SeaMonkey code reviews and flag rules

Code reviews

Note that those rules apply to suite-specific code only. Toolkit has their own review rules, and so does core Mozilla code (Gecko, shared stuff, etc).

Any module owner could theoretically request moa, which would mean that he is required to approve all patches in that module. That doesn't mean he actually has to review them, that can still be done by a peer or other reviewer approved by the module owner.


SeaMonkey super-reviewers don't necessarily have to be global Mozilla super-reviewers. If they are not, they only can grant that flag for SeaMonkey-specific patches with respect to the rules laid out in this document.

Bugzilla flags

All those seamonkey/comm flags referred to below can be requested (set to "?") by anyone, only SeaMonkey Council members are allowed to set them to "+" or "-" though.



General advice: Developers should include risk estimation and level of testing the patch got when requesting approval.