What's New in SeaMonkey 2.14

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.14, important bugfixes and any new problems. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.13.

New Features and Fixes

Major Changes
  • OS X 10.6 is now the minimum supported Mac version (bug 783554).
Fixes in 2.14.1
  • The Select Addresses dialog came up blank if opened from a Compose window with a single To/Cc/Bcc field filled in (bug 814770).
  • A change to the User Agent string has been reverted since it caused some website incompatibilities (bug 816749).
  • Information failed to show on the message header pane under certain circumstances (bug 803322).
  • The display quality of fonts could be perceived as bad when Cleartype was turned off on Windows (bug 814101).
  • The permissions database was not read completely if it included an invalid entry (bug 814554).
Fixes in Beta 5 / Final
  • Plugins can be set to click-to-play (instead of blocked completely) automatically through the blocklist now (bug 773761).
  • MailNews downloaded some IMAP messages over and over again (bug 806760).
  • The displayed feed and feed item list could get cleared when feeds refreshed (bug 787186).
  • If a plugin was shown in click-to-play mode and its area contained a link, keys and shortcuts stopped working (bug 806136).
  • The legacy User Agent string (containing Gecko/20100101) is now used for some possibly-broken online banking sites (bug 809517).
Fixes in Beta 4
  • Quoted fields in CSV files could get cropped upon address book import (bug 803835).
Fixes in Beta 3
  • Previewing broken images in Page Info triggered a JavaScript error (bug 806144).
  • The Preferences UI for HTTP Keep-Alive has been removed (bug 804657).
  • Feed previews would stop working when JavaScript was disabled (bug 804411).
  • Missing favicons failed to load (bug 792735).
  • Local IMAP mail files could grow excessively (bug 803843).
  • NNTP error messages were no longer shown (bug 797600).
Fixes in Beta 2
  • Moodle showed plain textareas instead of the rich text editor (bug 801318).
  • Scripts could get confused by clicks on plugin placeholders (bug 803847).
Features in Beta 1
  • Added support for new light coloring on Mac OS X (bug 771284, bug 783822).
  • The MailNews message storage scheme now supports Gmail IMAP extensions X-GM-MSGID (unique message ID), X-GM-THRID (thread ID) and X-GM-LABELS (labels) in addition to XLIST (bug 721316).
  • Clicking the offline error page Try Again button goes online again now (bug 782892).
  • The mouse wheel Preferences pane has been rewritten (bug 782143).
  • "Number of messages" and "Size on disk" are now shown in Folder Properties (bug 768621).
  • A Set Desktop Background dialog has been implemented (bug 632585).
Fixes in Beta 1
  • Edited contacts could not be saved if the address book contained lists (bug 801615).
  • If a folder renaming fails during the compact process, removing folder files should be avoided now (bug 674742).
  • The feed validator failed to work with locations that need to be encoded (bug 789053).
  • Messages could show wrong content (body text) after a move to another folder (bug 790912).
  • Feeds that did not provide a last modified date failed to work (bug 790534).
  • Resetting Sync now handles add-ons properly (bug 792990).
  • All bookmarks were deleted and reset to default bookmarks if all bookmarks-*.json backup files were deleted (bug 779716).
  • The highlight behind the selected search term in the Filter Rules, Search Messages and Search Addresses windows has been removed (bug 202036).
  • The "Reply with template" filter action now gets hidden when no usable templates exist (bug 300930).
  • An ID has been added to the Web Development menu separator to make it easier for extensions to hook into the Tools menu (bug 785581).
  • The account manager no longer permanently disables unrecognized extension-added accounts (bug 592710).
  • Moving/copying feed subscriptions could stop downloads from happening (bug 781871).
  • The number of actions in the Filter Rules window is now unlimited (bug 778324).
  • Storing junk filter settings could fail for deferred email account due to invalid spamActionTargetAccount/Folder preferences (bug 536768).
  • The account manager Return Receipts pane now includes a Global Preferences button (bug 360891).
  • Uploading files larger than 2GB failed (bug 215450).
  • The display of the Sidebar Tabs menu button has been improved (bug 780278).
  • A delete confirmation dialog has been added to the MailNews Identity list editor (bug 360926).
  • If there is no sort order on an address book column, the first click on header now sorts ascending (bug 541934).
  • PDF attachments could not be opened from certain mails (bug 659355).
  • The compose window progress dialog now better differentiates between sending and saving of a message (bug 255050).
  • Support for closing inactive databases (folders).
  • has been added in order to help improve memory footprint and file handle limit issues (bug 770559).
  • Double clicking a column header in the History window opened the selected history item (bug 776052).
  • The Most visited list on the Bookmarks Toolbar could contain repeat entries (bug 765689).
  • The layout of elements in the Filter Rules window now uses the space available in the dialog more efficiently and consistently (bug 743974).
  • Set Desktop Background now works with GNOME (bug 774130, bug 779300).
  • Move, Copy and Delete to Local Folders performed poorly with data stored on a network file system (bug 769346).

See Firefox 17.0 Notes for the corresponding Firefox release, and Thunderbird 17.0 Notes for Thunderbird.

New Issues