What's New in SeaMonkey 2.24

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.24, important bugfixes and any new problems. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.23.

New Features and Fixes

Major Changes
  • None.
Fixes in 2.24
  • The editor spell check dialog was not initialized correctly, resulting in cropping (bug 942548).
Features in Beta 1
  • The DoNotTrack and Prompt on Sanitize preferences are now kept in sync (bug 939481).
  • A pref (mailnews.p7m_external) has been added to allow users to choose an alternate application/pkcs7-mime handling (bug 243833).
  • Support for Atom Threading Extensions (RFC 4685) has been added (bug 761656).
  • Migrating profiles from Thunderbird supports the new signons file format now (support for the old format has been dropped) (bug 925803).
  • Autocomplete drop-downs (e.g. used on the Location Bar and Open Location dialog) now show favicons for their entries (bug 906920).
  • The account name is now displayed in the status bar for all messages when checking mail (bug 224436).
  • IMAP alert messages now show the server of the corresponding mail account (bug 214854).
  • Newsgroup names are now searched for all search strings combined (AND-search) on the subscribe dialog (bug 99019).
Fixes in Beta 1
  • The return receipt request prompt had stopped appearing (bug 955830).
  • The value of the "Messages more than x days old" checkbox in Synchronization settings of News accounts is now saved correctly (bug 941914).
  • The MailNews context menu showed all possible options when only feed accounts were set up (bug 949921).
  • The Account Manager can be used again even if Local Directory is deemed unsafe (bug 921371).
  • The <items> list of feeds is now ignored, fixing the output of "(no subject)" articles while parsing the RSS of Planet Python (bug 476641).
  • Interfering with the restoring of a tab session could lead to an incomplete session getting saved (bug 919668).
  • HTML + plain-text (multipart) email messages with wrong encoding are now upgraded to UTF-8 properly (bug 302748).
  • The Folder Properties labels for incoming mail character encoding have been changed from "Default" to "Fallback" (bug 916823).
  • Help has been updated for the changes to SSL warnings and new options for the mixed content blocker on the SSL Preference pane (bug 904189).
  • Default Character Encoding has been renamed to Fallback Character Encoding (together with a note) on the Mail & Newsgroups Character Encoding Preferences pane (bug 902131).
  • The S/MIME Content-Description mail header could be invalid due to non-encoded 8-bit data (bug 723086).
  • Non-email feed author values were put in angle brackets, which could cause display issues in certain cases (bug 682117).

See Firefox 27.0 Notes for the corresponding Firefox release.