This document is a draft, this policy has not been finalized yet!

Third-Party Service Providers for SeaMonkey

This page describes the third-party services providers used by Mozilla® for its SeaMonkey® Internet suite. Each of our third-party providers are under licensing agreements with Mozilla and will not release Personal or Potentially Personal Information to the public. These third party providers only use this information in conjunction with the service(s) they are providing. In no event will these third party service providers correlate any such SeaMonkey user data with any other data collected through other products, services or web properties of that provider. Each third-party provider has its own privacy policy that is linked below.

Interactive Product Features

Mozilla Foundation

Google Inc.

For More Information

If you have feedback or questions about the SeaMonkey Privacy Policy or these procedures, please contact the SeaMonkey Council at: seamonkey-council at mozilla dot org.