What's New in SeaMonkey 2.21

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.21, important bugfixes and any new problems. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.20.

New Features and Fixes

Major Changes
  • None.
Fixes in 2.21 Final
  • Non-special IMAP folders could become inaccessible with UW-IMAP servers (bug 858062).
  • Renaming IMAP folders with special characters in their name failed (bug 902370).
  • The encoding for the source view of messages could not be changed (bug 814382).
  • "Always load remote content from ..." failed to work on Mac OS X (picked up contacts from OS X address book rather than local) (bug 741158).
Features in Beta 2
  • Provide a selectable option for threading messages received by date (pref: mailnews.sort_threads_by_root) (Bug 495946).
Fixes in Beta 2
  • Improve session restore preference logic (Bug 868486).
  • Allow Places to open tabs in an active private window (Bug 899104).
  • Fix crash if you open (click) certain saved search folders (Bug 857678).
  • Skip the cache when getting new RSS feed posts (Bug 891372).
  • Do not remove .msf files before folderRenamed notifier (Bug 901959).
Features in Beta 1
  • Allow deletion of news posts by default, with a prompt (new pref news.warn_on_delete replaces news.allow_delete_with_no_undo) (Bug 883485).
  • Implement optional taskbar preview-per-tab (pref: browser.taskbar.previews.enable) (Bug 839891).
  • Implement permission prompt for desktop notifications (Bug 870413).
  • Add Isn't operator for searching by Priority (Bug 870282).
Fixes in Beta 1
  • Add Windows 8.1 support to seamonkey.exe.manifest (Bug 893102).
  • Fix what preference "Activate all plugins by default" in the Preferences window sets, activate click-to-play UI by default in about:addons (Bug 901749).
  • Implement multiple plugin doorhanger UI (Mac part) (Bug 798278).
  • Ensure attachment names are escaped (Bug 900552).
  • Change keyboard shortcut and correct typo in Help for Private Browsing feature (Bug 897233).
  • Remove Help page for Validation preference pane and update sections mentioning CRL management (Bug 892060).
  • Fix recycled compose window issues (unable to compose a reply, unable to turn inline spellchecking back on) (Bug 880595).
  • Copy settings from the default mail account if one exists (Bug 437139).
  • Clear Namespace text fields in IMAP advanced settings properly when switching accounts in the account manager (Bug 881694).
  • Remove Manage CRLs button from Preferences (Bug 886099).
  • Fix passwords not saving or autofilling (Bug 886990).
  • Fix the compose window spell check dialog (Bug 880595).
  • Do not create unnecessary default mail folders in root folder or Movemail account (Bug 97943).
  • Update the SSL preference pane for TLS 1.2 (Bug 884449).
  • Fix busy cursor in thread and folder pane while reading news with ui.use_activity_cursor = true (Bug 727414).
  • Run all plugins OOP by default on Mac OS X when in 32-bit mode (i386/x86) (Bug 883203).
  • Fix navigation toolbar problems in small-icons mode (toolbar and throbber background) (Bug 882178).
  • Do not store empty message for empty feed <item> (Bug 883527).
  • Disable Recent menu in the folder picker if it contains no items (Bug 876347).
  • Allow to add feeds when offline and do not get new RSS messages while offline (Bug 254132).
  • Make Recipient column for messages with no recipients show blank (Bug 187798).
  • Remove prefs mail.account.accountX.identities and mail.account.accountX.server when an account is deleted (Bug 875675).
  • Do not prompt twice when we cannot save a draft message (Bug 724522).
  • Do not show the current account in the folder picker as a target for deferring in the Advanced dialog (Bug 389139).
  • Do not issue Subscribe to feed cancel confirmation dialog after parent window is closed (Bug 349049).
  • Search newest messages first (Bug 474730).
  • Add proper port number checking in the Account manager (Bug 810680).
  • Document the new Private Browsing feature in Help (Bug 872000).
  • Make search suggestions work with new search sidebar (Bug 595235).
  • Use RSS Atom published date instead of updated if the latter is empty (Bug 876790).
  • Properly save archive settings made for individual identities (Bug 871326).
  • Fix news message autosave while editing the Newsgroup header (Bug 832760).
  • Fix support for feed URLs containing a pipe character (Bug 562227).
  • Change order of priority list in filter search (Bug 174437).
  • Show the correct news server in the unsubscribe alert if news server has been changed (Bug 163869).
  • Fix display of messages containing accented characters if order of <meta> in email is reversed (Bug 594646).
  • Update Help for Mail & News Message Display preference pane (Bug 868419).
  • Tweak Last-Modified date for new feed subscribe (Bug 873754).
  • Make new message import from Movemail more robust and fail cleanly if the file cannot be parsed (Bug 856577).

See Firefox 24.0 Notes for the corresponding Firefox release.

New Issues