Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.1.5

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.1.5 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.1.4 this is probably the best place to start. -Robert

133016 [mozTXTToHTMLConv] Freetext url recognition stops at ")" and "'" (apostrophe)
164498 Destroy() implementation is unsufficient in BeOS port.
172785 [BeOS] Allow Launch/Reveal and ShowLocation in Tracker
213637 Mozilla runs at ~100% cpu usage after network connection is interrupted, changing network/LAN, switching from wireless to non-wireless, undocking
219662 "OK" button doesn't activate in "Link Properties" dialog
222509 In OS/2 onkeydown onkeyup do not report the DOM_VK_* constants
236599 openbsd configuration fixes for alpha, amd64, arm, i386, macppc and sparc64
247204 lock up at start when using threaded GTK2 libraries (i.e. gconf)
256510 Return receipts don't use Multiple identities
259688 Crash [@nsCOMPtr_base::~nsCOMPtr_base] [@ 0x003a0043] installing themes and extensions (clicking twice on the same install)
267833 [FIX]Fire XBL constructors from EndUpdate(), not before
275312 Print engine allows JavaScript execution
301367 Tag Files with Source URL
309322 Evil testcase using multiple display:table-caption causes crash if you are really determined [@ nsIFrame::HasView]
316543 crash [@ mozSpellChecker::mozSpellChecker] when opening message compose window
321024 Crash in nsCryptoHash during shutdown of nsUrlClassifierDBService [@ nsUrlClassifierDBService::Shutdown][@ NSSRWLock_LockRead]
327296 [BeOS]GetMimeInfoFromExtension is very ineffective
330563 Crash with evil xbl testcase, using alert in constructor
336244 Clean up/remove extensions/xmlextras/base
341858 Crash [@ GetNifOrSpecialSibling] with display: table-caption and display: table-row-group;
342966 [BeOS]re-enable EMULATE_BOLD
344064 Crash [@ DoDeletingFrameSubtree ] [@ nsIFrame::GetNextSibling] [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindFrameWithContent] with and 1.8.1 branch
348126 Crash [@ nsImageFrame::SourceRectToDest] on reload and removing table-caption styles
348710 Passing an array and its size to an XPCOM method does not work
349906 Don't depend on PangoXft
351783 Thunderbird crash on sending a return receipt [@ nsMsgMdnGenerator::CreateSecondPart]
354595 Crash setting flashEmbed[0] in Flash Player code called from nsJSObjWrapper::GetNewOrUsed
354645 Crash [@ nsBoxFrame::AppendFrames] removing <xul:tabs> during onselect
354862 xpicleanup crashes on OS/2
355273 Crash [@nsMacWindow::WindowEventHandler] when selecting Quit from Dock menu while modal javascript dialog displayed
361745 svg viewbox=twisted and image {width,height,x,y}=twisted [@ memset - fbRasterizeTrapezoid]
362901 [FIX]nsCSSFrameConstructor::HaveFirstLetterStyle broken in the presence of asynchronous restyles or batching
367650 [FIX]"ASSERTION: should only be called for text frames" with counters, :first-letter
370810 Crash [@ nsHTMLDocument::MatchAnchors] accessing document.anchors for document from removed iframe
371360 [FIX]scripts can tailgate departing users with onUnload
372309 Crash in [@SetArrayElement] using canvas
373756 [FIX]crash at [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructFrame] with "Web Developer Toolbar" and custom XPI
375299 [FIX]Crash [@ nsFileControlFrame::CreateAnonymousContent] when removing stylesheet with binding and removing file input
376643 setInterval fires repeatedly with incorrectly small delays if machine is suspend/resumed, hibernate/resumed or process is SIGSTOP/SIGCONT
377535 Crash [@ nsLinkableAccessible::CacheActionContent] with appending area and strange prefix
378670 Crash [@ nsListControlFrame::GetSelectedIndex] with popupshowing event and removing select
378682 Crash [@ nsPresContext::GetContainerInternal] when removing window on focus and reloading
378787 IE 7 and Firefox Browsers Digest Authentication Request Splitting
379383 [FIX]Testcase from bug 348185 triggers ASSERTION: NS_BLOCK_HAS_FIRST_LETTER_STYLE state out of sync
379799 [FIX]Crash [@ PresShell::GetPrimaryFrameFor] with :first-letter and :after and counter
380901 Release SpiderMonkey 1.7
381146 [FIX]sftp protocol allows file stealing under certain circumstances
381247 Speed up mkdepend on Windows + VMWare
382376 "ASSERTION: reflow dirty lines failed" and more with block-in-inline, wrapping, XBL
383129 [FIX]Crash [@ nsContentUtils::ContentIsDescendantOf] with counters, mathml and treerow
383390 nsICrypto Hash truncates to 32 byte; renders sha384 and sha512 corrupt
384105 Crash [@ PresShell::AttributeChanged] with menuitem sizetopopup="always", position: absolute and tree stuff
384748 xpidl can generate garbage .java filenames
384877 Crash [@ nsPopupSetFrame::Destroy] when clicking on popup id="d" popup="d"
385866 [FIXr]Crash [@ nsContentUtils::ContentIsDescendantOf] with counters, <col span="2">
386382 1.8 branch shutdown crash after using accessibility api (testcase from bug 377470)
386914 Crash [@ nsXULDocument::ExecuteOnBroadcastHandlerFor] with DOMAttrModified event handler and observes
386918 New version of JEP (, please land on trunk and branch
386998 Can still reach remote moz-icon: files through URL encoding
387011 Crash when importing certificate [@ nsNSSCertificateDB::ImportCertsFromFile]
387033 Script may run when initializing nsTextBoxFrame
387201 "ASSERTION: If we asked for force-fit, it should have been placed" with float, padding
387367 missing -DJS_THREADSAFE
387460 [FIX]Crash [@ nsCellMapColumnIterator::GetNextFrame] with DOMAttrModified and changing rowspan
387572 Invalid free deserializing JS component script
387613 Crash [@ nsNSSCertificate::GetCert fb3ac2be] on click submit on chrome://pippki/content/editcacert.xul
387844 Firefox crashes if removing parent node while in XBL constructor
387881 Arbitrary code execution by polluting implicit XPCNativeWrapper (using Script object)
387955 Crash [@ JS_CallTracer]
388105 RDFResource and RDFServiceImpl leak on startup test
388121 [FIX]about:blank loaded by chrome in particular ways has chrome privileges
388181 Crash closing detached JavaScript alert sheet [@ TestWindowGroupAttributes] [@ nsMacEventHandler::HandleActivateEvent]
388281 [FIX]nsStandardURL::SetPort needs to update authority length
388424 Crash when decoding FTP directory items
388563 setting .innerHtml doesn't fire DOMNodeInserted event
388579 [FIX]Broken link opening from thunderbird causing ghost tab
388583 Autocomplete dropdown doesn't update when scrolling with scrollbar
388784 Firefox file input focus stealing vulnerability
389016 our 1.1 insert code can't handle empty target nodesest
389106 Escape URIs (especially quotes) when passing them to external protocol handlers
389257 Cross-application scripting vulnerability in SeaMonkey
389580 some schemes with %00 launch unexpected handlers on windows
389600 Add .pl to IDN whitelist
389611 Don't treat filetypes as protocol handlers on windows
389801 Firefox crashes with some GTK+ themes whose gtkrc contains GtkOptionMenu::indicator_size and GtkOptionMenu::indicator_spacing
389924 [FIXr]Inserting a caption into a table doesn't work
389953 [BEOS] BeOS should build components with -Bsymbolic
390078 GC hazard with JSstackFrame.argv[-1]
390082 FTP data connections use wrong address
390282 xul labels should be cropped with unicode ellipsis (\u2026) instead of three dots
390384 "ignore word" doesn't work for inline spell check in compose window
390488 [FIXr]Event listeners should have access to the JS callstack
391043 Content can hide the window's titlebar
391556 problems handling namespace that starts with hierarchy delimiter
391571 gcc build break in XForms
391708 [nsIDOMXULLabelElement::accessKey] errors in console at
391974 Crash [@ nsFrameList::DestroyFrames] with menuitem, tooltip and setting some attributes
392285 Crash [@gklayout!nsIFrame::GetStateBits(void)]
392505 nsNPObjWrapper::GetNewOrUsed() removes PLDHash entries from the wrong table if OOM (JS)
392780 nsNSSCertificateDB::FindCertByDBKey() crashes on invalid input
393196 apply_rfc2047_encoding() erroneously inserts whitespace for addr-spec-only addresses
393477 Hardcode language pack minVersion on the stable branch
393537 Heap corruption on Out-of-Memory in jsopcode.c
393770 Crash [@ nsCachedStyleData::GetStyleData] from [@ nsQuoteNode::Text]
393775 Crash [@gklayout!nsXULElement::HideWindowChrome]
394014 [FIX]Crash [@ NS_ProcessNextEvent_P] with DOMSubtreeModified removing windows, binding and other stuff
394120 "ASSERTION: post-reflow queues not empty" with xul:listboxbody and xul:text
394418 [FIX]Notify on text changes before firing mutation events
394534 [FIX]First attribute doesn't win in misplaced content
394676 XBL constructors fire after window.onload event
394849 trust junk mail does not work and the scrollbar window appears to be smaller
394974 URIs with invalid % encodings launch wrong handler on WinXP+IE7
395396 Move exceptions from compare-locales to $(app)/locales
395576 Downloaded files get upper case extension after move (OS2's isExecutable() causes file extensions to be uppercased)
395942 QuickTime flaw allows launching default browser with arbitrary parameters on Windows ("quicktime pwns firefox")
396377 vCard sometimes cause heuristic scanners to generate a false positive
398100 Misspelled name in about:license ("Bënzli" instead of "Bünzli")
398404 [FIX]Disallow reflow while processing constructors
398422 Dragging bookmarks folder fails with "aArray has no properties"
398837 [FIX]Keyboard accelerators missing on Security Warning dialog