What's New in SeaMonkey 2.26

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.26, important bugfixes and any new problems. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.25.

New Features and Fixes

Major Changes
  • None.
Features in 2.26.1
  • Add to Searchbar (search-engine autodiscovery) was implemented (bug 963132).
  • The location bar tooltip now shows the complete current URL in case it is displayed only partially (bug 154772).
Fixes in 2.26.1
  • Notifications for using offline storage are enabled by default again (bug 1019583).
  • Deferring a new account to the Global Inbox as been fixed (bug 1008835).
  • Hovering over a link caused SeaMonkey to send packets to the link's address (bug 1005566).
  • Some themes did not properly display the "new tab" toolbar button in MailNews (bug 999365).
  • The Aero Peek favicon was not cleared when the document changed (bug 998171).
  • Color swatches on the editor format toolbar were displayed at the wrong size (bug 984175).
  • The location bar can decode the URL in more cases now (bug 970121).
  • The POP3 account advanced deferring dialog was broken (bug 966276).
  • The DLL blocklist can now block AppInit DLLs (bug 947599).
  • The account wizard showed an empty port line when trying to create a Blogs & News Feeds account (bug 904338).
  • The MailNews vertical view did not persist splitter positions correctly (bug 794749).
  • Improved text rendering of unsupported characters (bug 562845).
  • The title bar overlapped the toolbar and no window title was displayed with lightweight themes on Mac (bug 1006068).
Fixes in 2.26 Final
  • Yahoo Mail was broken trying to register a mailto protocol handler (bug 995802).
  • The horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control was broken with the Modern theme (bug 991945).
  • Forwarding a message without CC header inline put an empty "CC:" line in the header table (bug 999269).
  • The Google CalDAV OAuth2 authentication dialog was not shown with Lightning installed (bug 901332).
  • The folder list in the message filter dialog was empty (bug 984948).
Fixes in Beta 2
  • None.
Features in Beta 1
  • The delimiter for forwarded messages can now be configured (pref mailnews.forward_header_originalmessage) (bug 776438).
  • An option to not strip signatures on reply has been added to prevent top signatures from deleting the body (pref mail.strip_sig_on_reply) (bug 201581).
Fixes in Beta 1
  • LDAP address autocomplete stopped working (LDAP sessions timed out) (bug 936785).
  • An OK button has been added to the RSS Subscription dialog (bug 368266).
  • A keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Opt+S) for opening/closing the sidebar on Mac has been added (bug 69489).
  • HTML Domains and Plain Text Domains preferences matched too broadly (bug 401014).
  • The en-US locale now defaults to UTF-8 for outgoing emails (bug 941545).
  • Google has been removed as a content handler for feeds because Reader and iGoogle are being discontinued (bug 943318).
  • Global alert icons were missing in certain sizes for the Modern theme (bug 936898).
  • The account manager should handle broken accounts more robustly now (bug 813929).
  • The Search subfolders checkbox was always disabled in the Search Messages dialog (bug 943096).
  • Lightning Preferences are now redirected to SeaMonkey's Preferences window (bug 636104).
  • The editor spell check dialog was too short so you could see only the top of the buttons at the bottom (bug 942548).
  • Feed folder rename/move/copy and DB sync issues have been fixed (bug 959272).
  • Support for <origEnclosureLink> in feeds has been added (bug 958072).
  • Click-to-play notifications now track plugins that are no longer present in the page (bug 937616).
  • If feeditems.rdf gets corrupt it will now be deleted and rebuilt automatically (bug 497809).
  • Groups of tabs bookmarked in a private windows had no titles (bug 947619).
  • "Click here to..." has been removed from message list column header tooltips (bug 881073).
  • Determining what is a feed message now uses the new FeedMsg flag, allowing to use feed messages in local folders (bug 760157).
  • The feed parser now prevents duplicate atom enlosures and uses feedburner:origLink if possible (bug 955869).
  • The location bar became empty if both web search and prefix/suffix addition were disabled (bug 950450).
  • The wrong identity was chosen when replying to own sent emails (bug 889410).
  • Enabling middlemouse.contentLoadURL and middle clicking a tab did not close the tab (bug 738786).

See Firefox 29.0 Notes for the corresponding Firefox release.

New Issues