Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.1.1

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.1.1 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.1 this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

180239 Manual "Run selected filter(s)" doesn't work when multiple filters are selected.
216751 general.config.filename set in user's prefs.js overrides setting in all.js
240262 Marquee tag functions only in default mode
256447 In <mailWindowOverlay.js>, "Warning: redeclaration of var i" and "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable pop3Server"
268459 Search / filters for Message Body broken for quoted-printable bodies
330256 Namespace/package for interfaces?
331425 [AOL IMAP] Sender and Recipient columns only show sender in sent mail folder
335113 More obvious secure site indication for SeaMonkey - yellow URL bar
335696 Provide helper method for embedding in AWT/Swing
343011 Searching Organization from LDAP address book yields no results
343102 Thunderbird cannot forward messages correctly in the inline format when the message contains attachments encoded in quoted-printable format
347665 Opening a very large IMAP folder with a large number of new messages takes a long time
351739 Memory leak in |JS_dtobasestr| (jsdtoa.c)
351913 Printer paper format always set to letter
352465 355064 Editor and Composer should use InlineSpellCheckUI
355396 cmd-up takes you up a path of the URL instead of to top of page
360526 Cert not imported - Feedback prompt sometimes does not work
361233 installation of 1.1b breaks mapi linkage from excel and word
361781 nsIDomInternalWindow::GetAttention on GTK2 steals focus when the app has focus, blinks otherwise
362110 jsscope property sweeping still calls malloc in some cases
362186 entries from ldap address book not displayed (offline) - you can only search
362547 Crash in SAXReader with doctype missing public, system ID's
362868 Branch builds on modern linux will use system cairo unintentionally
362909 pushobj is not GC-atomic when debugger is installed.
363849 Stack overflow in nsHTMLComboboxAccessible::GetDescription()
363917 js_GC fails to clear cx->lastInternalResult root
364264 Assertion failure: pcdepth >= 0, at jsopcode.c:4737 - failure to handle JSOP_TRAP in js_DecompileValueGenerator
364319 SSL2 client vulnerability in non-DEBUG builds
364350 free unitialized memory from js_DestroyRegExp in OOM conditions
364657 js_Get/SetProperty()'s sprop local not GC safe.
364768 Focus indication left on From: (identity) dropdown for cached HTML compose windows
364836 Assert fail in JS_ArenaRealloc (alignment issues)
365039 [Mac Classic] menus in menulists should have same margin as menuitems
365725 add check for read-only files to l10n verification
365948 Make 0.7 available on addons for FF2
366113 mozilla-plugin.pc should not depend on mozilla-xpcom.pc
366245 SeaMonkey doesn't write dde server keys to the Windows Registry
366398 On Darwin, Makefile.ref using libtool incorrectly builds as a static library
366410 ff/tb crashes when gtk settings are changed [@nsLookAndFeel::InitColors()]
366503 Custom tags only work properly for certain e-mails
366505 Unable to save a saved search when no there is no folder pane selection
366606 JS Assertion with Firebug 0.4.1 on branch build
366869 js_ThreadDestructorCB calls JS_REMOVE_AND_INIT_LINK incorrectly, resulting in an infinite loop
367011 "Remove All Tags" does not do so for custom tags
367127 Make mozconfig-find space-safe (e.g. spaces in $HOME)
367203 gtk2 dnd implementation broken
367461 Tab Preview Should Be Disabled for Current Tab
367607 URL bar autocomplete stops working sometimes
367657 Remove old DOM Inspector shared library when upgrading
368223 nsIChromeRegistrySea.installPackage should respect xpcNativeWrappers flag
368264 Various components missing from win32 installer builds (chardet.dll, universalchardet.dll) -- no auto-detect character encoding
368370 "uncolored" tags inherit colors from other tags
368401 Installer does not delete myspell directory
368418 QuickLaunch - app startup pref ignored
368534 ordering problem in script_toSource
368581 OS X files with resource forks and no defined MIME type are encoded incorrectly in email attachments
368705 Remove gmail.rdf from SeaMonkey
369028 crash in nsImapUrl::ParseNumBytes()
369103 warning page uses improper color combination
369157 [FIX]Clicking install themes button will toggle between save to disk and software installation window
369390 popup blocker + XMLHttpRequest + srand() = oops
369410 Provide API for wrapping XPCOM and Java objects
369413 atob("") causes "ASSERTION: index exceeds allowable range" in nsTString.h
369428 nsExternalAppHandler::SetUpTempFile uses a poor source of randomness, resulting in predictable filenames
370004 Overriding the default attribute map on a per-LDAP directory basis won't work.
370392 crash in NormalMessageEndDownload
370832 Null Tab Preview shown in SeaMonkey 1.1.1 with Modern theme
370891 compose window fails if myspell is not registered
371321 memory corruption when onUnload is mixed with document.write()s