What's New in SeaMonkey 2.16

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.16, important bugfixes and any new problems. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.15.

New Features and Fixes

Major Changes
  • Reply to List is now supported (bug 654009, bug 814948).
  • SSL-related warning prompts (leaving or entering a secure site, viewing mixed content) have been replaced by less intrusive, non-modal notification bars (bug 810673).
Fixes in 2.16.2
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 2.16.1 relating to strings. Most prominent in some locales with portions of SeaMonkey unuseable.
Fixes in 2.16.1
Fixes in Beta 5 / Final
  • Re-Enabled Growl support for notifications to better support users on OSX (bug 835002).
Fixes in Beta 4
  • View / Message Body As could show menu items out of context (bug 831348).
Fixes in Beta 3
  • Applications could not be removed from the "Application details" dialog under Preferences, Helper Applications (bug 826771).
Fixes in Beta 2
  • None.
Features in Beta 1
  • Add-ons may now provide custom plugin preview overlays for specific MIME types (bug 812898).
Fixes in Beta 1
  • The message signature was misplaced when the Compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and signature position set to "above the quote" (bug 545859).
  • Memory leaks and database corruption could happen when saving the Received header to the message database (bug 810637).
  • The Account Manager IMAP account option "Synchronize the most recent" is now saved correctly (bug 804091).
  • Reply All no longer converts all "To" recipients to CC, i.e. preserves the original destination fields now (bug 250187).
  • Trying to delete address book entries now asks for confirmation (bug 768005).
  • Page Info properly detects animated images again (bug 811904).
  • The distinction between high/medium/low-grade encryption has been removed (bug 810671).
  • The arrow images and labels of the Previous/Next buttons on the Compose window Table Properties dialog now appear properly separated (bug 371195).
  • In the Filter Rules dialog, new filter conditions are now inserted rather than appended (bug 392848).
  • The Preferences UI for the obsolete OCSP responder functionality has been removed (bug 810672).
  • CAF (Core Audio Format) has been added to the types of sound files selectable on Mac OS X (bug 791266).
  • When the Sidebar is collapsed on startup, the context menu is no longer broken (bug 802166).
  • Detection of illegal host names in the Account Manager has been improved (bug 80855).
  • Build support for BeOS and VMS has been removed (bug 808399).
  • Using the Delete key in the Feed Subscriptions window now works as expected (bug 805446).
  • Primary identities are now shown in bold on the Compose window's From identity picker (bug 793135).
  • The placement of the Advanced button in the Account Manager, Server Settings now depends on the server type (bug 779990).
  • If the Compose window is the last one open, the message is now sent correctly even if mailnews.sendInBackground is true (bug 807666).
  • The View button on the Message Security dialog of the Compose window is now disabled when there is no certificate to show (bug 804955).
  • The folder picker of the Move To/Copy To filter actions in the Filter Rules dialog now uses the cascaded layout instead of the flat list (bug 315367).
  • The collapsed state of accounts in the Account Manager now persists (bug 536248).
  • MailNews accounts and servers are now sorted by type, putting RSS and news accounts last (bug 749200).
  • The smime-type=enveloped-data parameter is now added to newly created signed/encrypted S/MIME messages in order to fix interoperability issues with Eudora (bug 498443).
  • Support for the HTTP keep-alive preference has been removed (bug 804657).
  • Feed previews now work even with JavaScript disabled (bug 804411).
  • On Mac OS X, tearing has been disabled and SeaMonkey now shows up under Productivity when sorting applications by Application Category in Finder (bug 803781).
  • The selected Outgoing Server (SMTP) is now scrolled into view so that the selection displays correctly (bug 736661).
  • Sanitizing of the "No Proxy for" list in Preferences has been improved (bug 783600).
  • Saved searches now work for searches on custom x-headers (bug 363238).
  • The default client check is now only done on startup instead of each time a new browser window is opened (bug 803585).
  • The filter context UI ("Apply filter when") in the Filter Rules dialog has been changed to use checkboxes (bug 775665).
  • The filter editor dialog layout has been improved slightly (bug 777287).
  • The Silverlight plugin is now run out-of-process in 32-bit mode on Mac OS X (bug 801272).
  • Subscribing to a newsgroup multiple times duplicated it (bug 795562).
  • The decimal separator used in message/file size display is now locale-dependent (bug 668756).

See Firefox 19.0 Notes for the corresponding Firefox release.