Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.1.2

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.1.2 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.1.1 this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

343999 window.home() incorrectly handles multiple home pages specified with |
372285 Additional problems in Firefox 2.0 SVG "_cairo_pen_init"
374039 Some dates not displayed when LC_TIME=hi_IN.UTF-8
183722 missing hotsync log entry on both PC and Palm to indicate Mozilla Address Book Sync
299054 Mozilla Plug-In API Proposal: Plugin able to Read Response Headers
309442 Support SOAPAction header on submission
332083 expose interface xforms:select to control selection
339286 [ally] tab navigation
340088 provide accessible label for xul
340995 complexType without complexContent fails validation
347327 Implement mediatype support for output
347563 implement xforms:upload for xul context
348053 implement accessible objects for xforms select controls
349644 implement accessible objects for xforms date input controls
350018 nsIFrame code returns coordinates with (0, 0) in bottom-left on mac
350067 invalid error message using inline schemas: Ignoring dup schema
350886 JavaXPCOM Unit Test
350928 Trunk and FF 2.0 prefs off with XForms
351067 fire event for xforms:range when value is changed and turn it into accessibility event
353677 serialization using method="multipart-post" doesn't serialize parts
353716 crash on quit [@ nsMacEventHandler::HandleMouseMoveEvent] or [@ nsMacEventHandler::ConvertOSEventToMouseEvent]
353880 Enhancements to spinbuttons and non-numeric range control types
356190 Controls should not be allowed to bind to complexContent
356498 [ally] arrow/pgUP/pgDown keys behavior for range
357569 relative binding expressions in repeats have problems
357652 xf:textarea appears to have a 4096 characters size restriction
357716 Crash in model/schema loader when main page fails to load
357901 submission 'post' to file doesn't work
358712 reorganize full selects
358930 Firefox 2.0 doesn't respect SVG gradient spreadMethod="pad"
360188 select1 keyboard navigation problems
360974 xsi:type value with no prefix handled incorrectly
361094 copyItem doesn't generate xforms-value-changed
361366 problems with xf:repeat in anonymous content
361501 use 'anonid' attribute inside anonymous content as ID attribute
361814 NS_ERROR_DOM_WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR in select1.xml
361997 Keyboard navigation problems with date picker
362308 repeat doesn't update on value changes
362310 reset has stopped working
363516 inline message regression
365907 use spin controls for xul calendar
366743 range regression, no thumb showing
366844 [configure] visibility pragma support broken
366878 getting submission error using JS + xf:send
366975 js_NewGCThing asserts !flbase[flindex] because it assumes GC stays locked across last-ditch GC
367256 Expose datatype object attribute
367719 xf:input for xul can't be readonly
367792 Crash when running Java unit tests that call initXPCOM
368248 regression: getting binding exceptions with repeats
368627 Problem with XForms using itemsets across models
369150 Crash [@ nsHTMLFramesetFrame::GetNoResize] with dynamic changes
369410 Provide API for wrapping XPCOM and Java objects
369805 "Assertion failure: cx->lockedSealedScope != newscope" in jslock.c on startup
370092 Focus change between onKeyDown and onKeyPress, allowing to read arbitary files using <input type=file> (Zalewski Firefox focus stealing vulnerability)
370101 getfunns does not call SAVE_SP_AND_PC
370243 XULRunner dmg no longer contains installer
370360 Heap corruption in nsTableRowGroupFrame::CalculateRowHeights
370551 Support dateTime types for Range
371200 Every nsXULTooltipListener listens for pref change to update a global variable.
371285 Crash loading form with select inside repeat
371375 [FIX]Websites can test for URLs visited (pdp Firefox Cache Hack - Firefox History Hack redux)
371607 XUL's minimal submit styles are missed
371672 assert in morkConfig, invalid mork db
371828 Need to generate events for modifier key events (Cocoa widgets)
372237 Crash [@ GetChildListNameFor] with -moz-box, float, position: fixed, block-in-inline
372736 Support Date and Time types for Range
372737 Support gregorian calendar types for Range
372739 Support duration types for Range
372878 reduce the number of AC_TRY_RUN tests in
373061 complexType with optional complex content fails
373228 Cookie injection problems
373955 [FIX]/etc/mailcap takes precedence on GNOME mime preferences
373973 Security vulnerability in APOP authentication
374274 upload control in xul doesn't appear
374570 Limit content-generated popups to content area
374994 Actions inside itemsets behave incorrectly
375183 __noSuchMethod__ allocates beyond fp->script->depth
375196 crashes [@ nsVoidArray::RemoveElementsAt][@ nsTextControlFrame::FireOnInput]
375320 XForms leaks
375546 nsXFormsModelElement::ValidateNode() wrongly assumes simple type
375754 regression: submission replace instance with method=post broken
375983 xsi:type not on root element is ignored
375986 Add support for schema validation of mixed content models
376217 output with value doesn't find context
376371 [1.1] Add support for resource element on submission to allow more flexibility
376385 nsSchemaValidator::Validate() wrongly fails due to xsi:type resolution
376386 change version number to 0.8
376509 Leak of nested <svg:svg>
376931 output mediatype patch won't work on branches
376958 dropmarker for xul datepicker won't work on branches
376989 xul select1 + output testcase fails on updated branch
377216 [FIX]Possible to reflow while quote/counter lists are dirty
377298 [1.1] Add @validate on submission element
377603 [FIX]Inner tables should not get parent style based on outer table pseudo
377702 Range: xsd:time/dateTime - incorrect seconds range
377824 [FIX]mtable causes "ASSERTION: Should have dealt with kids that have NS_FRAME_IS_SPECIAL elsewhere"
377867 Range with no end attribute results in unusable control
377874 repeat-attrs on table causing complex content binding error
377878 Wrong ordering of dispatched events
377880 message level="ephemeral" not working on branch
377888 Add support for submission @standalone attr for serialization
377896 StartNonListXMLMethod should contain return NULL, not return JS_FALSE
377962 Range: bound value should not change unless the user changes it
378273 Crash [@ nsViewManager::AddCoveringWidgetsToOpaqueRegion]
378551 origo sample table layout not working
378702 fix deferred events
378762 Add echo-variable-% for vars
378795 nsEditorSpellCheck is not automatically picking and setting a dictionary when spellchecker.dictionary is empty
378824 regression for index() on branches
379508 regression: choices in select causes selection to scroll out of view
379722 Starting Firefox or Thunderbird prints "Handling command line!"