SeaMonkey project areas

The project areas list describes who can review which part of the SeaMonkey code base. SeaMonkey's Bugzilla components list gets derived from it. It's similar in purpose to the Mozilla Module Owners list, and the Module Ownership document applies as far as possible, esp. its "Criteria for Module Ownership" section. Additionally, SeaMonkey code reviews need to be done by area owners or peers listed in this document.
The list is managed by the SeaMonkey Council; contact us with any comments or suggestions for changes.
Note that only the owner of an area (or its parent area) or the SeaMonkey Council can decide on changes for a specific area. So if you want to get on the list as a peer, contact the owner. If you want to own an area, contact either the parent area's owner (if there is one) or the SeaMonkey Council.

If the table is too wide for your little screen, try a widescreen high-resolution one. :)

Area name Subarea name / Bugzilla component Description Owner Peer(s)
Suite Components     IanN Mnyromyr, Neil, Ratty
  Add-ons & Developer Tools Integration of add-ons and developer tools within the suite Ratty  
Autocomplete and Location Bar Autocomplete widget, browser and mailnews addresses and location bar   frg, Ratty
Bookmarks & History includes adding, deleting, editing bookmarks, problems with Bookmarks Manager, Bookmarks toolbar and menu, History window and "Go" menu.    
Build Config Issues around building SeaMonkey frg adriank, ewong, KaiRo, IanN, stefanh
Composer UI issues within Composer, toolbars, buttons, menus, dialogs. Application launch issues too. IanN frg, Ratty
Download & File Handling Download Manager, helper apps, open/save files   frg
Feed Discovery and Preview discovery of feeds and inline preview mcsmurf  
Find in Page find in page used for browser and mailnews    
Help Documentation help menus and help content IanN RainerB, rsx11m, stefanh
Help Viewer help viewer   frg
Installer & OS Integration   mcsmurf ewong, KaiRo, frg, rsx11m, stefanh
Page Info     frg
Passwords & Permissions & Security Includes Data Manager and UI for Passwords, PopUp/Image blocking, Cookies; Wallet (Backend code for most of those is shared), Suite-specific security UI and features, app-level security issues, Tracking Protection and Safebrowsing frg, rsx11m, dveditz (backend integration)
Preferences Preference Panels; default preferences; etc. IanN frg, Mnyromyr, rsx11m
Release Engineering all aspects of the Build and Release Engineering process, including Build/Release Automation, nightly build machines, and buildbots Callek ewong, KaiRo
Search & Sidebar Sidebar (incl. internal panels), web search features Mnyromyr  
Session Restore & Tabbed Browser session management, browser tab features and the tabbed browser widget   frg, Ratty
Startup & Profiles Profile Manager, profile access code, suite startup   Callek, IanN
Sync UI      
Testing Infrastructure testing infrastructure that is specific to the SeaMonkey code   frg, IanN, Ratty
Themes & UI design Classic, Modern, general theme issues and achieving consistency throughout the product both internally and externally Ratty frg, IanN, Mynroymr, rsx11m, stefanh
MailNews     Mnyromyr IanN, Neil, Ratty
  MailNews: Account Management & Configuration Account Manager/Wizard, Preferences panels, etc. IanN  
MailNews: Address Book & Contacts Address book, VCard support, Address book sidebar etc.    
MailNews: Backend Watch backend closely, make us work with it, help improving it; includes: Transmission (receiving, sending, receipts), offline, (junk) filters, storage bugs, etc.    
MailNews: Composition Compose window, etc. IanN rsx11m
MailNews: General     frg, rsx11m
MailNews: Message Display Main window; display of mails, news, maybe RSS; search; notifications; drag'n'drop; etc. IanN frg, rsx11m
Project Organisation Project Organization not real suite code, but all the stuff around it SeaMonkey Council  
  Release Management get releases out the door, write up release notes ewong adriank, frg, KaiRo, mcsmurf, rsx11m (release notes)
MoFo liaison keep an open line with MoFo folks and take care of stuff we need of them or they need of us IanN Callek, KaiRo
Quality Assurance (QA), General Testing, bug triaging, smoketests, bug triaging, testing...   RainerB, Ratty, rsx11m, tonymec
Community, User Relations, Support   Ratty RainerB, tonymec
Web pages mcsmurf frg, rsx11m
Marketing/Press/PR/Shop, spokesman   mcsmurf KaiRo, IanN