti-byte character in folder name.
205778 document('') load of stylesheet conflicts with http cache
240201 remove [noscript] from nsICookieManager2::add
255611 Help item "For Internet Explorer Users" should be hidden on OS/2 and Linux
265740 browser crashes some times when loading gmail and loading another tab [@ js_Interpret]
271044 Implement xforms:range element
279063 Implement copy element
283278 Input should not alter invalid/out-of-range data
283344 XForms Input control, when bound to a date value, should render as a datetimepicker
289517 Crash in [@ BasicTableLayoutStrategy::AssignNonPctColumnWidths] with evil testcase, using display:inherit
291119 create default styling for form controls
291902 Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::WipeContainingBlock] with path:hover {display:block}
294476 Text boxes ignore keyboard on opening URL from an external app
296686 When insert a space with EGBRIDGE(TSM(IME) of Japanese), a next character of caret is deleted
296687 TSM (IME) candidate window is displayed at wrong position (too below)
297919 Wrong buttons reported in mouseup and mousemove events
298375 drawWindow() reverses red and blue channels in 16 bit color desktop
299273 xforms-select and xforms-deselect events not firing for selects
299766 Implement accesskey support
301571 Submissions with "mailto:" action not working
303713 textbox.dispatchEvent(keyEvent) no longer adds character to textbox in Firefox 1.0.6
303926 duplicate bound nodesets do not throw xforms-binding-exception
304720 Ctrl-Shift-Home + typing with mozInlineSpellChecker causes NULL nsCOMPtr assertion in [@ nsTextServicesDocument::DeleteNode]
305096 Schema Validation does not handle inheritance of simple types
306426 Certain submenus blink (flash, flicker) rapidly and do not expand when highlighted (hovered over)
306764 Revise the custom control interface for XForms
307052 Spellchecker doesn't display suggestion list for misspelled words if Russian Spell dictionary is installed
307093 enumerating of model instances
307311 Allow to build xulrunner + multiple apps in one sweep
307317 JS engine assert when running with WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC
308106 controls not bound to external instance data in xul
308500 need to write hexBinary schema validation code
309210 only looks for *.so when stripping
309246 "XForms Error" dialog should have link to open JavaScript Console
309344 Scrollwheel doesn't work when an java applet is displayed
309546 Fix file submission issues
310109 XForms model-destruct event doesn't work with fastback
310138 Setting a type on instance data makes rebuild() throw exception
310508 Calling method on another window crashes when the function uses XMLHttpRequest and alert() [@ js_FreeStack]
311036 String offset problem in the XForms XPath engine
311378 freeze/hang in several seconds when a character which does not exist in fonts is rendered
311475 select/select1 not updated on inserts when using itemset
312013 Sort out the Talkback Client issue on Intel Macs
312241 nsIconURI::Clone and ::Resolve are unimplemented
312489 URLs concatenated when opening a home page tab group from desktop icon
312848 XPath expressions using namespaces inside repeats generate error messages
312980 Use classes instead of pseudo elements
313347 Flash plugin crashes browser on Intel Mac OS X
313398 Unoptimized Intel Mac debug build crashes with a misaligned stack
313662 SeaMonkey build that builds XForms won't load an XForm
313933 select1 initial size wrong
314158 select(1) fails to bind item labels correctly
315150 upload still uses dispatchDOMActivate
315163 x86 Mac JEP crashes, no Java
315286 Crash [ @ nsGlobalWindow::RunTimeout ]
315411 fail to check the IDN is in whitelist with un-normalized URL
316087 a11y: message/alert/help need to be dismissable with ESC key
316191 Focus stays in tab with focused SVG element after switching tabs
316624 a11y: range needs to support more keyboard shortcuts
316812 When address book name is Japanese character(doesn't contain ASCII alpha-numeric), address book is lost when new address book is created due to overlay of ldap_2.servers.user_directory_N.xxxx entries.
316895 copy element needs to cause rebuilds
316931 Allow chrome:// xforms to submit anywhere
317009 Thunderbird incorrectly decodes =00 in quoted-printable attachments as 0x20, not NULL (regression by bug 243199)
317275 Evil float:right testcase causes assertions and can crash [@ nsFrame::GetFirstLeaf]
317420 Firefox 1.5RC3 crashes when trying to print a page [@ lexpsnt3.dll - CompositeBitsInMemory ][@ IIAAE1DD.dll - CompositeBitsInMemory ]
317782 A character is deleted on HTML Editor when running IME reconvertion with non-selected text
317865 JavaScript GC memory limit - let it be optional
318283 [10.2] Hangs on data entry when autofill popup menu should shrink
318419 window.setTimeout() goes crazy periodically - functions are immediately called repeatedly
318624 xforms and schemaval need to be static for Minimo
319072 Tab drag and drop does not work correctly on OS/2
319107 One SVG file crashes firefox 1.5 [@ nsSVGGradientFrame::GetNextGradient]
319434 Context menu appears at the wrong position when Flash content is loaded in other tab
319463 display:none iframe pointing to a xul document stops main document from finishing to load.
319683 mozilla crashes [@ call_enumerate] running a not so special script
319732 [@ nsTextEditorKeyListener::KeyPress] crash typing string to search for in page (find as you type) right after page is loaded; or in MailNews/emailCompose
319872 CVE-2006-0297 probably an integer overflow in jsxml.c
320192 better way for users/testers to detect and isolate leaks of large object graphs
320498 Fix NewChannel impls to handle null in argument
320621 Crash [@ nsFrameLoader::CheckForRecursiveLoad ] on loading of moz-icon:// URI in an iframe.
320742 crash [@ nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] because session history listener shouldn't get called in middle of nsSHistory::AddEntry()
320851 http authentication (401) prompt no longer displays scheme
321132 Japanese font grouping is not correct on font pref dialog
321814 [Win95-JA only] ™ is displayed as ^(TM)
321874 for-in doesn't allow call, grouped, or XMLName LHS expressions
321914 Crash if a download completes while its properties window is still open
322185 Crash [@ nsBox::DoesNeedRecalc] with <svg:g style="display: -moz-grid-line; overflow: hidden;">
322461 [FIX]FF 1.5 doesn't apply CSS stylesheets in document after XSLT transformation
322513 Can't getRowCount() in listbox in prefwindow
322578 Support ppc<->x86 cross builds for Mac OS X
322678 [FIX]Crash [@ nsIFrame::GetParent] with evil testcase position:relative/absolute/display:table-column, etc
322683 [FIX] Yahoo Beta Mail related crash [@ nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckSameOriginPrincipalInternal()]
322701 When opening Options dialog second time Options window is empty
322928 code error in nsFontMetricsPango.cpp
322975 labels with inline output controls inside repeat has trouble
323028 [FIX]Using background-image CSS style for treechildren::-moz-tree-row causes excessive CPU load
323131 crash after saving all attachments [@ nsMessenger::SaveAllAttachments]
323267 bug in js_GC due to js_SweepScriptFilenames before finalizer
323292 readonly bind not working for textarea
323318 [RFC 2231] when the attachment file name is separated, should append semi-colon(';')
323328 TARGET_XPCOM_ABI changes needed for Mac universal binaries
323337 Use fastcall on Mac OS X x86: __attribute__(regparm(3))
323338 When E4X code is run twice (or more), the SpiderMonkey engine crashes [@ js_AllocStack 0deb057d]
323377 Lots of leaks in nsInternetSearchService
323378 Accessing data:;base64, produces a crash for some architectures
323529 non-minimum-sized GC arena pools have wrong alignment modulus
323608 ldap schema's use of displayName has changed since Thunderbird 1.0x
323657 User-Agent string should identify Mac universal binaries
323691 update branch to trunk level
323852 redirect after a prefetch does not include X-moz: prefetch header
323853 JB_BP not exported by newer glibc (2.4)
323979 E4X literals with embedded expressions unsufficiently constant-folded
323997 TARGET_XPCOM_ABI not set in AIX builds
324422 Crash when creating a new E4X XML object using a large string
324650 infinite loop in switch-statement with 1800 cases
324688 reports that XML.ignoreWhitespace is true but acts as if it were false, in a XPCOM callback
324746 XPathResult object can crash brower when calling iterateNext() or snapshotItem()
324855 Need a script to produce universal binary .app from cpu-specific bits
325005 Documents parsed as data load subframes and objects
325084 Java crashes under Rosetta
325147 New version of JEP (0.9.5+c), please land on trunk and branch
325218 Crash with evil xul testcase, using box, tooltip, object, etc [@ DoDeletingFrameSubtree]
325260 XPCOMGlueLoadXULFunctions should search library's symbol table
325410 Mac builds not packaging .chk files
325479 Failure to free a JSScript in obj_eval
325540 Javascript library jsMath causes Firefox to crash [@ ClaimScope][@ WillDeadLock]
325765 Cache causes crash crossing architecture [@ nsDiskCacheRecord::HashNumber].[@ nsDiskCacheMap::FindRecord]
326082 Get phishing detection to cope with tags within link text
326249 Add null-check for PermManager in nsXFormsUtils
326453 JS_Assertion while decompiling
326778 [FIX]document.getBoxObjectFor({}) crashes
326838 [BeOS]  Build broken due to fix for 313398
326998 [FIX]Crash [@ nsBoxFrame::AttributeChanged] when changing ordinal value of a xul element in html
327040 Bump extension version to 0.4
327066 document.createEvent('TextEvent') crashes
327469 "argument list too long" when compiling javaxpcom
327511 Implement remaining schema types XForms requires.
327564 Hang involving E4X (cycle in an XML object?)
327608 Crash [@ js_SetCallVariable] or "Assertion failure: prop, at jsfun.c:1046"
327654 nsIXMLHTTPRequest class not included in MozillaInterfaces.jar
327697 Make XPConnect refuse to wrap E4X (was: HTMLSelectElement.add hangs if second parameter is E4X)
327776 [FIX]boxobj.setPropertyAsSupports(undefined, undefined) crashes [@ nsBoxObject::SetPropertyAsSupports]
327785 Need a universal JEP
327823 Support configurable preflight/postflight actions in
327843 nsDOMCSSValueList doesn't QI to nsISupports
327848 Drive the Mac universal build process entirely in-tree
327897 Crash [@ js_GetStringBytes] involving apply, __proto__, E4X
328037 JS_CallFunctionName should return the same as JS_CallFunctionValue
328044 browser asserts on startup in JS_EndRequest with garbage cx->requestDepth
328081 Support unification of bdate for multi-project builds
328160 The name lookup for "bzero" did not find a declaration on AIX
328249 E4X crash due to infinite recursion in js_IsXMLName
328391 .mar generation should package universal build when the build is universal
328592 TARGET_XPCOM_API undefined for OS X PPC
328769 assertion running e4x tests
328886 Talkback Not Being Updated Properly
328917 Mail Multiple Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
328932 Evaluating Components.classes in JS Console throws an exception "Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property UnnamedClass.classes"
329004 Local (in-app-bundle) XULRunner framework finding broken
329349 SeaMonkey Help/About mentions wrong licenses
329364 Crash with iExploder testcase 10158270
329959 Dialog Origin Spoofing not fixed on Mac for SeaMonkey
330168 Phishing State should take precedence over Junk State in the message bar
330890 unify does not preserve the execute bit
331125 bump SeaMonkey version to 1.0.1 on 1.8.0 branch