SeaMonkey 1.0.7

These release notes describe system requirements, installation instructions, and known issues for SeaMonkey 1.0.7. These notes are updated when we receive feedback, so please check back for new information. Consult our releases page to download the source and the latest version of SeaMonkey for your platform.


SeaMonkey 1.0.7 README
What's New
New Issues
End User Documentation
Before you install
If another Mozilla is installed
If Netscape 6/7 is installed
Installation Instructions
Linux Installation
Macintosh Installation
Windows Installation
Files Created or Used
Profile Locations
Ports Installation Instructions
No ports are currently available
Java, Plug-ins, and Other Extras
Known Issues
Navigator (Web browser)
Mail & Newsgroups
Composer (HTML authoring tool)
JavaScript Debugger
International Issues