What's New in SeaMonkey 2.19

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.19, important bugfixes and any new problems. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.18 (which was skipped due to technical problems with the build architecture).

New Features and Fixes

Major Changes
  • None.
Fixes in 2.19 Final
  • Selecting saved search folders in MailNews could lead to a crash (bug 857678).
Fixes in Beta 2
  • Mitigate clickjacking of about:certerror (bug 871536).
  • Workaround for unusually large DirectWrite font line heights (bug 868495).
  • Private downloads should ignore the Download Manager (bug 873355).
  • Private windows should not opt out of the private browsing session (bug 874042).
  • Private sidebar searches should not open in a normal window (bug 875889).
  • Last page visited should not include private browsing windows (bug 883577).
Features in Beta 1
  • Mark -> As Read now checks the state of all selected messages instead of only the first one's (Bug 768025).
  • Notifications for mixed content blocker have been implemented (Bug 842191).
  • A new 3rd-party cookie restriction to visited websites option has been added to the Cookies pref pane (Bug 845353).
  • The context menu Search option is now available for textareas and input fields (Bug 807326).
  • Website storage mechanisms are now available in the Data Manager (localStorage, indexedDB, etc.) (Bug 588415).
  • "Open Containing Folder" is now already available during download (Bug 497379).
Fixes in Beta 1
  • The new mail alert has been disabled for now due to issues on Mac (Bug 840474).
  • The Geolocation prompt does not offer an action in Private Browsing mode anymore if the action remembers permission for more than a session (Bug 870728).
  • A slightly less useless access key has been chosen for the new Error Console Filter textbox label (Bug 860851).
  • Mixed content blocker preferences are now handled by Sync (Bug 860970).
  • LDAP passwords were requested for each lookup even if they were saved (Bug 833971).
  • Get New Messages for All Accounts has been fixed (Bug 855631).
  • The "File" button in the "Search messages" window has been renamed to "Move" (Bug 325777).
  • The entries in the "Trust junk mail headers set by" menu list are now sorted (Bug 847172).
  • The check for the allowed mail storage directory has been made more universal and accessible to extensions (Bug 848477).
  • A wrong message and reason was reported with untrusted CA roots when signing email (Bug 465351).
  • The IMAP-specific "Empty trash" confirmation dialog has been removed and the mailnews.*.dontAskAgain and mail.*.dontAskAgain prefs been merged (Bug 448624).
  • Help now explains what happens when Safe Browsing blocks a website (Bug 852809).
  • Email addresses with trailing whitespace could be displayed wrongly when composing and cause lost mails and malformed duplicate address book entries (Bug 286760).
  • Switching the account during message composing did not apply the signing prefs from the new account (Bug 624432).
  • The Help Glossary has been extended with new Privacy & Security terms (Bug 847182).
  • Growl support has been removed again (Bug 852461).
  • Safe Browsing debug has been turned off and Sync support turned on (Bug 851789).
  • The Bookmarks Toolbar was not populated with items if the grippy was collapsed when the browser window was opened (Bug 818437).
  • Special mail folder icons were not shown for IMAP shared folders (bug 840003).
  • Null bytes are now stripped from document titles when setting the window title in order to prevent Private Browsing spoofing (Bug 851527).
  • Invalid message ContentType values are handled better now (Bug 459474).
  • A tutorial section on User Tracking has been added to Help (Bug 844823).
  • The Customize Headers window prompted twice (Bug 524662).
  • ReplyTo has been added to the default IMAP headers in order to fix Reply with Template behavior (Bug 655428).
  • The offline folder flag will no longer be set for SPAM and TRASH folders (Bug 809990).
  • Help now includes documentation for the Offline Applications pref pane (Bug 771534).
  • The main Privacy & Security pref pane is now documented and features a Help button (Bug 631566).
  • The access key for "Perform these actions" now sets/moves focus to first action item in the Filter editor (Bug 825449).
  • Clear Private Data (preferences and menu) documentation has been added to Help (Bug 416234).
  • An "Error parsing template: expected <content> to be first" message could appear when opening the virtual folder list dialog (Bug 747325).
  • The umask for emails saved as a file were not respecting the system umask (Bug 472865).

See Firefox 22.0 Notes for the corresponding Firefox release.