Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.1

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.1 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.1b this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

25287 Inappropriate menu items show as enabled when no windows are open
185270 Shortcut key to open link in new tab, Insert (background) or Shift+insert (foreground)
193883 WMP9 Plugin installed, but 6.4 is used. Add exe names seamonkey.exe/mozilla.exe to ShimInclusionList
197228 Cannot permanently delete unused special folders (Drafts, Templates, Sent)
240262 Marquee tag functions only in default mode
262866 Invalid path offered when file already exists (Save all attachments)
295306 Firefox is unusable in solaris x86 using Sun SOS10 compiler.
298737 newsgroups periodically lose unread count for messages whose headers haven't been downloaded
319535 Message: NO Access denied for GETACL on INBOX (ACL "a" required)
323783 Print to Ledger/Tabloid (11"x17") paper
328346 Certificates with keyusage nonRepudiation should not be used as SSL client certificates
337179 Schema with forward type definitions causing load errors
339350 js: innerHTML removes 2 last symbols "]]"
343011 Searching Organization from LDAP address book yields no results
343102 Thunderbird cannot forward messages correctly in the inline format when the message contains attachments encoded in quoted-printable format
343893 Add events for watching the addition and removal of tabs
347065 Can not compile without JS_HAS_GENERATORS
348856 Adding missing id's to <menupopup> elements in viewSource.xul viewPartialSource.xul viewSourceOverlay.xul
350455 Japanese printing page shown garbage character.
351950 nsLocalFileUnix has "access"(system call) problem on Solaris
351986 2D canvases appear upside down on OS/2
352260 XBL binding failing to get document in getBoxObject
352848 cache expiration problems with blog sites? (14 years of Heurostic Expiration instead of considering as "expired", if "Expires: -1" is returned)
354446 update and on the 1.8 branch
354982 Cleaning up iterator implementation
355151 XML-RPC fails with "XMLHttpRequest is not defined" due to assuming namespace pollution
355179 Vista - Sets the current process as dpi aware
355447 Certificate Viewer shows no details for certs in chain
356005 Middle click onto URL bar (address bar) icon opens a new tab
356493 "svg:textpath" ignores presence of "svg:transform" attribute
357169 GC temp roots cleanup
357392 jsdtoa.c - locks not released in some error cases
357426 Debug nsAutoLocks cause CPU spike
358124 Replying to mail with plaintext attachment quotes the attachment
358247 Port Bug 358121 and Bug 246414 to SeaMonkey (Phishing detector fix; Background and text colors lost when using a template)
358553 Disabled and checked menuitems should always have disabled checkmarks
358560 Canvas2D renders black with 16M colors on OS/2
358565 R_386_PC32 relocations in when building on FC6
358723 Crashes [@ nsHTMLDocument::GetCookie]
358823 dom_svg.xpt is missing from packages-os2
359081 [BeOS] iframe scrolling broken in 1.8 branch including Firefox 2.0
359882 autoconfig e-mail address detection doesn't work with multiple identities
360526 Cert not imported - Feedback prompt sometimes does not work
360612 GC can leave GSN cache pointing to destroyed script
360869 text-anchor='middle' does not work with text content added via certain scripts
361437 gre should be installed locally
361563 Need to change minVersion for 1.8 branch
361781 nsIDomInternalWindow::GetAttention on GTK2 steals focus when the app has focus, blinks otherwise
361901 Save Page menuitem label missing from File menu when DM is open
362110 jsscope property sweeping still calls malloc in some cases
362186 entries from ldap address book not displayed (offline) - you can only search
362265 Some packages are registering PACKAGE instead of CONTENT
362297 The xslt-param code doesn't initialize recycler
362612 Folder truncation fails when filtering on POP3 account
363094 Autocomplete-to-my-domain confused after '@' entered in field
363764 .vcs files (and sometime rtf files) get sent as text/plain
364017 Assertion failure: map->vector && i < map->length, at jsatom.c:919
364115 No folder icons in Virtual Folder list dialog
364215 Modern mini scrollbars don't work
365113 wrong location of send and draft folder in local folders
365948 Make 0.7 available on addons for FF2
366869 js_ThreadDestructorCB calls JS_REMOVE_AND_INIT_LINK incorrectly, resulting in an infinite loop