Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bonsai and Bugzilla. It's a"rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.0 Beta development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla and Bonsai queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.0a, this is probably the best place to start. -Chris

64305   Adding a New card in the Address book w/o giving any info will add it successfully
68961   [adt3] "sort" options on view menu of history should have mnemonics
84400   [Hixie-PF]"     Support :disabled and :enabled pseudo-classes
92217   [awd:tbl]"      [reflow] text doesn't rewrap after becoming small enough to wrap
99224   document.lastModified should be localized
104360  In <chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.xml>, "Error: this.docShell has no properties"; (When closing tabs with Site Navigation Bar showed)
104729  Drag and Drop not implemented under BeOS
105885  parity-opera"   Reorder / Rearrange / Move tabs in the Suite's tabbed browser
111842  tabbed browser prefs text "load links in the background" misleading
114929  gtk desktop icon should use the system default colormap, not the window's
129310  BeOS Scrolling needs to be rewritten
171229  [FIX]Tooltip locations in frames and iframes are wrong
173924  [asaP2]"        Doesn't fetch new mail after a random period
190353  Property "pageIndex" of "wizard" tag is not working.
192666  extension-list is appearing twice in ldif/tab/txt import file picker
194147  Selecting "Mark As" causes Quick Search not to work on "m" and "r"
196438  Close tab button should not be on top of right-most tab at overflow.
198247  In (Stub-)Installer builds, Download Manager "Del" key is not working (anymore)
200589  [BeOS] Mozilla cannot recognize some Japanese fonts
212221  XUL error pages do not play nicely with IM button in Addressbook
218453  Uncollapsing a tree's scrollbar should not affect its min height
221783  <wizard>'s buttons have no access keys
228804  mathml rendering is worse on MacOS X after adding Mathematica fonts in 1.3b and later
229589  nsBaseHashtable::Init documentation is outdated
230355  Update Cookie Manager Help for bug 225857
231965  LDAP Download User Interface and function broken
236140  mac ui clean-up"        profile manager "conclusion" sheet doesn't fit - horizontal scrollbar
236844  [beos] search for helper apps in mozilla directory before $PATH
243270  Drags from HTML editor windows fail
245418  [have patch]"   menus and contextual menus open on wrong screen when using two/dual/multiple screens/monitors/displays
247225  dom.max_script_run_time parameter doesn't work as expected
251681  Can't copy field from LDAP Address Book
254564  Buddy icons not shown
255415  Scroll wheel doesn't work after selecting bookmark from toolbar until you move mouse.
256328  Page is layed out with horizontal rules through most of page background
257985  History Window: View|Sorted by menu items do not work
258410  fix dynamic matrix transforms
267487  addSearchEngine should install search plugins from https sites as well as http
271720  Use pseudoclasses instead of attributes
272630  SVGWG"  On 'svg' elements getScreenCTM behaves differently to other implementations
273578  XMLHttpRequest with async = false takes 100% CPU until request finished
274264  Mozilla Japan wants to fix on 1.8 branch"       Japanese attachment file name garbled, after fix for Bug 243504 and Bug 263462
275387  Print Preview Scale and orientation not adjusted (stuck on page setup settings)
275453  Implement <xforms:upload>
276299  "Mozilla Wallpaper.bmp" should be localizable.
276979  Unrooted JSObject in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::DelegatedQueryInterface crashes [@ js_LookupPropertyWithFlags ]
278472  [sg:fix]"       [FIX]Documents created by moving nodes to a blank document are corrupt
281709  Under at least Windows XP, shadows are not drawn under menus on first appearance
282335  Make package understand OSes other than Windows
282750  Extremely slow scrolling of with trunk builds
283318  Errors in mail_help.xhtml
284032  JS_ValueToInt32(jsval=NaN) can cause assertion in jsopcode.c, line 1906.
284474  Converting to UTF-8  a url with an unescaped  non-ASCII chars in the query part leads to an incompaitbilty with most server-side programs
288634  non-ASCII font support in Gfx:Pango and port a couple of other changes in Gfx:Xft to Pango
288761  [good first bug]"       Rendering contexts are leaky
290190  crash when network connection drops and reconnects [@ msvcrt.dll - nsDNSRecord::GetNextAddr ]
290254  search engine isn't validated for the first time until updateCheckDays after first use
290381  fixed1.8 for toolkit"Save Link As..." doubles the extension if the link contains an escaped hash/pound (#) sign encoded as %23
290465  Visually inform users of errors
290881  Implement Add to Address book / Compose mail to context menus
291074  No accessibility events when data in a tree row changes in about:config
291099  [no l10n impact]"       Using keyboard to navigate through context menus of menu items (e.g. bookmarks) skips every other item
292710  Submit bound to empty nodeset fails
292962  [ETA ?]"        Need to sort out policy on DOM access in cached documents
292965  [needs review cbiesinger]"      Improve eviction algorithm for fastback/bfcache
293386  [no l10n impact]"       Audit UnbindFromTree codepaths to make sure teardown change is OK
293503  Side Scrolling + option's back/forward behavior is reversed
294056  User-specified sound, when activated in Preferences, fails to play after file download completes
295074  POST responses remain in the memory cache when using XMLHttpRequest => huge memory leak
295815  Testcase & description in comment #10"  Floats truncated on page boundary when printing (Print of the second page of Mapquest's driving directions is blank)
296823  [BEOS] nsWindow::SetTitle should check if mView is NULL
297607  change ua string for Intel-based Macs
297697  ISimpleDOMText.get_unclippedSubstringBounds has trouble with character 1 of wrapped line 2
298431  Rewrite xforms build system so it works with XULRunner
298496  nsType1.cpp compile error due to new freetype 2.2 const poisoning
298596  Detaching attachment from complex MIME message rewrites message incorrectly
298961  Plugins get no notification through NPP_SetWindow when switching between tabs
299058  XUL error report in main window - <key id="addBookmarkKb key="&addCurPageCmd.commandkey;"/>
299205  [FIX]JS_ASSERT(flags != GCF_FINAL) hit in UnmarkedGCThingFlags() on startup with TOO_MUCH_GC defined
299376  i want to uses attribute "dy" or "dx" to tspan in language svg for deer park
299379  DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut not working properly
300136  Full update archives may need to contain remove commands
300226  crash on exit when using gtk 2.7
300302  network.dns.disableIPv6 should be set to true by default (at least on OS/2)
300453  'Disable common annoyances' prevents focusing of designmode iframes
300801  XBLize xforms:select
301498  have tested patch, waiting for review"  Enumeration on XPCNativeWrappers doesn't quite work
301649  Invalid local image filenames cause forwarded-inline messages to spin indefinitely on send.
301998  Inner repeats should initialize to startindex on update
302120  Broken Keyboard Navigation with new folder location picker widget
302188  Support :-moz-read-only and :-moz-read-write pseudoclasses
302333  Inappropriate 'Unresponsive Script' warning
302496  Add instance attribute to submission element
302513  Figure out id attributes inside repeats
302618  eval in bookmarklet fails when opening the bookmarklet in a new tab
302640  hasFeature for SVG DOM implementation yields true with native SVG disabled
302918  error in repeat-index for nested repeats
303312  itemsets not refreshed if bound nodeset changes
304243  [sg:needinfo] " When Flash Shockwave or Java Applet plug-in is active on another tab, clicking Back causes that tab to go back
304275  pt-BR locale: DOM Inspector + Reporter translation
304330  [sg:low local]" CAN-2005-2353 temporary file issue
304563  Add autoscroll support
304785  Replacing NSPR variables in config/ is slow
304891  Using ctrl+right arrow in textarea, first word after hard line break is skipped
304904  [sg:fix][needs review+SR darin]"        Necko should refuse to look up invalid hostnames containing "%"
304968  nodes of type xsd:decimal in ]-1;1[ interval are invalid
305032  [splitwindow] edit commands not available to subsequent instances on startup (cut, copy, paste, select all)
305227  Up min/max version of XForms extension
305384  Alerts service not built on non-Win32 platforms (port  toolkit fix)
305462  Clear Cache Now" doesn't clear bfcache
305520  GtkPromptService invalid warning on ConfirmEx with < 3 buttons
305763  Application control models
305985  [ETA: patch needs approval]"    after clicking in blank content area, focus stays in some widgets when it should have left
306550  gtkmozembed progress flags lack STATE_RESTORING value
306614  fieldset should not match :enabled/:disabled
306620  option and optgroup should match enabled/disabled too
306678  instance elements does not work in documents without windows
306727  RegExp: different treatment of \011 depending on JSOPTION_STRICT setting
306752  drawImage clips the image instead of positioning it on the correct x and y coordinates
306810  Location bar has wrong URL after 302 redirect for link opened in a new tab
306839  events not properly consumed
306872  Occasional hangs loading first Java applet (with recent trunk builds and the JEP)
306874  Mouse selection triggered inappropriately in Deer Park (when using the JEP)
306881  fix canvas pattern repeat attribute
307005  NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED when using evalInSandbox with XPCNativeWrapper
307041  nsGREGlue.cpp change breaks Solaris Studio 10 build
307056  Read-only address book cards should have just a ok button that doesn't try to update the card
307066  no favicon after click on anchor link
307076  Menus on WYSIWYG editors open on wrong place.
307126  [seamonkey]"    Closing tabs should return to 'parent' tab.
307155  Update cairo on branch to 1.0.0
307158  [checked in to branch]" Vertical scrollbar covers RHS of content forcing horizontal scrollbar to apear
307178  Fastback(bfcache) breaks visited links marking if frame page
307185  [sg:fix]"       URLs passed on the command line are parsed by the shell (bash).
307225  Language packs for Firefox 1.5 Beta need chrome.manifest files in order to install
307249  Changing attrs on <input> calls AfterSetAttr too many times
307289  [has approval - needs checkin]" crash [@ JS_DHashTableOperate] when closing browser
307293  Tag and type members of nsNSSASN1Sequence/nsNSSASN1PrintableItem remain uninitialized
307313  [FIX]Starting up with WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC dies in XPConnect
307438  prefread.cpp doesn't support \u escape sequences
307469  jsopcode.c doesn't build w/ !JS_HAS_XML_SUPPORT
307478  Build failure with syntax error in nsDebug.h
307533  [FIX] Caret drawn at incorrect position after typing a single LTR character in a blank RTL input field (or vice versa) while caret is visible
307545  [ETA: let's fix this the right way in bug 297074 (has patch) or bug 309099 (assigned to roc) ]" 4 ways to use CSS to make win32-based screen readers crawl
307547  layout module double-init
307548  Not firing events for same page jumps inside frame/iframe
307632  Can't extend Selection Class anymore with Firefox 1.5b1
307643  mac l10n repackaging broken on 1.8 branch
307734  Some plugins result in truncated accessible page content
307769  document the fact that XMLHttpRequest::Send doesn't support streams with headers
307819  HTML <label for> not exposed as name for form controls not in <form>
307875  Crash if I select the correct spell "hello" from context menu [ @ nsFontMetricsWin::ResolveForwards]
307879  Nullplugin never stops loading
307902  LOGINDISABLED should allow secure auth
307911  profiles_help says Roaming not available in installer-build
307934  regression: In RTL text, can't move caret using arrow keys past point where text wraps
307980  Security error when using evalInSandbox on
307983  NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER when using location.* inside evalInSandbox
308045  fraction line is shifted
308085  JavaScript switch statement going to wrong case
308173  Printing reverts to default printer every time a page is printed
308239  redrawing markers leaves traces behind, at least when there's a path object in marker
308321  Detaching attachment should remove any Content-Transfer-Encoding header
308326  Cannot open detached file from the message if its filename or pathname contains Japanese character
308334  Enable IDN for more TLDs
308369  Stop copying stat cache when cloning nsIFile instances
308370  nsIncrementalDownload::GetDestination should return a clone of nsIFile
308404  Access violation [@ ntdll!RtlDeleteCriticalSection+0x0000000f]
308438  [FIX]Unavailability to intercept nsIDocShell::Destroy()
308439  XForms Submits will not work with ASP.NET V2 web services
308452  Select1 does not work inside absolute DIV's
308455  Move labels
308473  Add mk locale to REPORTER
308484  Extensions can't set Content-Length header for XMLHttpRequest
308511  nsILDAPBERElements are incorrectly encoded
308517  Browsing with image loading off & screen reader leads to crashes
308531  Change default home page for SeaMonkey
308549  Apple's OS X 10.3 Java Security Update breaks the Java Embedding Plugin
308577  Crash [@ js_GetSlotThreadSafe] because nsXBLPrototypeHandler::ExecuteHandler did not root handler
308587  PR_GetPhysicalMemorySize returns garbage on systems with more than 2GB RAM
308664  version on the 1.8 branch should be 1.0b
308689  xf:select doesn't inintialize via bound node
308706  1.5 Beta crashes Immediately upon double-clicking on the Icon. [@ nsContentUtils::SplitExpatName]
308734  Limit the values we accept for currentScale
308806  Object.prototype.toLocaleString() wrong
308856  [needs branch checkin]" Global js variables don't show up when enumerating [Window]
308864 fails when MOZ_PKG_REMOVALS is unset
308873  DOM Inspector files for danish locale
308899  AIX build break in xpconnect (xpcwrappednativeinfo.cpp)
308903  Data from streaming network cam doesn't stop when replacing the cam page with a new page.
308967  dropping an image into an editor inserts a link
308968  Spelling error in message for when server doesn't support TLS
308986  [CRASH] Handle changes to the src attribute of the instance element.
309004  SeaMonkey unsuitable for browsing high-res image galleries due to preview on tab icon
309027  Saving image does not open the save location window sometimes
309040  Invalid html in form causes errors outside affected form tag.
309049  l10n request: corrections to Italian (it) translation of Reporter Tool
309061  msgHdrViewOverlay.js should use hasChildNodes
309068  URL presence check should be disabled by default.
309078  XMLHttpRequest fails to load local binary files (regression of Bug 305243)
309095  Text in SVG does not show up
309099  Entire screen is repainted each time focus moves
309227  nsEventStateManager needs to support mousewheel.withmetakey
309242  E4X should be on by default, while preserving the comment hiding hack
309329  Should not expose content in invisible views
309337  Embedding inside Java may result in stack < 512k
309359  Documentation says mailnews can import communicator address book files - it can't.
309391  XMLHttpRequest fails to track proxy server failover
309395  scrollwheel doesn't work in non-toplevel window
309400  LDAP attribute map only allows a maximum of one attribute to be zero-length
309424  Firefox 1.5beta1 freezes & goes into 95+% cpu usage browsing
309467  Memory keeps growing when script repeately sets textfield's .value
309472  [ETA: need review ]"    Start of equations and diagrams not indicated in accessible tree
309514  Mouse events sent to node disregarding applied clip-path (clippath)
309538  Autoscroll indicator should show possible scrolling directions
309542  Fix a11y problems and crop="right" is deprecated in page info dialog
309581  pagehide events don't fire on tab close
309606  Too long string in file not found xul error page isn't wrapped
309637  Show/hide events for progress bars not symmetrical
309641  Template-generated menulist popups change selection when opened via keyboard
309695  Crash visiting [@ js_FreeAtomMap]
309712  HTML-style comments in the middle of .js file cause part of script to be ignored (treated as XML data)
309775  happens after opening many windows"     (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [] error when opening windows with JavaScript
309822  [branch only]"  Scroll wheel doesn't scroll list boxes [Mac]
309840  Regular expression /[/]/ gives "unterminated character class" error
309852  E4X - JS_ASSERT @ js_Interpret, line 5070
309902  Bring back <plaintext>'s properties in html.css
309924  Removing <stop> elements from gradients is not live
309925  Date and Time stamp on page appear as letters, possible JavaScript issue
309986  Async restyle handling can cause content doubling
310006  Recalculating quote and counter lists can reenter itself
310069  [FIX]Named arrays should skip name lookup for XPCNativeWrapper
310090  [BeOS] nsRenderingContextBeOS cleanup
310100  rules="all" does not work when table has no border
310201  D∓D: dropped text is double-spaced
310293  [BeOS] Cannot open menus after workspace change.
310335  Build fails on xptcinvoke_arm.cpp:139: error: extra ';'
310351  Cannot convert NodeList to JS Array with Array.prototype.slice any more
310380  middlemouse autoscroll default-on for UNIX/Linux (X) environment
310381  Support shape-rendering property on cairo
310382  Follow SVG rule for dealing with out-of-order stops (cairo)
310425  [needs SR shaver]"      Array.indexOf/lastIndexOf is broken for corner cases
310458  [splitwindow] edit commands not available to extensions window  (cut, copy, paste, select all, arrow keys navigation)
310473  Avoid passing noninvertable matrices to cairo
310484  cross-account virtual folders
310487  thread leak
310539  Checkin for Bug 280769 broke AIX tinderbox
310552  Download Manager shows no progress unless download is cancelled.
310571  Reporter extension files for da locale
310590  Expose scriptable nsIINIParser wrapper for nsINIParser
310604  [patch]"        selectedIndex and highlighted option in <select> are not in sync when dropdown overlaps a frame boundary
310618  Printing support for svg/cairo/win32
310650  XMLPrettyPrint broken, Exception... "Security error"  code: "1000" nsresult: "0x805303e8 (NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR
310653  ###!!! ASSERTION: Incorrect aDocument: '!aParent || aParent->GetCurrentDoc() == aDocument'
310680  [BeOS]EnumFonts uses obsolete lossy conversion method
310736  Scrollbars not being recalculated on resize
310742  Properties of DOM objects are listed twice or 3 times
310749  Update cairo to 1.0.2 on branch
310754  Check stroke-dasharray before handoff to renderer
310774  Unable to select most menu items using keyboard when error page is shown.
310833  Template builder doesn't free constructed content when menulists are in use
310840  Crash in XFormsInsertDeleteElement
310844  shift+space doesn't scroll message pane up unless message pane has focus
310862  Setting stroke-width="0" aborts rendering when using cairo
310894  [mac] Bookmarks Manager: updating the sort direction / method from the View menu doesn't update the view until the columns headers are hovered
310957  Switch win32 svg renderer from GDI+ to cairo
310976  Treat 1.5.* as 1.5.infinity
310993  HTML comment on JS if() causes erroneous results
311019  label bound to model doesn't work for choices inside of select
311022  Greasemonkey 0.6.2 exposes window wrapper proliferation when enumerating
311046  Some stretchy gryphes dissapear in Deer Park
311071  treat <! as the start of a comment to end of line, unless e4x=1 (was: page keeps reloading)
311090  Patch for bug 310351 was mildly bogus
311146  position:fixed elements scroll with page / redraw badly
311149  Clicking on a <blockquote> now selects it
311195  When update URL is 404, engine update ignores updateCheckDays
311253  Bug 298044 broke XPCOM glue dynamic linking for BSD platforms
311261  Threaded mail view in Virtual Folders is not possible
311269  [sg:fix]"       Crash on when sending password request [@ nsSHEntry::ContentInserted] [@ nsSHEntry::DropPresentationState] [@ nsSHEntry::DocumentMutated]
311274  Transfer cairo glyph optimizations from trunk to branch
311330  ssl_help.xhtml contains outdated links to NSS documentation
311346  Add directory service key for "C:\Program Files"
311352  Mac GRE-finder looks for /Library/Frameworks/XUL instead of /Library/Frameworks/XUL.framework
311379  animation and image loading in canvas no longer works in beta 2
311380  Combo boxes/Dropdown lists/SELECT elements do not print completely
311381  Cairo usage of dllmain breaks libxul (1.8 branch)
311388  crash [@ nsPluginHostImpl::IsPluginEnabledForExtension]
311402  Land NSS 3.10.2 Beta 1 on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH
311430  No longer firing EVENT_REORDER for loading of frames/iframes
311460  Accevent failing for options in closed combo box
311554  stroked svg text on os-x doesn't have correct transform
311556  cairo needs endianness information
311651  [BeOS] Cleanup Move,Resize and Scroll handling in widget
311775  objects created with GeckoActiveXObject are broken
311791  bfcache doesn't stop plugins correctly
311936  Clipping causing serious performance problems
311950  crash at [@ js_LookupPropertyWithFlags ]
311952  eval(string) broken in XPInstall
312003  Windows 64 compilation error on change to nsIScriptGlobalObject.h
312064  E4X - XML Initializers with CDATA sections
312097  [FIX]Pages with frames and JS alert fail to render FF 1.5b2
312124  [patch]" no longer works: "function eval must be called directly, and not by way of a function of another name
312196  Trouble extending E4X XML objects with __noSuchMethod__
312227  Not able to type in textbox of the main window after download completes (open find bar if 'Begin finding when begin typing' else the edit commands are disabled)
312231  Schema Validation returns an error for empty values, which is wrong
312232  getScreenCTM fails somehow in xulrunner builds
312260  Bogus "undefined property" strict warning in switch discriminants
312363  document.write into iframe results in broken-lock icon ( incorrectly indicated as only partially encrypted)
312398  support a MOZ_CO_LOCALES_DATE variable in
312470  STATE_TRAVERSED not updated after going back in history
312569  nsIVersionComparator is still broken in some circumstances
312695  [FIX]DIV content is rendered twice
312747  Include line break info for text using white-space: pre
312769  Webshell leak when closing any page with meta refresh
312777  Negative margins cause floated elements to be placed to the right of incorrect earlier boxes
312788  Crash exposing invisible plugins
312792  Crash exposing dynamically changing <option> lists
312847  [FIX]Fix for bug 312695 has a typo
312929  Firefox does not launch on latest Intel Mac OS X build (8F1099)
312932  Java applet + screen reader no longer crashes; allow that combo
312941  Caret move events not reported for XUL textboxes
312942  [FIX]two frameset tags cause page to appear blank
312994  new SeaMonkey artwork
313018  select1 size incorrect when populate from itemset
313043  Crash when using AccessibleObjectFromWindow
313044  [mac] Delete (Backspace)/Shift+Delete as Back/Forward
313080  <xml/>.__proto__() causes crash [@ obj_getSlot]
313153  generic native method dispatcher botches extra actual arguments
313164  Bidi: Caret navigation is broken inside inline elements
313165  Infinite loop in text frame getBBox
313192  Fix attribute "leftovers" from bug 271720
313220  new Option() fails in sandbox (sandbox never pushes its JSContext* into the JS context stack)
313260  [FIX] Combobox changes value if a reflow occurs while menu is dropped down
313278  <script xmlns=""> leaks namespace to younger siblings
313319  Set the NSPR version on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH to 4.6.1 (final)
313360  profile locking doesn't work if the profile is located on a FAT partition
313372  Calling canvas restore() resets the strokeStyle property
313394  file help-index1.rdf - several bugs
313404  Document Backspace/Shift+Backspace shortcuts for linux
313490  Enable IDN for .org
313510  New version of JEP (0.9.5), please land on trunk and branches
313565  Menus are broken, showing e.g.  "File (UNDEFINED)", Regression after Checkin for Bug 312278
313639  Phantom Scrollbars are back
313799  E4X: Assertion failure: !JSVAL_IS_PRIMITIVE(v), at jsxml.c:5558
313803  uneval() on func with embedded object with getter or setter has unmatched parenthesis
314015  nsComponentManagerUtils.h uses wrong linking macro, SDK 1.8 is broken
314138  gtkmozembed fails to init with xulrunner
314343  DOMAttrModified event doesn't show newValue anymore
314354  Print from Message Window with .EML file  =>  crash [@ nsMailboxService::FetchMessage]
314966  Search online/offline option in MailNews needs to be documented
314995  Can't save new card if no email entered
315189  Loading this url crashes [@ nsHTMLDocument::MatchLinks] Camino and Firefox
315458 should be included via EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS
315476  SeaMonkey-only code"    Add id attributes for overlays to navigatorOverlay.xul
315525  Document new tab behaviour under Win when starting SM with an instance already running
316023  seamonkey-only code []" FTP uploads don't work
316114  myspace and other site crash [@ nsXPConnect::ReleaseJSContext]
316137 still named 1.0a
316217  [Mac Classic] Remove hover:active style from listbox.css
316258  Document new tab feature (Reorder / Rearrange / Move browser tabs)
316584  Focusable elements in a page
316716  [Mac] Hide Tab Key navigation section in Help
316851  Need workaround for bug 56488 in Help
317096  Allow SM to download localized dictionary from MailNews start page
317819  disable more javascript/DOM abilities, plugins in mail
318680  "Organisation" should be spelled "Organization" in the alert for empty fields in Address Book.
319043  Classic/Modern splitter.css should use ew-/ns-resize instead of e-/n-resize
319244  Tab drop indicator icon flickers
319600  New SeaMonkey throbber lives in grey square in Classic theme
320245  Package app icons in unix installer
320370  Search Engines not added - window.sidebar.addSearchEngine is not a function