Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.1.19

This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the 1.1.19 development cycle and I may have missed some that were; I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since SeaMonkey 1.1.18 this is probably the best place to start. -Robert

504523 Thunderbird 2 needs NSS
512187 1.1.18 candidate fails to connect with SSL/TLS secured sites, PSM fails to initialize
512085 tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 1.1.18
523984 Old (1.9.0/1.8.1) Default Plugin.plugin Makefile uses non-portable "echo -n"
376192 Thunderbird crashes immediately upon accessing IMAP server (duplicate entries in .mailboxlist) [@  nsImapServerResponseParser::mailbox] - imap protocol log "Internal Syntax Error
494706 [1.8 branch only] Thunderbird creates 4 GB Trash file out of less than 200 kB of deleted mail (If data write to file for "target folder of mail move/copy" is temporary interfered by other software, Tb 2 generates file of file_size=4GB-1)
387502 Mailboxes are allowed to grow larger than 4gb in size
535193 DNS resolution in MakeSN of nsAuthSSPI causing issues for proxy servers that support NTLM auth
363455 Enhance PSM's SSL handling on blocking sockets
389087 nsILocalFileUnix affected by 32bit stat/statvfs/truncate, therefore does not work with large files
495098 Crash when using single XMLHttpRequest object for two simultaneous requests; test case included [@ nsXMLHttpRequest::StreamReaderFunc ]
537307 Update SeaMonkey's copyright strings to 2010
440982 To avoid calling JS at unsafe times from JS_GC, jsds_ScriptHookProc should not get the script hook unless it needs to and it is safe to call
305168 Too many recipients when copy/paste address line or sending from MS Access (increase max to 2000)
511521 downloading file with RTL override (RLO) presents conflicting filenames
344818 Linking - missing library deps
505305 Probably Exploitable - Read Access Violation on Block Data Move starting at MSVCR80D!memcpy+0x000000000000005a
440236 crash after connection lost [@ nsMsgDatabase::GetTableCreateIfMissing(char const*, char const*, nsIMdbTable**, unsigned int&, unsigned int&)], in v2 [@ nsMsgDatabase::GetTableCreateIfMissing]
483437 PSM doesn't properly escape AVA Values in Cert Viewer Details tab
483440 PSM doesn't detect invalid OID encodings in Cert Viewer Details tab
284876 Trunk TB10 crash while sending mail [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::WriteStartOfNewMessage() ]
516862 Array indexing error in js/src/dtoa.c's Balloc() leads to floating point memory vulnerability (SA36711)
506871 TreeColumns Dangling Pointer Vulnerability (ZDI-CAN-536)
519839 SVG fails to render correctly