What's New in SeaMonkey 2.0.3

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.0.3, important bugfixes and any new problems. See the Bug list for a comprehensive list of fixes. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.0.2.

New Features and Fixes

  • Port |Bug 468053 - gBrowser.addTab not treat null/undefined Uri as blank tab leading to extra work at least when restoring session| to SeaMonkey (Bug 536940)
  • Migration results in useSecAuth set for SMTP servers even though secure connection is selected (Bug 522633)
  • crash [@ EscapeFromSpaceLine(nsIOutputStream*, char*, char const*)] (Bug 505717)
  • IMAP folder displays mesages already deleted from web Gmail (If all mail in a folder is deleted. Response of "*0 EXISTS") (Bug 462880)
  • Stack overflow on corrupted newsgroup Crash [@ arena_malloc_small ] looping through nsMsgQuickSearchDBView::ListIdsInThreadOrder (Bug 530044)
  • Crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::NotifySearchHit(nsIMsgMailNewsUrl*, char const*) ] (Bug 533249)
  • Gloda indexer hangs if it needs to initiate a local folder reparse [Error: this.callbackDriver is not a function] (Bug 529684)
  • Unable to focus addresses using the mouse in Mailing List dialog (Bug 540444)
  • Selecting Multiple Message Filters to run in other folders (Bug 534641)
  • auto sending return receipts does not work (Bug 536704)
  • crash [@ nsNetscapeProfileMigratorBase::CopyCookies(int)] (Bug 525513)
  • crash [@ nsNntpCacheStreamListener::OnDataAvailable(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, nsIInputStream*, unsigned int, unsigned int)] (Bug 531794)
  • Move Up/Down in Message Filters doesn't scroll selected filter into view (Bug 461152)
  • SearchInputChanged is not defined (Bug 533956)
  • [SeaMonkey 2.0] xpcshell-tests: test_autoconfigUtils.js fails (and leaks) after bug 538568 landing (Bug 539340)
Certificates & Security Features
  • Enable Buypass Class 3 CA 1 for EV in PSM (Bug 499716)
  • Release 3.12.4 + new roots to Mozilla (Bug 528277)
  • Places history changes due to async expiration. (Port bug 520165.) (Bug 536374)
  • Port |changeset - 32527:5d22feabe471 // tests cleanup| to SeaMonkey (Bug 533210)
  • Correct changeset 0174b636d5ee (fix broken Modern rules in alert.css/accountCentral.css/pageInfo.css) (new mail notification/download complete/update "toaster" tray area popup text and Page Info Feeds Tab items missing margin/padding) (Bug 533348)
  • Order of status/task/component bar icons for suite components is different in the MailNews standalone message window (Bug 534330)
  • Menu->Send link does not open external mail app (should use mailto:) (Bug 152526)
  • After bug 381269 landing, browser_sanitizer.js breaks browser_passwordmgrdlg.js (Bug 521263)
  • [SM2.0.1] Workaround browser.toolbars.showbutton.* prefs that should not have been migrated from 1.1 (Bug 531526)
  • Set Default Browser button in Preferences disappears if Home Page selection is blank (Bug 532596)
  • Remove locale-specific subdomains from SeaMonkey client-generated URLs (Bug 497072)
  • Port |Bug 425001 - Tests for bug 400731, 431826 use timers, are fragile| to SeaMonkey (Bug 533176)
  • Port |Bug 473156 - FUEL: fuelIEvents.removeListener removes all listeners for an event| to SeaMonkey (Bug 537898)
  • Update SeaMonkey's copyright strings to 2010 (Bug 537307)
  • Save on HDD does not work from context menu (Bug 528777)
  • mochitest-browser-chrome: perma/random "browser_ApplicationPrefs.js | Timed out" after bug 152526 landing, caused by browser_bug431826.js (Bug 534647)
  • Profile importer should not treat error as fatal when reading from Windows registry (Bug 537525)
  • Remove MSVC6 support from the tree (Bug 508760)
  • Perfolder unread e-mail count sometimes is wrong on a IMAP server (IMAP server, dovecot, supports CONDSTORE) (Bug 517461)
  • TB stores new fetched e-mails in Local Folders-1 after upgrade from tb2 to tb3(deferred_to_account is deleted, and the account/server number is used by "Smart Folders" of Tb3. Somehow directory for "Smart Folders" becomes "Local Folders-1") (Bug 534382)
  • offline folder size constantly increases using Exchange IMAP (Exchange returns wrong rfc822 size) - messages redownload (Bug 534835)
  • crash [@ nsMsgDBFolder::CallFilterPlugins(nsIMsgWindow*, int*)] (Bug 472019)
  • TB doesn't import messages with many recipients or large msg header from Outlook Express (Bug 484605)
  • Unable to get directory path for directories immediately under some symlinks (Bug 477010)
  • Windows SeaMonkey 2.0 is perma-orange on browser_ApplicationPrefs.js, since bug 504021 landing (Bug 541398)
  • symbol dumper behavior fails to include certain code blocks produced by PGO (some sections of functions missing in output) (Bug 526484)
  • [@ nsPop3IncomingServer::GetDeferredToAccount(nsACString_internal&)] Thunderbird will not start (Bug 541387)
  • topcrash:[@arena_chunk_init ] (Bug 515211)
  • The FAX dialog disappear and Fax cannot be done from Firefox, but works otherwise (Bug 440486)
  • edit message as new for messages with attachments corrupts heap (Bug 532693)
  • LDAP address book named with cyrillic/chinese letters doesn't work (Bug 532170)
  • Crash when visiting www.bicycling.com with JAWS 10 running (Bug 498913)
  • widget is not always able to initialise OLE (somehow triggered by various third party software e.g. McAfee Site Advisor, TortoiseHg) (Bug 525601)
  • Needs to package htmlpars.dll instead of gkparser.dll after bug 514665, in comm-central (apps) (Bug 528806)
  • Update Windows packaging for remaining dll renamings by bug 514665, in SeaMonkey (Bug 534410)
  • Port |Bug 485764 - Implement Windows System Proxy Settings Service| to SeaMonkey (Bug 534917)
  • extension upgrade with a moved location breaks extension manager (Bug 521780)
  • loadStartFolder() asks for master password even if already logged into the software security device (Bug 534462)
  • GSSAPI negotiate authentication may fail if /etc/resolv.conf changes (Bug 494969)
  • Fix JS debugger crash on 64-bit: don't truncate PC to jsuint in jsds_FilterHook (Bug 510040)
  • Permission denied for <http://sendsome.org> to create wrapper for object of class UnnamedClass (Bug 502959)
  • Spelling dictionary names not human readable on Linux (Bug 514151)
  • Invalid read, missing null check in nsNSSIOLayer.cpp (Bug 528184)
  • crash [@ nsWeakFrame::Init(nsIFrame*) ] [@ nsWeakFrame::InitExternal(nsIFrame*) ] checking for extension updates (Bug 529371)
Mac OS X
  • Assertion failure: (cx)->requestDepth || (cx)->thread == (cx)->runtime->gcThread running Thunderbird Mail Bloat tests (Bug 536478)
  • Sync to breakpad revision 350 for breakpad fix 248, 10.5+ SDK compat (Bug 510920)
  • Crash [@ oggplay_buffer_set_last_data ] in test_media_selection.html (Bug 515217)
  • E-mails (.eml) saved will not open from Finder (Bug 520610)
  • When SM is running, double clicking on saved web page opens home page (Bug 521699)
  • [Mac] Don't generate show popup menuitems in Tools menu (Bug 533097)
  • [Mac classic] Reply/Reply all buttons doesn't look "pressed" when menu is open (Bug 537332)
  • backport Breakpad issue 323 - OS X exception handler / minidump generator should set exception address correctly for EXC_BAD_ACCESS to branches (Bug 522682)
Special Operating Systems
  • OS/2: no handlers listed in Tools->Options->Applications (Bug 516117)
  • AIX: AIX Port MailNews unresolved external in dir import/build (Bug 525525)
  • Software Update misses libmozsqlite3.so - Restart fails - Program dead (Bug 534710)
  • Make 1.9.1 client.py pull specific state of extensions by default (Bug 534422)
  • Don't ship dictionaries with language packs (Bug 537481)
  • SeaMonkey 2.0.x language pack install.rdf should be stabilized (Bug 544096)
  • comm-central should pull Chatzilla from hg rather than CVS (Bug 524682)
  • Port |Bug 513783 - Land js-ctypes on trunk and 1.9.2| to SeaMonkey (Bug 535231)
  • Port |Bug 530667 - (SQLite3.6.22) Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.22| to comm-central (Bug 538747)
  • Port |Bug 515433 - (CSP) Implement core CSP elements| to SeaMonkey (Bug 539722)
  • Explicitly unsupport building without SVG in comm-central (Bug 541267)
  • Port |Bug 520030 - crash on sites with @font-face used| to comm-central (Bug 541966)
  • Provide makefile target for bloat tests and don't hard-code path to symbols (Bug 524125)
  • Need to package msgAsyncPrompter.js after bug 338549 (Bug 534528)
  • Port |Bug 499417 - Refactor login manager's crypto code| to SeaMonkey (Bug 534565)
  • Package extensions components.list too (Bug 535320)
  • UMR in nsCookieService::CountCookiesFromHostInternal, GetCookiesFromHost, and GetCookieInternal when given empty host string (Bug 526789)
  • Cookie values not saved for pages loaded from file:// (Bug 536650)
  • "ASSERTION: overflow containers must be zero-height" with -moz-column, overflowing height (Bug 399412)
  • Add iki.fi to Public Suffix List (Bug 526739)
  • Check .mv entry in Public Suffix List (Bug 526756)
  • Add operaunite.com to PSL (Bug 531252)
  • OOM null deref introduced by fix for bug 514872 (Bug 527400)
  • Crash in [@ nsMimeTypeArray::GetMimeTypes() ] while logging into QMO (Bug 500777)
  • Make it simpler to test modal dialogs (e.g. alert/confirm/prompt). (Bug 525300)
  • Make customizable toolbars play nicely with children with disabled attributes (Bug 525373)
  • Java does not get cookie information from browser (Bug 526462)
  • Ignore QueryInterface exposed by non-chrome-privilege content (Bug 503926)
  • New crash [@ GenerateFlatTextContent] in Firefox 3.6b3 (Bug 530939)
  • password manager is extremely slow at reencrypting base64-encoded signons (Bug 492197)
  • input type password loses value when gaining focus by tabbing from previous field (Bug 511474)
  • XPConnect should not unroot globals of non-main thread contexts (Bug 534341)
  • Follow up leads from ietldlist.xml for Public Suffix List (Bug 528470)
  • mochitest-browser-chrome: intermittent "browser_aboutCrashesResubmit.js | Timed out" (Bug 522729)
  • Crash on startup [@ nsXULDocument::OnStreamComplete(nsIStreamLoader*, nsISupports*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned char const*)] (Bug 270042)
  • XPCJSRuntime::XPCJSRuntime shouldn't touch mJSRuntime without null checking something (Bug 496774)
  • LS_QueryInterface throws the wrong exception (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) instead of (NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE) (Bug 526709)
  • negative indexes on built-in objects sometimes return special properties (Bug 507453)
  • images are downloaded multiple times if defined multiple times, on Shift-Reload / Ctrl+F5 (Bug 497665)
  • nsGlobalModalWindow traverses mArguments twice (Bug 508774)
  • Vorbis files rejected when fishsound fails to parse comments (Bug 520500)
  • JavaScript error: chrome://global/content/bindings/tree.xml, line 1038: Permission denied to create wrapper for object (Bug 506249)
  • GCGraphBuilder::AddNode crashes on OOM (Bug 502687)
  • Accessing ScriptSecurityManager off the main thread (Bug 509824)
  • Crash stacks not unwound past XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod (Bug 524256)