What's New in SeaMonkey 2.0.6

This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in SeaMonkey 2.0.6, important bugfixes and any new problems. See the Bug list for a comprehensive list of fixes. Please note that these changes are relative to SeaMonkey 2.0.5.

New Features and Fixes

  • crash [@ nsImapFolderCopyState::OnStopRunningUrl(nsIURI*, unsigned int)] (Bug 482432)
  • Rename "Unsent Messages" to "Outbox" in the backend (Bug 475511)
Certificates & Security Features
  • Firefox raises alarm (in error console) about SSL servers being vulnerable to CVE-2009-3555 (Bug 549641)
  • Enable Certplus Class 2 Primary CA for EV in PSM (Bug 555860)
  • Upgrade Mozilla to pick up new roots (NSS 3.12.6 + NSSCKBI_1_79_RTM) (Bug 558140)
  • documentation of key shortcuts doesn't correspond with reality (Bug 476673)
  • Port |Bug 407875 - Unprivileged users are not notified of security updates| to SeaMonkey, re-enable 'Check for Updates' (Bug 529741)
  • "Setting Proxy Values" has outdated block of text in wrong place (Bug 251511)
  • System setting for mouse wheel not documented (Bug 280873)
  • pages loaded from search results should highlight the search term (Bug 158773)
  • Font help for User Defined (Bug 159254)
  • Use Suite's search tips rather than toolkit's in suitehelp.rdf (Bug 566139)
  • Correct a couple of shortcuts in Help (Bug 564223)
  • Request needed for jsshell (Bug 534308)
  • malformed URI sequence when migrating passwords from TB 2 to TB 3 (Bug 530079)
  • xslt number formatting function crashes on big numbers [@ txRomanCounter::appendNumber(int, nsAString_internal&) ] (Bug 545927)
  • spell-check-dictionary name is not displayed in context menu (Bug 570321)
  • Crash [@ nsTextServicesDocument::NodeHasOffsetEntry(nsTArray<OffsetEntry*>*, nsIDOMNode*, int*, int*) ] when enabling/disabling the spell checker (Bug 570350)
  • Installing Trunk 2.1a Overtop Existing Branch 2.0 Causes Non-Functional SeaMonkey (Bug 562047)
  • Clicking embedded pdf (Adobe Reader plugin) while page scrolling crashes Firefox. [@ nsScrollPortView::IncrementalScroll] (Bug 490461)
  • PCA complains when installer is cancelled (Bug 569791)
  • PCA complains when installer is cancelled (Bug 522065)
  • Holding Ctrl-Backspace from the middle of a sentence causes a crash. [@ nsEditor::CreateTxnForDeleteCharacter] (Bug 558983)
  • NULL crash [@ nsPluginInstancePeerImpl::GetJSContext] (Bug 499295)
Mac OS X
  • Spell checker should take part in cycle collection (Bug 569504)
  • [Mac default] folderPaneBox has wrong bgcolor when window is inactive (Bug 555582)
Special Operating Systems
  • AIX: compilation error on AIX in libfishsound (Bug 524429)
  • AIX: AIX support for media/libsydneyaudio (Bug 499266)
  • AIX: Mozilla Firefox 64bit is crashing on AIX @js_AtomizeString (Bug 501881)
  • Some Virus Scans report Trojan horse in 485217.xsl (Bug 504947)
  • HTTP CONNECT does not properly handle 302 error (Bug 561536)
  • Suppress the script filename for cross-origin error events (SA39925) (Bug 568564)
  • Add .nu to IDN whitelist (Bug 560219)
  • Add .nz to IDN whitelist (Bug 560230)
  • Add .tel to IDN whitelist (Bug 560814)
  • Fix .tv on PSL (Bug 560884)
  • Add Australian CGDNs to PSL (Bug 560885)
  • Add .<Emarat> to IDN whitelist (Bug 564214)
  • Update .bh entry in the PSL (Bug 565044)
  • Add gov.nc.tr to PSL (Bug 550970)
  • Add four new IDN TLDs to the PSL (рф, السعودية, امارات, مصر) (Bug 564583)
  • Cross-domain data theft using CSS (Bug 524223)
  • spellcheck broken in contenteditable DIV with preceding empty DIV within a DIV (Bug 484181)
  • IDN TLD whitelisting meta-bug, May 2010 (Bug 565037)
  • No spelling suggestions for text inputs when contenteditable node in document (Bug 433860)